These 2 Indonesian Historic Sites Have Stunning Twilight and Full of Magic

 Menikmati senja memukau dan penuh magis di 2 situs bersejarah di Indonesia - foto instagram @nikmaimm

Talking about Indonesia, there are so many things starting from its wonderful nature. But it turns out that the culture is also so rich in history and customs and culture that make Indonesia not only wonderful but also a wonderland or magical land. This time, we will invite everyone to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Indonesia, which is wonderful, but in two places that have a history of civilization and culture and are silent witnesses of the Indonesian homeland, which is a wonderland.

Anyway, it turns out that the combination of the beauty of twilight and also the historical site of the journey of this archipelago civilization is so enchanting. Both of them will bewitch those of you who watch when the golden color of the sun will return to its formation. Sneaking through the historical site buildings that are so firmly standing tall as evidence of the nation's history.

Enjoying the sunset there, history will make you more amazed than enjoying the sunset on a mountain that has thousands of meters above sea level or at 0 meters above sea level or on the beach. Because the twilight that is created will unite with history and time at the place of the historic site. To enjoy this magical sunset, you can come to the following two historical sites.

1. Ratu Boko Site, Yogyakarta

Indeed, this historical place is one of the places to enjoy the sunset that is most hunted by twilight connoisseurs. Because here you will see the combination of the golden color of the sun with the sturdiness of the Inner Gate or the Main Gate with the Paduraksa Gate which is strong and sturdy against time and creates history.

Senja di situs Ratu Boko Yogyakarta - Foto Instagram @saragih_erick
Senja di situs Ratu Boko Yogyakarta - Foto Instagram @saragih_erick

The site, located in Bokoharjo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman, Yogyakarta, was built around the 8th century with Buddhist architecture by the Syailendra dynasty. But then with time, Ratu Boko's palace was taken over by the Hindu Mataram kings. Thus making the Boko palace influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism.

At the Ratu Boko site itself, there are two gates, namely the outer gate which is the entrance to the parking lot which has to walk uphill for 100 meters. Then there is the inner gate or main gate which is about 15 meters from the outer gate which is so magnificent and special.

This inner or main gate consists of 5 Paduraksa gates lined up parallel to the outer gate. The main gate is flanked by two flanking gates on each side, but even though there are 5 gates, it turns out that for the 2 small flanking gates the main gate does not have stairs. So there are only 3 stairs that connect the three gates.

And just as the sun began to fall closer to the horizon line, the event is more familiar to us by the name of twilight. Then the sun will shine on the five gates of this Main Gate. Thus creating a majestic silhouette of the main gate of the Ratu Boko site and also the warmth of the golden sun.

Senja di situs Ratu Boko Yogyakarta - Foto Instagram @rickyart_photoworks
Senja di situs Ratu Boko Yogyakarta - Foto Instagram @rickyart_photoworks

It's suitable for romantic photos such as pre-wedding which can bring out historical and romantic nuances from the warm and soothing golden light of the twilight. And it becomes a bone of contention for visitors to take pictures at dusk. Not only for photos, it turns out that the main gate is also a target for content creators to capture the beauty of the beautiful sunset into moving image visuals.

Anyway, the Ratu Boko site itself is not a temple but the ruins of a royal palace. So don't be surprised if sometimes some call it Ratu Boko Palace. According to history, this site was the palace of Ratu Boko, Lara Jonggrang's father. As we know Lara Jonggrang herself is a princess who was proposed by Bandung Bondowoso. However, because he was not happy, he put forward a condition that 1001 temples be built overnight if Bandung Bondowoso wanted to marry him.

Indeed, the main gate at the Ratu Boko site is the main attraction, especially at dusk. But it turns out that in the Ratu Boko site complex, there is not only the Main Gate. There is also a Batukapur Temple which was built from limestone which has a size of 5x5 m2, but only the foundation remains.

Then there is the PemBokoran Temple which is in the form of a terrace of 3 meters high with an area of ​​26 cubic meters. In the courtyard of the terraces of these two temples, there is a kind of well in the shape of a square with a size of 4x4 cubic meters. Where the well was formerly used as a place for the burial of corpses. Then in the southeast corner of this temple, there is an old well that is believed to be a source of holy water.

Not only the two temples mentioned above in the Ratu Bokor site complex, but there is also a Paseban (a place to face the king), Pendapa / pavilion (a place to gather and carry out activities such as deliberation and others), Keputren (the residence of the king's daughters), and 2 caves namely Lanang Cave and Wadon Cave.

2. Lempuyang Temple, Bali

If you have seen photos standing between two temple gates with perfect and beautiful reflections on social media. So congratulations, you already know the historical site that we will discuss in point two, namely the Lempuyang Temple in Bali.

Lempuyang Temple itself is one of the oldest and most respected temples in Bali. Not only that, but Lempuyang Temple is also one of the Sad Kahyangan Jagad or Six Sacred Places in the World and also one of the four most sacred places of prayer in Bali.

Senja di gates of heaven Pura Lempuyang Bali - foto instagram @renzcepres
Senja di gates of heaven Pura Lempuyang Bali - foto instagram @renzcepres

This temple, which is located in Karangasem, Bali, is indeed one of the places to enjoy the best sunsets at historical sites in Indonesia. To be able to enjoy a magical sunset, you have to be prepared at the Lempuyang Temple Gate which is nicknamed "Gates of Heaven" or which in Indonesian is "gateway to heaven".

Gates of Heaven is indeed a favorite spot for visitors to take pictures, either taking pictures with the concept of reflection or taking pictures at dusk. Where the golden light that flashes between the towering gates is so beautiful and gives a magical special magical effect.

Anyway, your photos will be more magical and magical when you take pictures at the Gates of Heaven at dusk. The shadows and golden light of the sun will combine with the towering gates with the typical architecture of the temple that is so eye-catching.

Indeed, even though it's not sunset or dusk, Gates of Heaven is always crowded and makes long queues of visitors who want to take pictures there. Where the concept of a reflection photo that uses glass or a gadget screen to make the reflection become hype and has taken root and is one proof that you have visited Lempuyang Temple.

But apparently, some are disappointed with the photo where foreign tourists are interested in coming to the Lempuyang temple because they see this beautiful reflection photo at the Gates of Heaven. And when they arrived at the gate to heaven, it turned out that they were disappointed, because they thought there was a pool of water there which was used to take pictures of reflection. But in reality, the reflection is made by using a gadget screen or glass.

Foto Refleksi sempurna di gates of heaven Pura Lempuyang Bali - foto instagram @casssil
Foto Refleksi sempurna di gates of heaven Pura Lempuyang Bali - foto instagram @casssil

Even so, it will not reduce the historical value and also the beauty of one of the highest temples in Bali. Especially if you take a picture of the two of you with your partner at the gate nicknamed the Gates of Heaven. Who knows, after taking a romantic photo together at dusk at this gate, it can make you and your partner step into the wedding gate. cie cie cie so swiiitt.

So, those are two historical sites in Indonesia that have beautiful sunset views with a mix of history and the warm golden color of the sky typical of sunset or twilight. So when are you going to take a photo at the two gates of the historic site at dusk with your partner?

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