Sprain While Climbing the Mountain? This is how to treat it

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Climbing the mountain in the rainy season does make the hiking trail more slippery than during the dry season. Therefore not a few climbers slip especially when it rains during the climb. And some of the dangers caused by this slip include sprained or sprained feet. In addition, this sprain also often occurs when going down the mountain because the body is getting tired.

Then how to overcome or treat a sprained leg when climbing a mountain? Before we discuss how to handle and prevent it, we first discuss what a sprain is. Sprains or sprains themselves are conditions where the occurrence of stretching or tearing of ligaments (the connective tissue between bones) due to strenuous activity, choosing the wrong footrest, or slipping. And usually occurs in the knee and ankle joints which are characterized by pain and swelling and the joints become stiff.

Of course, in mountain climbing, this sprain becomes one of the nightmares for climbers besides hypothermia. Because like it or not we have to rest for a while to recover from this injury. This sprain usually occurs due to an unfit or fatigued body condition, slippery climbing terrain, and too heavy a load during the ascent as well as choosing the wrong footrest on the hiking trail.

Sprain Treatment When Climbing a Mountain

For first aid, it is to rest the sprained leg without giving the burden of activity or walking and make sure not to move first so that the injury does not spread to other parts and find a roomy place so the victim can lean or lie down.

Cara menangani kaki yang keseleo - gambar wikihow.com
Cara menangani kaki yang keseleo - gambar wikihow.com

If someone brings ice or a cloth that is given cold water, then compress it to the sprained area to reduce pain. It can also be done by spraying pain-reducing spray as we often see when soccer players get injured in matches. But with the condition that the cramped part is not injured at all and the gas is not inhaled.

Now after that try to press the sprained part by wrapping a bandage but not too tight or loose. Then elevate the sprained area to reduce swelling by lifting the leg higher than the body. And finally, if it's a bit better, you can do light movements to avoid the strained joints getting stiffer.

If it's a bit better then try to walk slowly without the burden of carrying heavy gravel or be bean while being backed up by other climbers.

Prevention of Sprains When Climbing a Mountain

To prevent the occurrence of sprains during the ascent, these several ways can be done to minimize or prevent the occurrence of climbing dives.

1. Prepare with regular physical exercise at least 7 days before climbing.
2. Warm-up and stretch before starting the climb.
3. Pay attention to our steps and also the path of the footing.
4. Use mountain shoes that fit, are not too big or too small, and try to wear comfortable shoes.

So, those are some ways you can do if you experience a sprain while climbing a mountain. Don't forget to keep your footstep during the climb and avoid slippery paths.

Greetings Lestari!
Keep your health during mountain climbing and avoid sprains.

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