Waru Doyong, Enchantment of The Valley at Stalheim Norway Version of Brebes Central Java Indonesia

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Indonesia does have a natural beauty that is not inferior to other countries in the world. Even some places in Indonesia have nicknames like their original places abroad, such as Nepal Van Java (Dusun Need, Kaliangkrik, Magelang) and Paris van Java (Bandung City) which do have a beauty that is not inferior to those outside the country.

And recently there is another place in Brebes, Central Java that bears a resemblance to even being called a replica of The Valley at Stalheim, Veslandet in Norway. Oya The Valley at Stalheim, Veslandet itself is a valley that has amazing natural beauty where there are hills with a large river that divides in the middle. This view can also be enjoyed in Brebes, Central Java. Precisely in Bukit Waru Doyong, Cipetung Village, Paguyangan, Brebes, Central Java.

Still, wondering why it's called similar? Alright, let's compare the photos so we can compare ourselves.

the valley at stalheim Norwegia -  foto by  Adelheid Smitt dan waru doyong brebes indonesia - foto by jaenal jalalludin
Kemiripan dari The Valley at Stalheim Norwegia -  foto by  Adelheid Smitt dan Waru Doyong Brebes Indonesia - foto by Jaenal Jalalludin

How about after seeing photo 11 12, it looks like it. And it turns out that the charm of Waru Doyong in Brebes is indeed similar to the one in Stalheim Norway there.

Waru Doyong itself is a hill surrounded by hills with a cloudy river flowing underneath. And included in the hilly area at the foot of Mount Slamet. The name Waru Doyong itself is indeed pinned by the residents of the village of Cipetung which means the Waru tree that is tilted.

However, when the Exploration Again team got there, it turned out that there were no hibiscus trees there, only pine trees and residents' gardens. It is possible that there used to be a hibiscus tree in that place, but it was dead, so the residents of Cipetung named the hill Waru Doyong.


We can drive by motorbike or car from Bumiayu approximately 15 KM to get to this village of Cipetung, Paguyangan, Brebes. Then after being at the crossroads at the end of the village, just turn left onto the rocky road towards the forest. And soon the road will turn into a small dirt road with descents and climbs that are quite adrenaline draining.

Although this path can be passed by motorbike to Waru Doyong hill, you have to be extra careful because there are so many bends and climbs and descents that are quite slippery. Anyway, for those who use automatic motorbikes, you have to go slowly so that the engine doesn't blow up and break down.

If you use a car to get to Waru Doyong, then it's best to leave the car in one of the residents' houses. Then proceed by walking along the path for about 15 minutes from the stone intersection. The path is indeed used by residents as the main road to the fields. So often you will run into them.


But remember don't use maps because you will be directed to Sridadi village which is opposite the top of Waru Doyong hill. So as a rule of thumb, you can use the route from Bumiayu via the Outer Ring of Bumiayu and then turn left (if from Brebes Tegal) at Harapan Sehat Bumiayu Hospital and keep going straight. Then take the road towards Kaligua tourism then take a left when you reach the gate of Cipetung village.

From the Cipetung village gate, it takes about 5 minutes to exit the village and at the end of the forest road, there will be a crossroads then turn right onto a rocky road. So from here, just follow the path until you reach Waru Doyong Hill. If you are confused when turning from the Cipetung village gate, you can ask the residents there where Bukit Waru Doyong is.

Attractions and Photo Spots

After arriving at Waru Doyong hill, you will be greeted with rows of pine trees on top and the residents' fields on the right and left. Then on the right of the hill, you will be presented with beautiful views of the hills with rivers and waterfalls below.

And to enjoy a view like being in the Veslandet mountains in Norway you just need to walk to the end of the hill and look on the left. You will find views of two hills below which there is a river flow. What is certain is that the view will amaze you.

Waru Doyong Hill is indeed beautiful and a shame if it is not immortalized in a photo. Especially if you are a child of social media, it will be automatic when you get here, you will immediately take pictures while muttering, wow, it's really beautiful.

Now, after the Jelajah Lagi team was there, it turned out that several spots or photo points would be a shame if you missed it. Especially if you are a hobby and really like taking photos to show off to your virtual friends. Here are some photo spots and attractions of Waru Doyong hill that the Jelajah Lagi team managed to summarize when exploring Waru Doyong Hill.

1. The Valley Stalheim View / Waru Doyong View

Yes, the photo spot and the main attraction of Waru Doyong is in Veslandet View (call it that) where the scenery is so beautiful with two hills and a ravine below which there is a winding river. Anyway, it feels like not in Indonesia but Veslandet, Norway, if you take pictures here.
Waru Doyong View Brebes Jawa Tengah - Foto by Jaenal Jalalludin (Jelajah Lagi Team)
Waru Doyong View Brebes Jawa Tengah - Foto by Jaenal Jalalludin (Jelajah Lagi Team)

To get a good photo, you can go a little down to the end of the hill where there is a pine tree. This is the standard view because you don't need more energy to go down again.

But if you want to get a more epic view, you can follow the path down between the pine trees and weeds. Until it reaches the plains and can see more clearly the river between two hills like in Veslandet, Norway.

Usually, it's rare to take photos here because you have to go down a fairly steep path, even though the scenery is more beautiful and the river clearer. But most visitors are more than enough when taking pictures at the top of the hill above Waru Doyong to take this view of Veslandet.

2. Hill View

If this one spot becomes the first spot you will see and open your mouth to say wow cool. Because this spot is right next to the top of the Waru Doyong hill, which is also a camping spot.

Ray of Light Waru Doyong Brebes Jawa Tengah - Foto by Jaenal Jalalludin Jelajah Lagi Team
Ray of Light Waru Doyong Brebes Jawa Tengah - Foto by Jaenal Jalalludin (Jelajah Lagi Team)

Several hills are lined with ravines with rivers at the bottom and create a cool and amazing layering. Plus we can see there is a waterfall that is quite high and still natural on the far left hill.

In addition, we can also see that there are several residential areas on the hill which are included in the Paguyangan sub-district and are close to the Kaligua Tea Garden tourist attraction, Brebes which has fresh air and beautiful views.

For photos in this spot, try to take photos in the morning or evening, so you can feel the layering of the hills. If the morning is even more beautiful because it can catch the sunlight that falls like a spear. If the photographer says the photo is Ray, aka there is divine light. If you are confused, you can see in the photo above, yes, the sharp sunlight from the top left to the bottom is called divine light.

3. Waru Doyong hut

This one is shaped like a hut that was made by residents for a place to rest and also stay at night to protect their fields from wild boar attacks. In addition, near this hut, there is a spring that is channeled using pipes to residential areas. But don't worry, you can get water here too for cooking when camping.

Background yang dimbil dari Gubuk Waru Doyong Brebes - Foto by Zaenal Studio Blok M
Background yang dimbil dari Gubuk Waru Doyong Brebes - Foto by Zaenal BLOK M Studio

To reach this hut you can go up through the path through the residents' fields. The exact one is on the south side / in the direction of the way home but take a left and go up again.

From this Waru Doyong hut, you can capture your photo with the background of lined pine trees at the top of the Waru Doyong hill combined with contrasting hills and valleys and a little view of Veslandet on the left. Then the rows of hills to the right of the top of the Waru Doyong hill are no less beautiful. Yes, you can see in the photo how beautiful it is.

4. Spot Camp

Waru Doyong Hill is indeed suitable for cheerful camping with friends or the community. Because there is a fairly spacious land at the top but not so flat alias is still bumpy.

At the camp spot or the top of the Waru Doyong hill, it can accommodate about 20 tents facing each other with notes attached. Don't forget to flatten the bumpy and uneven areas first so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed.

Camping spot Waru Doyong Brebes - Foto by Zaenal Studio Blok M
Camping spot Waru Doyong Brebes - Foto by Zaenal BLOK M Studio

In addition, the existence of spring makes camping on Waru Doyong hill even more fun and safe for drinking and cooking supplies. You can also make a bonfire by collecting tree branches around Waru Doyong hill.

But remember, don't take it carelessly, let alone take it from the residents' fields. So it's better to bring firewood from home if you want to make a bonfire to warm the body when camping. Oh, one more thing, don't leave it to sleep when the bonfire is still burning, I'm afraid there will be fires and unwanted things.

Residents say that you have to be careful when you want to camp on the Waru Doyong hill. Because sometimes there are pigs at night. But when the Jelajah Lagi team was camping there, there wasn't a single pig to be seen. Maybe because there are some of our friends who are literate while warming up by making a bonfire plus a full moon that shines brightly. So that made the Pig reluctant to greet us who were camping cheerfully.

It's just that when we arrived at Bukit Waru Doyong around 4 pm, we could smell incensed when we were setting up the spot for the tent. But the smell is only for a moment and after that, it disappears with the valley breeze that continues to accompany us throughout the night.

So, those are some of the attractions and photo spots on the hills of Waru Doyong, Cipetung, Paguyangan, Brebes which are like replicas of Veslandet in Norway. Anyway, the good news is that it's FREE to camp or play at Bukit Waru Doyong! because until now there has been no manager from either the Cipetung village or the Tourism office. However, if it is crowded, it is not impossible that in the future Waru Doyong Hill will become an official tourist spot.

Redaksi Jelajah Lagi

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