The Beauty On The Mountain That Makes You Melt, Surely You Will Often Meet The 7th Order

 Bunga Daisy di Gunung Prau - via

If the language that is beautiful on the mountain is by nature this is directly aimed at the female climbers. Beautiful, not bothersome, glowing, and if you smile you can tear down Takeshi's fortress, eh.

And it turns out that not only the female climbers mentioned above, the mountain also has a beauty that is no less beautiful and even the glowing girl climbers are willing to go up the mountain to meet this beauty.

Immediately, let's start discussing the beauty of the mountain that is as enchanting as her smile.

1. Edelweiss flower

The beauty of the first mountain is the Edelweiss Flower, which is already famous throughout the climbing world. Even the flower which has the nickname the Eternal Flower is one of the reasons why climbers are willing to heat up and tirelessly climb the mountain to see and take pictures with him.

Bunga Edelweis Jawa - Foto JL | Jaenal Jalalludin
Not infrequently this flower is also used by male climbers to flirt with their crush so they want to be invited to go up the mountain together (please admit it, oops). Usually in the photo or caption, it says something like, "Sorry I can't pick Edelweiss flowers for you but I can take you where it grows".

Or usually, someone writes something like this, "This is the Edelweiss flower, the eternal flower, just like our love which is also eternal," But, not long after, they broke up wk wk wk. So, what's your version of making a bunch of Edelweiss flowers for him? Can you write in the comments?

Oh yes, the Edelweiss flower which has the Latin name Anaphalis Javanica is one of the flowers that is protected by law. And you can't pick them up, let alone take them home for photos. You can be subject to a 10-year prison sentence and a fine of up to IDR 200 million as stated in Law No. 5 articles 40 paragraph 2. Not only that, but social sanctions will also apply and you can be blacklisted from the world of climbing by the mountain where you picked the Edelweiss.

So please really, millennial climbers, don't ever pick Edelweiss flowers just to take photos and use them to shoot them. But if you want to bring Edelweis home for him, you better not go up the mountain but just go to Mount Bromo. Because there you can buy more beautiful colorful Edelweiss flowers cultivated by Bromo residents. And it's legal or officially traded because it's not edelweiss that grows in the wild.

So if you already know the information about Edelweiss in Bromo but you still go up to another mountain and then pick Edelweiss that grows in the wild. It's better if you just lie down while TikTok doesn't go to the mountains if you just want to pick Edelweiss.

2. Cantigi

This is the second beauty after Edelweis who is on the mountain, her name is Cantigi. Indeed, not many climbers know this Cantigi. Even though he can be a protector for climbers. Why is that?

Cantigi - via
Cantigi - via
This is because Cantigi is still a brother to blueberries, of course, you can guess right. Yes, the fruit of this tree is edible and tastes delicious and sweet, but I have never eaten it because I have never met it. In addition, the leaves can be eaten as fresh vegetables.

Of course, this is very useful, especially if you get lost in the mountain and the logistics are running out, then you can look for Cantigi trees to survive.

It is a small tree that grows above an altitude of 1000m above sea level. It has a characteristic reddish green leaf with black fruit.

3. Kantong Semar

Of course, you are also familiar with this Semar bag plant, right. This plant, which is one of the six carnivorous plants, is usually found in mountains or forests that are still beautiful.

Kantong Semar - Gambar oleh Adriel Kloppenburg dari Pixabay
Kantong Semar - Foto Adriel Kloppenburg dari Pixabay

The semar bag itself is not a flower or fruit, but a leaf that has been modified. And it is called the Semar Pocket because its shape does resemble the bag of one of the puppet characters and the head of the clown, namely Semar.

I have encountered this plant for the first time when climbing Mount Guntur in Garut. Although the one I met was small and there was only one at the edge of the forest track to the top of Masigit.

Just like Cantigi, Semar Bags can also be a helper for climbers. You can drink the water trapped in this plant when it runs out of water and has not found a water source.

4. Mulberry

If you have ever climbed Mount Slamet, maybe you are already familiar with this plant. On the route of climbing the highest mountain in Central Java, it is indeed one of the habitats of this mulberry.

Murbei - via pixabay
Murbei - via pixabay

Mulberry itself does live at an altitude of 1000m above sea level or more and has beautiful red and black fruits. If the fruit is eaten, it tastes a bit sour and becomes one of the plants that can be a source of food for survival.

5. Daisy Flower

If you look for Edelweiss by going to Mount Prau then you will not find it. Because you will only find a beautiful colorful Daisy flower field. Anyway, it's really beautiful and makes you feel cool, especially when Daisy is photographed with the background of Mount Sindoro Sumbing and Kembang, her beauty becomes like her, oops. If you look for Edelweiss by going to Mount Prau then you will not find it. Because you will only find a beautiful colorful Daisy flower field. Anyway, it's really beautiful and makes you feel cool, especially when Daisy is photographed with the background of Mount Sindoro Sumbing and Kembang, her beauty becomes like her, oops.

Bunga Daisy Gunung Prau - Foto JL | Jaenal Jalalludin
Bunga Daisy Gunung Prau - Foto JL | Jaenal Jalalludin

If Edelweis symbolizes immortality, well if this beautiful Daisy symbolizes secret love. In addition, many also say that Daisy symbolizes loyalty, tenderness, and purity because it has several colors including white, purple, and pink.

6. Verbena Flowers

This flower is an invasive plant that poses a threat to the ecosystem for the environment. But even so this Verbena Brasiliensis flower looks beautiful with purple flowers and green leaves and stems.

Bunga Verbena - via Pixabay

If you want to meet this flower, you can go to Oro-Oro Ombo, Jambangan, Ranukumbolo, and Mount Semeru. Here you will find Verbena Brasiliensis that grows and is invasive. Even in Semeru itself, a team for controlling verbena was formed because the plant did damage the ecosystem.

This flower itself is not native to Indonesia. But he comes from abroad or you could say the flower of Caucasians or immigrants. The reason is that during the Dutch era in the Pasuruan area there was a plant expert from the Netherlands who liked to bring in plant species from abroad, including this Verbena Brasiliensis. Until now, Verbena has started to grow wildly in the area around Mount Semeru.

7. Just Call Flowers

If this one you can imagine yourself with your god-level imagination, yes. But remember, don't let your heart be fooled by this one flower, okay. It's enough for your tent to be messed with by Bagas just right on the mountain of your heart, don't.

You can find it on all-mountain climbing routes and have facial features that are still glowing even during heat and dust. When you reach the top and the sunrise starts to come out, you usually give your cellphone while saying, "Take a photo."

So, those are 7 beautiful and sweet mountain plants that are not inferior to her smile. The number 8 is not included. And if you know about plants that are beautiful and have charm on the mountain, you can add them in the comments.

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Beautiful greetings to the beauty on the mountain

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