For Safety, Beginner Climbers Must Bring This Mountaineering Equipment

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The world of mountain climbing is now increasingly in demand by the younger generation. Starting from the reason for existence to want to find an identity. Some even hope to meet their soul mate in the mountains, he hehe. But there's nothing wrong, the most important thing is not to destroy nature. And what needs to be considered is that your climbing equipment must also be safe, because climbing the mountain is very risky. So you have to bring equipment that is in accordance with climbing operational standards so that it is safer.

Don't because you want to exist at the highest peak, you go up the mountain with only a cellphone using a t-shirt and then bring cup noodles plus warm water plus a thin jacket and wear swallow sandals. Is it crazy that the boy wants to go up the mountain or wants to hang out while having a good time?

So don't imitate it, because we climb a mountain that costs our lives and the ultimate goal of climbing a mountain is not to reach the peak but return home safely. So you must and must bring equipment that is safe and according to climbing standards.

Well, if you are a beginner climber, you may still be confused about what tools you must carry when climbing. And of course according to climbing standards to support to make it easier during the ascent.

The following is the equipment that novice climbers must bring during the ascent, which we have summarized specifically for you.

1. Hiking Shoes

The first piece of equipment you must bring is hiking boots. Remember, hiking shoes are not ballet shoes or sneakers. This is because the terrain on the mountain is not the same as the terrain at the mall, so you have to use a hiking seat.

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Hiking boots themselves are designed to be used in tough terrains such as rocky roads, riverbanks, steep terrain, muddy terrain, and roads to get to the heart. And it is designed for use in outdoor activities. In addition, this type of shoe also has the function to minimize ankle injury when slipping on heavy terrain.

So that's why we should wear hiking boots when climbing mountains. Not infrequently some climbers say that the mountain track is also easy and the mountain is short, you don't have to wear hiking shoes and wearing mountain sandals is enough. Well, this is one of the climbers' diseases too easily. Remember, never take it easy even if it's a mountain that's only below 2000mdpl. Because the risk is the same as other mountains. So you have to be safe.

And tips from Jelajah Lagi, choose hiking shoes that fit your feet this way to avoid blisters. Having a soft base and thick grip is highly recommended and if you have a waterproof feature, just brush it, bro, the important thing is that the bag doesn't break.

2. Mountain Bag / Keril

This mountain bag or better-called keril is indeed one that must be carried. Because it will be a place to carry your climbing equipment during the climb.

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Keril itself is different from backpacks or ordinary bags that are often used for school or play. Because the keril itself is designed with features that can help climbers carry heavy loads but not too heavy and comfortable.

Jelajah Lagi recommends choosing a pebble that fits your chart height and has a netted back feature. Not without reason, so that your back is safe when carrying heavy loads because this net feature will adjust the shape of your back and minimize the effect of soreness on the back.

3. Sleeping Bag

In addition to hiking shoes and a keril bag, you are also required to bring a sleeping bag or sleeping bag. Yes, the name sleeping bag means it is used while sleeping, and it has been designed in such a way that you can sleep in the open and stay warm.


This sleeping bag or often called SB is indeed mandatory to bring to avoid hypothermia attacks. Namely cold disease at an altitude which is very dangerous and is one that must be avoided by climbers. Because not a few climbers lost their lives because of this dangerous climbing disease.

Of course, bringing a sleeping bag is very important and you shouldn't miss it because its function is to warm the body, especially when sleeping. And advice from Jelajah Lagi, choose a sleeping bag that has polar and dacron materials that can provide warmth. Don't forget to choose the one that has a headcover or hoodie and make sure the sleeping bag matches your height so that the whole body is covered perfectly.

4. Mountain Jacket

Like a sleeping bag, a mountain jacket also serves to warm the body and plays a very important role in climbing. Because mountain jackets will be used during climbing if the weather starts to get cold, especially at night. Even when sleeping, this jacket will also go into the sleeping bag to make it warmer hehe.

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Aside from being a body warmer, a mountain jacket also functions as a body protector from the sun. But remember, this mountain jacket is used when the temperature starts to cool or the fog starts to come and at night. Because if it's daytime and weather conditions and temperatures are normal, it's better to just take it off because it can make you uncomfortable. After all, it's too hot like seeing him with him eh.

The types of mountain jackets themselves vary with several additional functions. Traveling Suggestions Again, choose a mountain jacket that fits your body and has windproof and waterproof features, and has a hoodie or hood. Because with the windproof feature, the cold mountain wind can be reduced to the bone, and can be minimized and waterproof and a hoodie so that when it's drizzling, you don't remember your ex.

5. Medical Equipment

This is the climbing equipment that must and must be brought, namely medical equipment. Especially for those of you who have a history of the disease, it is mandatory to bring the medicine to avoid the risk of relapse when climbing.

Peralatan Medis

In addition, sudden changes in weather while climbing certainly greatly affect the state of the body. Therefore, this medical equipment is very important, especially if you are physically too tired, then take a break and take vitamin C so that hypothermia does not occur.

In addition, medical equipment is also very useful if you or your climbing team are injured due to falling while climbing. Sprains, cramps or sprains, and others. So first aid can be done immediately.

6. Quick Dry Pants and Dry Change Clothes

This is also no less important, the climbing equipment that must be brought, namely clothes. And it is recommended to have clothes that have a quick-dry feature. Which can be used when traveling or trekking. Then another warm cloth or plain cotton material for sleeping.

Celana quick dry

At least we bring 3 sets of clothes where 1 set of pants and a quick-dry t-shirt for trekking, 1 set of normal clothes for sleeping, and 1 set for backup especially if it rains.

For trekking pants, try to choose plants that have many pockets and quick dry features. Because these many pockets are very helpful when on the mountain to place small water bottles, snacks, and other small equipment such as medicines.

7. Tent

Of course, this climbing equipment should not be forgotten, because it serves as a shelter for us while on the mountain, both from the cold night temperatures and rain and the hot sun and some mountain animals. The tent itself is usually adjusted to the number of climbing teams and is usually used as group equipment.


There are many types of tents, but most of the ones used in the mountains are dome tents. Scout tents are not recommended because it is difficult to carry them, especially the poles made of bamboo, but the stakes are not made of wood.

8. Cookware and Logistics

Of course, during climbing, we need nutritional intake to support hiking activities which consume a lot of energy. So don't forget to refill it with nutritious food, no more noodles, then noodles forever. If that's the case, it's found out that the boarding house children are really going to the mountains and they also want to move boarding houses again hehe.

Peralatan Masak naturhike

The cooking utensils themselves are now compact, especially for climbers because all we have to do is bring a portable stove with gas and one package of nesting is enough. Usually, a nesting package consists of a large container with a lid for cooking rice and a container whose edges are not too high for frying the side dishes, for example making an omelet made with love without him, don't translate it, tar hungry.

In addition to the stove and nesting duo, don't forget to bring a folding Pisa to cut tempeh and other side dishes. Don't cut your relationship or your relationship with him, oops. Because I'm talking about food like this, I'm so hungry, I'm sorry, too.

Then don't forget to bring your cooking utensils, such as plates, spoons, forks, and glasses. For logistics, usually according to the agreement of the group or the mountain chef in the team. What does he want to cook when he's on the mountain? But don't forget to bring rice, because if you don't eat rice, it's not eating for Indonesians, right?

9. Headlamp or Flashlight

This is a piece of very urgent climbing equipment to carry, namely a headlamp or flashlight. The problem is that PLN hasn't reached the mountain yet. So if you are desperate at night, you can use a headlamp or flashlight to find a safe spot to remove what is stuck.

In addition, the headlamp is also very useful during the summit attack which usually starts early in the morning so that when you reach the top you can see the beautiful sunrise and the sea of clouds.

10. Trekking Pole

This is supporting equipment and is not mandatory, but for beginner climbers, it is highly recommended to bring this to help during the climb, especially on steep trails. Its stick-like shape can divide the body's weight by almost 30% when on steep trails.


So that the knee is not so sore and cramped because it is assisted by this tracking pole. Or if you don't have one, you can bring a small stick, as long as you don't bring your grandfather's stick, it's a pity that your grandfather can't walk.

Besides being used when tracking, this stick-like tool can also be used as flysheet support when camping. Or you can build a fence so that the bagas don't sniff your tent.

So that's some climbing equipment that must be brought when you want to climb a mountain that must be brought when you climb. So that your climb will be safer and get to the top safely until you get home safely.

If you know other equipment that must be brought when climbing other than the 10 lists above, you can directly add it in the comments. Best regards and don't stop exploring.

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