Note! These 7 Personal Equipments You Must Bring When Climbing the Mountain

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When climbing the mountain, of course, we must bring equipment and supplies that support our safety and comfort while on the mountain. Starting from sleeping equipment, eating to selfie equipment for photos at the top of the mountain, don't miss it.

Because basically and actually the mountain climbers are just looking for another place to sleep and eat and defecate. And of course when on the mountain the climbers must have supporting equipment to accommodate the movement of sleeping, eating, and defecating.

And here are some personal equipment that is mandatory and must be brought when climbing the mountain either alone, with friends or when you invite him to peak together.

1. Clothes and Jackets

For your clothes, try to bring at least 3 sets of clothes (shirts, pants, and underwear) because this is for safety and comfort during the climb. By dividing clothes into 3 parts of use or function, namely.

One set is used when you start climbing until you reach the campsite. Usually, it is recommended for these clothes to have quick-drying or quick-drying materials as well as strong and lightweight materials.

Then after being at the camp, immediately change clothes to be used as nightclothes. Here we try to use materials that are warm in the body, both cotton and knitted. And what is certain is that the clothes have to be dry so they don't get cold while sleeping. Because it is very dangerous if you are cold while sleeping it can invite hypothermia.

Finally, one more setting is used for the summit attack or photos at the top to go down the mountain. Usually, the endorsement clothes are in this third set of clothes.

The recommendation for these three sets of clothing is indeed for climbing with a period of 2 days 1 night. If more, you can add another set of clothes or more according to how long the mountain climb is.

One more thing if you climb during the rainy season it would be nice to bring an additional set of clothes and leave it at the climbing basecamp. This is to anticipate you coming home with wet clothes because of the rain. It's dangerous if you go home on a motorbike in wet clothes, you might catch a cold when you get home.

Don't forget to also bring a warm jacket, especially one that has water & windproof feature that can withstand the wind and a small drizzle that makes it beautiful. Plus don't forget to bring gloves to warm your hands. Because it's cold on the mountain, it's colder than his attitude towards you, eh.

2. Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is very important because it serves to wrap our bodies during sleep to keep them comfortable and warm. Because at night on the mountain it will feel very cold. Even in some mountains, such as Prau and Alun-Alun Suryakencana, Mount Gede Pangrango has often experienced the phenomenon of frost and the temperature can drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

So this sleeping bag is mandatory and is the main equipment for mountain climbers. For the types themselves, there are so many types, ranging from double polar, mummy models, even now there are sleeping bag models that can be made like jackets and also have pillows.

But most importantly, using a sleeping bag that has a comfort zone of up to 15 degrees Celsius for the mountains in Indonesia is enough. But if the weather is extreme, then choose a sleeping bag that can cover up to a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. In addition, the material of the sleeping bag must also be considered, yes. Because some are made from double polar or darkon and other materials.

So try to choose a sleeping bag that is comfortable and fits your body size and doesn't use orange or tar yellow sleeping bag that is mistaken for a body bag again, he hehe.

3. Keril or Mountain Bag

This bag is indeed one of the mandatory equipment that must be owned by mountain climbers. Because its main function is as a place to carry equipment, logistics, and personal clothing during the ascent.

The Keril itself does vary from the small size of 45L to the largest 100L. In addition, the Keril also has various types, ranging from conventional Keril until now there is such a thing as UL (ultralight) Keril or the cool language of light Keril.

But remember that the Keril itself is not like an ordinary bag that is often used at school or even at the office. Because the Keril itself is designed in such a way and for use in outdoor activities and traveling. So there are lots of unique features that ordinary bags don't have.

Like the backpack system, which varies from ordinary foam, nets to some with anti-gravity features (it's great, anyway). All the backpack systems in the gravel bag are used to make climbers comfortable, especially when carrying heavy loads.

In addition, the Keril also has quite a lot of ropes and has their respective functions, such as adjusting the user's comfort, hang luggage such as mineral water, mattresses, and so on. Yes, this pebble is very important for mountain climbers, so the advice, if you want to buy pebbles, is to try it, especially the backpack. Because the gravel must be comfortable and fit on the body because it will always stick for hours during the trip up the mountain.

4. Mattress

This mattress has a function as a base when sleeping in a tent so it is not so cold or as a sitting mat while cooking. So this mattress is very important to be carried and owned by climbers and usually comes in the same package as a sleeping bag.

For the type of mattress itself, there are several kinds, ranging from ordinary mattresses or worm mattresses, aluminum foil mattresses that can keep the body warm while sleeping, to sponge mattresses that are often used by UL (Ultra Light) climbers because they can be folded and also light in weight. and quite thick and soft.

5. Mountain/Trekking Shoes

Mountain shoes were created specifically to make climbers comfortable on their way to reach the top of the mountain. Therefore, several features have been embedded, ranging from waterproof or waterproof, strong and jagged shoe grips for all terrains, to comfortable but strong materials.

In addition, because these Mountain Shoes are very important, we try to choose shoes that are suitable and fit for our feet. If the length of our feet is 27 cm, then choose shoes with an insole size of 27.5 cm or a maximum of 28 cm. This is to prevent injury because there is no space in front of the toes.

Because if you press hard or even too small and also too loose or too big, it can cause injury to the feet, especially nails. That's why many climbers have blackened nails due to shoes that are too small or too tight or even our feet can get blisters, it hurts when we get blisters as we like him but he doesn't like us, eh.

6. Headlamp

This headlamp works well, especially when it's dark or at night and it's foggy. The headlamp is also the only lighting when we climb the mountain, apart from the moon that shines brightly, even if the moon is big and not foggy.

Therefore, don't miss this headlamp to take it with you when climbing the mountain. Because there is no PLN electricity pole on the mountain, so like it or not, we have to make our light by bringing this headlamp.

The headlamp is also very useful if we are in the middle of the night, so to find a spot to urinate or defecate at night, of course the headlamp will be very useful. In addition, when starting the summit attack, the headlamp is also the main equipment to be a source of light that illuminates the hiking trail. Because usually the summit attack starts in the early hours of the morning between 1 and 3 in the morning to reach the peak before the sun begins to shine.

7. Cutlery and Toiletries

Well, this is also not to be missed, eating utensils and toiletries themselves. Indeed, the climbers often share cutlery ranging from cups to plates. That's okay and there's no problem for senior climbers, god-level, or mixed doubles climbers.

But for novice climbers, especially children with health, it will be a bit disgusting if you share eating utensils like that. So it is advisable to bring your cutlery starting from plates, spoons, forks, cups and if possible, bring two or more sets. Who knows, some friends didn't bring them or they forgot because they were in a hurry to pack.

So, it is recommended that you bring your toiletries to take a shower right at basecamp before starting to climb or after going down the mountain. Let the body be fresh and energy back after being drained during the climb.

Besides that, usually, the water in the climbing basecamp is a winner. So it can immediately make us more enthusiastic and refreshed. So that when driving to go home, you can stay focused even though you are a bit tired after going down the mountain.

So, that's 7 personal equipment that must be brought by each mountaineer, be it beginner, senior, god-level climbers, or mixed doubles climbers who often make baper, eh.

Don't forget and don't be left behind, because it hurts to be left behind. And always complete and recheck the equipment that will be brought when climbing the mountain. Because climbing a mountain requires mental preparation and equipment as well as qualified knowledge.

Remember, this is mandatory personal equipment, which is very minimal and the most mandatory. If you think something is missing from the list above, you can add it in the comments column.

Best regards!

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