Through to Brebes? Try these 7 Brebes Specialty Foods Guaranteed to be Addicted

 7 Kuliner khas Brebes maknyos - foto instagram emmaeryanti

It's not complete if we travel to an area we don't enjoy the typical food from that area, yes, you could say it's rich in vegetables, not much, eh, less salt. And this time, Jelajah Lagi will discuss the typical culinary origins of the Brebes area, Central Java, which you really must try if you play or stop by.

Before we discuss the culinary, what do you think of when you hear the word Brebes? Do you think salted egg city? Or if the mothers will think of producing shallots. Or do you think the city is global because of the tragedy of Brexit? Or a rest area on the toll road that is very instagramable and also really cool.

Yes, everything is not wrong, because Brebes is famous for the city that produces the best-salted eggs in Indonesia, even in the world. And also one of the centers for producing the best quality shallots in the world. In addition, Brebes is also worldwide because of the BREXIT tragedy, namely the total traffic jam at the Kanci toll road to the Brexit toll gate (Brebes Exit) during the 2016 homecoming season, which claimed lives.

Then after the sad incident, the Banjaratma Rest Area in Brebes was finally created which became a very instagramable rest area because it was built in a former sugar factory and still maintains the original sugar factory buildings. So, those who like to travel on the Pejagan - Batang toll road can stop by at the Banjaratma area and buy souvenirs typical of Brebes.

Well, you already know Brebes even at a glance. So we return to the main discussion, namely the typical culinary from Brebes which is mandatory to taste if you stop by or pass by in Brebes. What is certain is that the taste and sensation are delicious.

1. Sate Blengong

This is the most mandatory food and must be tasted if you stop by in Brebes, especially if you are a food hunter who is looking for unique food and delicious flavors. Then Sate Blengong will be able to satisfy your desire for food because this one satay will leave you dumbfounded.

Sate Blengon Khas Brebes - foto instagram iwan_prihantoro
Sate Blengon Khas Brebes - foto instagram iwan_prihantoro

If most satay is cooked by grilling it over coals, it is different from Blengong satay. This typical Brebes satay is not grilled but fried and served with a special sauce that tastes delicious.

Not only is the way of cooking different, but you will also be stunned to see the size and ingredients of the meat used. Because this Blengong satay has a length of 20-40 cm, the Blengong meat is sliced ​​obliquely and lined up on a skewer.

Fyi, Blengong is an animal that is the result of elopement, uh, crossbreeding of ducks and also ducks. To produce Blengong which has a curvaceous body like a duck and a long neck like a duck. And the meat is very soft and delicious so it's suitable for making Blengong satay.

Usually, one serving only consists of 3 to 4 skewers of Blengong which is given a spicy sauce made from a mixture of spices. What is certain will be full and very satisfied to eat. The price varies from 6 thousand per stick to some selling 10 thousand per stick depending on the contents. If it's all meat, it's expensive, if it's mixed with offal, it's cheap.

To enjoy this Blengong satay, you can visit Brebes Square in the afternoon. Because the sale of Blengong satay starts selling the satay starting at 3 o'clock until it runs out and usually it ends when it's crowded, it can be before Maghrib is over or at the latest until 11 pm. Because this one satay is a favorite of the people of Brebes and also newcomers. So you must try it if you stop by in Brebes.

2. Kupat Glebed

If the people of Jakarta are more familiar with vegetable lontong, then the people of Brebes also have a kicking food similar to lontong Sayur but more kicking, the name is Kupat Glebed. Why is it called Kupat Glebed?


Kupat Glebed dan Sate Blengong khas Brebes - foto Instagram bubueatawa
Kupat Glebed dan Sate Blengong khas Brebes - foto Instagram bubueatawa

Because this food consists of diamonds and a special sauce where the texture of this one sauce is sticky and thick it will stick in the mouth and it is called Glebed in Javanese. So that the combination of the two becomes the name of this special food, Kupat Glebed. Not only ketupat and Glebed sauce are served but it is also equipped with shredded meat and fried onions which will add deliciousness.

Kupat Glebed is most suitable when eaten with Sate Blengong because it will be an epic combination that will shake your tongue. Where the spicy and tender gravy of the Blengong satay meat will be combined with the soft texture of the diamond and also the glebed sauce that sticks in the mouth.

That's why it's incomplete if you only eat Kupat Glebed without Sate Blengong. Both are like you and him who complement each other. You will also find Kupat Glebed and Sate Blengong in one selling place. The price for one portion of Kupat Glebed ranges from 8 to 12 thousand depending on the seller.

3. Ndog Asin

Besides Sate Blengong and Kupat Glebed, you also have to enjoy Ndog Asin which is indeed a food as well as a typical souvenir from Brebes. The salty taste makes these eggs so popular, especially for friends who eat soup.

Telur asin Brebes - foto instagram telurasinbrebesasli
Telur asin Brebes - foto instagram telurasinbrebesasli

Salted eggs also have many benefits when consumed, namely to form and maintain bone and tooth density, stabilize blood pressure, prevent kidney stones and anticipate stomach cramps for pregnant women. Well, many benefits can be obtained from consuming Salted Ndog.

But keep in mind that you should not consume salty Ndog too much because it can cause high blood pressure and ulcers. Therefore, the maximum consumption of Ndog Asin is 2 grains a day, namely in the morning and evening so that it is safer and has beneficial properties.

Anyway, the Asin Ndog in Brebes is famous for being unique, there are also many variants, and only in Brebes. If you often eat boiled salted Ndog in Jakarta or areas outside Brebes. So when visiting Brebes, don't forget to taste the Baked and Smoked Salted Ndog variant. What is certain is that both of them have a different taste even though they are both salty, yes, the name is also Ndog Asin if it is sweet, it's not Ndog Asin but you, eh.

The processing of Roasted Salted Ndogs itself is after the salting process of Salted Ndogs is cooked in the oven or roasted so that it makes a different taste from Boiled Asin Ndogs, like there is a burnt taste, you just have to try it because it's hard to describe in words.

Asin Asin Ndog is also processed by smoking it so that when it is ripe, Asin Ndog, which was originally blue, turns dark brown. And when you eat it, hmmm, it's like being Ironman, uh, there are flavors of smoke that go along with the savory salty taste. Just try it right away so you're not curious.

The price for this Salted Ndog ranges from 35 thousand - to 60 thousand for one slot of 10 pieces and depends on the variant. The smoked ones are the most expensive and the cheapest are boiled. So if you stop by Brebes, don't forget to buy the Salted, Boiled, Baked, and Smoked Ndogs for souvenirs. Oya Ndog Asin is also durable because it can last from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

4. Nasi Lengko

Now we are going to heavy food because there is rice, namely Nasi Lengko or people from Brebes say Sega Lengko. This culinary one can indeed be a hunger filler during the day because the contents are very complete.

Nasi Lengko - foto instagram dapur.sono
Nasi Lengko - foto instagram dapur.sono

Nasi lengko consists of white rice sprinkled with cucumber that has been cut into squares, then sprinkled with tempeh and tofu which is cut into small pieces, boiled bean sprouts then doused with sweet-spicy soy sauce. Lastly, of course, don't miss the crackers that complement the typical dishes of Brebes and some of this northern coast.

Anyway, it's guaranteed to make you full, especially the good soy sauce it's spicy and sweet, just like that, it can shake your tongue. That's why there are so many fans of Nasi Lengko, ranging from students, mothers, fathers to culinary lovers. Plus the price is cheap, starting from 5 thousand rupiahs, you can enjoy this healthy special food because there are vegetables.

Fyi, old people said that during the colonial era this Lengko rice was the most luxurious rice for the people. Yes, today's class is Nasi Padang. Previously, Nasi Lengko was specially made for indigenous people and freedom fighters. And immediately became a favorite food loh.

Lengko rice itself is also complete with nutritional contents, starting from vegetables that are rich in nutrients, rice as carbohydrates, and tofu tempeh which is a source of protein, and added with soy sauce which is a stomach vitamin to eliminate hunger, hehe.

So don't forget to stop by Brebes and try this very special Nasi Lengko and feel the sensation of eating the soy sauce which tastes great. What's more, you add hot fried food to make it even better.

Nasi Lengko can be found in several stalls along the Coastal Path. But if you want a lengko rice stall that bounces, you can go to Padasugih Village, which is on the side of the Brebes - Jatibarang road. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied and also this one shop is always sold out quickly because it is a favorite of all people from ordinary people to officials.

5. Ketan Pencok

If the above dishes are mostly found in Brebes, the city, and around the Pantura route, then this one food can only be found in South Brebes, namely in Bumiayu. Because this food was born from the area and became known around the 1960s.

Ketan Pencok Bariyah - foto instagram ketanbariyah
Ketan Pencok Bariyah - foto instagram ketanbariyah

If you are a cafe kid or who often eat sticky rice with oreo topping, milk, chocolate, fruit, or ice cream. You have to taste this sticky rice, which is fluffier and of course, the toppings that make it special and sweet.

Toping Pencok is made from grated coconut which is then roasted and seasoned. When finished, just finely mash together with brown sugar until it turns brown. And this is what makes Ketan Pencok so special and loved by many people.

Ketan Pencok feels fluffier than other sticky rice because it is made the Geblek way. This geblek technique is to beat sticky rice with a long wood until it feels fluffier.

To be able to enjoy this Ketan Pencok you can stop by Bumiayu and just look for the Ketan Pencok Ibu Bariyah shop which is near the Bumiayu Main Market. It was indeed Mrs. Bariyah who introduced Ketan Pencok until now it has become a special food from Bumiayu, Brebes. You can also make gifts for loved ones and friends at the office.

The price ranges from 5 thousand to 100 thousand rupiahs depending on the number and wrapping. For those wrapped in leaves, the price ranges from 5 to 15 thousand. For sticky rice wrapped in small besek, the price starts from 20 thousand rupiahs. And for the one wrapped in a big bag for 100 thousand.

6. Rujak Belut

Usually, eels are served with crispy fries which when eaten have a crunchy sound effect. But this time, we will discuss Rujak Belut which is one of the typical dishes from Brebes. Yes, you did not hear wrong, because the eel is in rujak.

Rujak Belut khas Brebes - foto instagram kuline
Rujak Belut khas Brebes - foto instagram kuliner

This Eel Rujak is indeed food in the form of fried eel doused with very delicious pecel sauce. You could say this eel rujak is somewhat similar to pecel or gado-gado, but if the pecel and gado-gado use vegetables, the rujak eel uses fried eel. Combined with warm rice, this eel salad will turn out delicious and the delicacy and the softer texture of the eel meat are even more delicious as a side dish.

To enjoy the delicacy of this eel salad, you can stop by the Kersana area, namely on Jalan Keuntungan - Kersana. This Eel Rujak is sold in the range of 15 thousand to 25 thousand per portion depending on the stall.

7. Krupuk Tulang Bandeng

Who must have crackers when they eat? So, if that's the case, you're perfect for this one cracker wholesaler. The typical Pour Bandeng crackers from Brebes can be friends with rice or snacks. Hey, isn't it wrong with Bandeng Bone Crackers? Does that mean the raw material is milkfish bone?

Krupuk Tulang Bandeng khas Brebes - foto starglammagz com
Krupuk Tulang Bandeng khas Brebes - foto starglammagz com

Yes, it's true, these crackers are made from milkfish bones. But it's not that the milkfish bones are fried and then they're sold and eaten just like that. But the milkfish bones are first processed by grinding and mixed with ingredients such as wheat flour, tapioca flour, and spices such as garlic, salt, pepper, and the taste of savory and crunchy crackers.

This Bandeng Bone Cracker has a very distinctive taste and the aroma of fish in these crackers is very pronounced. In addition, these crackers also have many health benefits, such as helping to compact and strengthen bones and teeth because of the calcium content in milkfish bones.

To try and buy these Bandeng Bone crackers, you can go to Grinting, Bulakamba or you can buy them at the Brebes souvenir center or the Banjaratma Brebes rest area. The price starts from 20 thousand rupiahs and depends on the volume or the number of contents of the package. These Bandeng Bone Crackers can also be made as souvenirs, just like the Salted Ndog. Or you can make it a snack on the way home as a friend to eat rice or noodles, too. What is certain is delicious, nutritious, and cheap.

So, those are 7 special culinary delights from Brebes that you really must taste and take home for souvenirs if you stop by or pass by in the Brebes area, Central Java. Soon, what number are you going to drink and eat or wholesale the typical Brebes food? Who do you want to invite?

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