Those Who Love Travel Must Know! What is a Traveler, Backpacker, and Flashpacker

 Pilih jadi Traveling backpaker atau flashpacker - foto instagram yukbromo

When busy with daily routines and work, many people say, "You need a vacation." It's true, too, because we need to refresh our brains to be fresher with new experiences and enjoy the beauty and do fun things called vacations. But you have to choose what you want to be when you are on vacation or traveling. So, are you a traveler? backpacker huh? or flashpacker?

Wait a minute, what's with the flashpacker? Usually, there are only travelers and backpackers to classify people who like to vacation or travel. Hey, you must be wondering what a flashpacker is. If you're curious, then read to the last letter in this article.

So, back to the discussion, this time we will discuss why people who like traveling can be classified as travelers, backpackers, and flashpackers. Then what are the meanings of the three and why should they be classified. Even though it's a vacation, it's just a vacation, you don't have to bother having to choose which of the three.

So that you don't get confused and to answer holiday questions, you don't have to think about being a traveler, backpacker, or flashpacker, it's complicated. So let's get acquainted with the three first, let's not know, then it's ta'aruf, eh.

1. Traveler

Who is familiar with this term, of course, all good people know the term traveler, especially those who like to travel. But not the one who walks with me, he married her, eh. That's not a traveler's name but traveling from house to house if the word Indies (Indonesian indie singer) is.

Yes, let's go back again, let's discuss what a traveler is. So those who can or can hold a title (not a title anyway) are travelers who like to travel or vacation whose orientation is to have fun or have fun.

Traveler itu yang penting have fun - foto instagram yukbromo
Traveler itu yang penting have fun - foto instagram yukbromo

Usually, these travelers prefer to join an open tour that already provides various holiday packages. They choose to join open trips for holidays or sightseeing because they are looking for safety and what is certain is that their vacation will be more exciting and they don't have to bother exploring which tourist attractions they will visit. Because there are already guides who are ready to take and maintain and guide while in tourist attractions or vacation spots.

In addition, usually, holiday tour services already understand and understand tourist destinations that are attractive and beautiful, and fun. So that travelers don't need to bother anymore to take care of starting from queuing for entrance tickets, taking care of catering or eating, and lodging and accommodation along with other silly techniques. Because there are already tour guides who will guide and make schedules for travelers.

Because the traveler's orientation is vacation and having fun, then they will not have a problem with the cost or vacation capital. Where usually these travelers have had vacation plans for a long time and also vacation savings are enough or even more. Plus, these travelers usually choose weekends and holidays for their trips and holidays.

Simply put, these travelers are those who just want a vacation to a tourist destination without bothering to take care of this by joining an open tour. Although sometimes it's not free because you have to follow the schedule set by the tour service provider, the important thing is that having fun is enough.

These travelers usually vacation with their family, co-workers, friends, or friends who usually use tour and travel services to make it easier and safer, and more comfortable during the holidays.

2. Backpacker

If the traveler prefers to take an open trip or private trip from a tour and travel service provider, it is different with a backpacker. They prefer to go on their vacation without wanting to set the schedule from the tour and travel service provider. Simply put, they are travelers who like the freedom of traveling to find experiences on their vacations. Plus, these backpackers are more budget-oriented or traveling budgets and try to arrange them to be more efficient during traveling than the cost of joining an open trip.

Usually these backpackers prefer to walk to as many tourist attractions as possible that can be visited at one time and in a certain area. Of course with a more affordable budget to get as much experience as possible. Even if you can visit a beautiful place but it's free.

Backpacker itu jalan-jalan dengan budget murah atau minim - foto Pexels Ibadah Mimpi
Backpacker itu jalan-jalan dengan budget murah atau minim - foto Pexels Ibadah Mimpi

Backpackers themselves are synonymous with travelers who are desperate for a vacation even though the budget is minimal, aka a desperate traveler. So instead of joining an open trip with an expensive budget, they prefer to go on their own with a mediocre or makeshift budget. Because indeed the orientation of a backpacker is traveling with a minimal and more efficient budget.

So they are not proud to travel using economy trains or even economy class buses to save on vacation budgets. Even if they run out of money when they get home, they can be desperate to hitch a ride with a passing freight car.

Even for lodging matters, they prefer to sleep in cheap hostels or capsule hotels, and it can also be at their friends' houses in the city. If they don't have friends, they can even resort to sleeping at gas stations or other public facilities to save the budget.

But if you want to be a backpacker, the key is to have a broad friendship link. So that for matters of stay, being able to sleep at a friend's house is economical, safe, and comfortable. Besides that, usually, our friends don't hesitate to take orders or become free guides around tourist attractions in their area when the time is right and there is no work. So, it's good to be able to save your budget and still have a more enjoyable vacation.

3. Flashpacker

Now, this time, we will discuss flashpacker which may still be foreign to your ears. So these flashpackers are backpackers who are oriented to feel a different experience on their vacation. And for budget issues, this flashpacker has a flexible budget and they even dare to pay more to get a different holiday experience from most people.

Even though they look the same as backpackers, these Flashpackers can find experiences as freely as possible even if they have to spend more money. For example, they are backpackers who visit a traditional village and ask for permission to stay for a few days or a few weeks in the village to learn about its culture and daily activities.

Flashpacker itu nyari pengalaman di setiap perjalanannya walau harus bayar lebih - foto instagram waerebo
Flashpacker itu nyari pengalaman di setiap perjalanannya walau harus bayar lebih - foto instagram waerebo

Even flashpackers are not proud to join in and help the surrounding community and even work to take care of the fields or participate in harvesting with their families who are temporary residences in the village. Because for flashpackers that's what they're looking for. It's not just coming in the morning and taking photos of interacting with the people for a while and then going home in the afternoon.

So these flashpackers have a high curiosity about the place, culture, and daily life of the people at their destination. So he wants to stay for a while and experience everyday life at his destination even though he has to spend more.

However, compared to backpackers, this flashpacker will get a richer and more exciting experience on their journey. You could even say that if you want to become a flashpacker, don't forget to be a free person with high curiosity and also easy to get along with, aka adapt quickly and have a sufficient budget.

Now that's the meaning and difference of a traveler, backpacker, and flashpacker where all three have different orientations in making their vacation trips. So what do you want to be like on vacation?

Do you want to be a traveler, it's important to be able to have fun and be free for a moment from the stifling city routine. Or become a backpacker who can travel to many places with a minimal and cheap budget and even free. Or want to be a flashpacker who can bring home a myriad of valuable experiences after traveling. Hey, do you want to be a traveler, backpacker, or flashpacker?

But what is clear is that whatever you want to be, don't forget to remain a polite traveler and also don't pollute or damage anything at your destination, and don't forget to go home.

Where in fact the final destination on any journey is to return home safely. Because at home there are people waiting for you to tell your travel experiences.

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