6 Tips for Safe and Comfortable Playing in Waterfalls

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In addition to going up the mountain and going to the beach, it turns out that visiting a waterfall or waterfall is no less exciting. You could say visiting this waterfall or waterfall you will feel two sensations at once, namely the sensation of being a mountain child and the sensation of being a beach child.

Because we are waterfall children, we are mountain children who like to play in the water, and beach children who like forests and waterfalls are called waterfall children. So, if you want to try to be a waterfall child, you are right to read this article because Jelajah Lagi will discuss some tips for playing to a waterfall to keep it safe and comfortable.

Immediately, here are safe and comfortable tips when enjoying a waterfall-style waterfall that must be understood and done.

1. Make sure the body is in prime condition

If this one is mandatory, yes, because the child of the waterfall will be faced with the challenge of penetrating the path in the forest to reach the place to play, namely the waterfall or waterfall. Therefore, a prime body condition, of course, is highly recommended and indeed a must.

For example, if you have a cold when you are traveling, you will be a bit breathless and when you arrive at the waterfall or waterfall, you can only see its beauty and cannot take a bath and swim while enjoying the freshness of the waterfall.

So keep making sure your body is in top condition and don't get sick when you go to the waterfall. Let it be more exciting to play in the water and become an unforgettable experience.

2. Use Comfortable Footwear

For footwear, this is very important because the children of the waterfall will pass through a fairly heavy field. Plus, when you arrive at the location of the waterfall or waterfall, get ready, the slippery rock will be one of the toughest trials, especially the mossy one.

Therefore, it is attempted to use a minimum of mountain sandals with a base that has a strong grip. Don't wear flip-flops, because when you're on a path with slippery rocks, it can be disastrous.

But it is advisable to use outdoor shoes which are clearly going to make it more safe when trekking to the waterfall or waterfall or when you are on the edge of the waterfall. In addition, this type of shoe is also known to be strong and can be used in various fields and conditions. So your feet will be safe and the trip will be fun.

3. Bring enough drinking water and food/snacks

Of course, the trip to the waterfall or waterfall will drain our energy and energy. Therefore, bringing drinking water and food or snacks is very mandatory, yes, to fill up energy when you arrive at the waterfall and for energy to go home too.

For drinking water, it is advisable to bring your own, although sometimes you can drink directly from the waterfall. But for some people it is very disgusting, so bring drinking water at least for your own needs.

4. Bring a Change of Clothes

This change of clothes is just in case, if you are right at the waterfall, you will be poisoned by your friends to join in swimming or bathing in the waterfall. But for children, taking a bath is a must and must be done when going to a waterfall or waterfall.

It's the same thing as enjoying the sunrise from a height like a mountain child and playing in the sand and playing with the waves like a beach kid.

5. Bring Camera

You could say that the tool to capture this one moment will never be absent from the children of the waterfall. Because it's a shame if you play at the waterfall but don't bring a photo souvenir at the waterfall or waterfall.

In addition, photos and videos were taken when a waterfall can also be shown off on social media and proof that you've been to the waterfall. Moreover, if you are a content creator, this camera will surely crash wherever you go to record all your activities while at the waterfall.

But remember, because there is a lot of water in the waterfall, of course, you have to bring a waterproof camera, so you can use a waterproof casing so you can use it to take pictures and record underwater.

6. Keep the natural cleanliness of the waterfall or waterfall

The thing that is no less important than the other tips is about maintaining the cleanliness of nature in the waterfalls that we visit. So you have to throw garbage in its place, if for example, when there is no trash can at the waterfall, then first store the trash in plastic and take it home from the waterfall. Then throw it away if you find a trash can either in the parking lot or in a place that provides a trash can.

Because the garbage that is disposed of carelessly will reduce the natural preservation of the waterfall and damage the environment. It's not beautiful anymore if around the waterfall there is a lot of garbage that is just thrown away by irresponsible people under the guise of nature lovers and waterfall children.

Because the children of the waterfall will not be willing and will not want to pollute the waterfall or waterfall which is a place to play and release the fatigue of life.

So, those are some tips that you can apply if you want to be a child of a waterfall or just play to visit a waterfall. What is certain is that you keep your safety and cleanliness and comfort while playing in the waterfall.

Greetings Grujugan!

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