These 7 Beautiful Beaches Are In Central Java, Indonesia, When Do You Want To Go There?

 7 Pantai Terbaik di Jawa Tengah - Foto IG tofikcahyanto

Central Java does have a million charms, especially for mountain climbers. Because it has a mountain that can be climbed and everything is gathered in one area, namely the Dieng Wonosobo highlands. And of course, in this highland, there is Mount Prau which is the mountain with the best sunrise in Indonesia, even Southeast Asia. But not only the beauty of the mountains and the Dieng plateau that you can enjoy. Beach children can also be pampered with the beauty of some of the beaches in Central Java.

Several beautiful beaches with a million beauties are scattered in the southern and northern parts of Central Java. If there is no beach in the middle, there is a cluster of towering mountains starting from Mount Lawu which is at the eastern end of Central Java to Mount Slamet, the roof of Central Java in the west. So, let's talk about 7 beautiful and exotic beaches that you must visit when you go to Central Java.

1. Menganti Beach, Kebumen

People say you don't have to go all the way to New Zealand to enjoy the beautiful beaches surrounded by green hills. You just need to go to Kebumen, to be precise, to Karangduwur Village, Ayah District (not mother). Because there you will find beautiful and exotic beaches like in New Zealand but the Indonesian version is Menganti Beach.

Pantai Menganti, Kebumen - Foto @yanuarwicaksonoo
Pantai Menganti, Kebumen - Foto @yanuarwicaksonoo

But to get to this beach you have to be mentally prepared, especially your vehicle. Because you will be tested with winding roads and up and down hills with a slope that can make your heartbeat fast like riding a roller coaster. But calm down, everything will pay off once you get to Menganti Beach.

This beach is indeed very famous, especially among beach children, and has always been the main destination to be enjoyed while on vacation and is on the list of beaches that must be visited when visiting Central Java. At Menganti Beach you will be treated to beautiful views of the beach and the smell of the sea surrounded by green hills accompanied by neatly arranged fishing boats. Coupled with enjoying fresh seafood from the fishermen's results, you will fall in love with this beach even more.

2. Bopong Beach, Kebumen

Kebumen Regency is indeed a paradise for beach tourism in the Central Java region because there are so many beaches here. Now, after going to Menganti beach, you must also visit Bopong Beach, which is in Surorejan Village, Puring District, Kebumen.

Laguna Pantai Bopong Puring, Kebumen - Foto
Laguna Pantai Bopong Puring, Kebumen - Foto

Indeed, when we come to Bopong Beach, we will be treated to views of the beach like the general pad. But wait, it turns out that here you can find a beautiful lagoon not far from the beach.

This lagoon is formed from the snaking flow of river water and forms a beautiful mini island and of course very interesting. The lagoon on Bopong beach is so beautiful that it can make your cellphone memory full of logh with photos of you set on a small green island on the beach. Anyway, it's very instagramable.

3. Pecaron Beach, Kebumen

If this one beach is really suitable for you orphans who like silence and calm but have a beautiful panorama. Pecaron Beach is indeed a hidden paradise in Kebumen because this beautiful beach is still rarely visited by tourists because of its somewhat hidden location and fairly difficult access.

Pantai Pecaron, Kebumen - Foto @khol_hilmy
Pantai Pecaron, Kebumen - Foto @khol_hilmy

So on this beach, you can enjoy your own time in peace while accompanied by the roar of the rolling waves chasing each other. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the splashing water of the river that empties into this beach as well as the beautiful view of green hills and lined coconut trees. To get to Pecaron Beach you can come to Srati Village, Ayah District via the route to Menganti Beach.

4. Karang Pandan Beach, Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap

Hearing the word Nusa Kambangan, indeed everyone will immediately think it is a scary prison island and contains high-class criminals. However, it turns out that on the island that was wrong or where the strictest prison was built in Indonesia, there is a beach that is so exotic.

Pantai Karang Pandan, Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap - Foto @kinghafizm
Pantai Karang Pandan, Nusa Kambangan, Cilacap - Foto @kinghafizm

Karang Pandan Beach on this island is indeed a beautiful beach and must be visited by beach children. This white sandy beach which is located in the east of Nusa Kambangan Island has a beautiful panorama. Coupled with the presence of two coral islands called Majethi Island adds to the beautiful scenery of this beach.

In addition, this beach is still rarely visited by tourists so you can freely enjoy the beauty and beautiful atmosphere of Karang Pandan Beach. And on this beach, it is also often used as a place to make offerings at sea alms ceremonies. So if you go there to coincide with the ceremony, it is not impossible that you will witness the ceremony of banning offerings on this beach.

5.  Nampu Beach, Wonogiri

From the southwestern tip of Central Java, we turn back to the south-eastern tip of Central Java, namely to Wonogiri. Because there is Nampu Beach which has a beauty that is still clean and natural and which is beautiful. This white sandy beach is equipped with a cluster of rocks on the shoreline that manages to captivate the eyes of anyone who visits there.

Pantai Nampu, Wonogiri - Foto @a.budi__
Pantai Nampu, Wonogiri - Foto @a.budi__

You can enjoy the beautiful panorama and also the waves that are broken by the rocks and produce beautiful white foam. If you are not satisfied all day playing on this beach, you can also set up tents and camp in the hills around the beach and enjoy the beautiful night on Nampu beach.

6. Pulau Panjang Beach, Jepara

From the south coast, we now turn to the north coast of Central Java, this time we stop at the Long Island beach in Jepara. Panjang Island itself is an island that has an area of about 19 hectares and has a distance of about 2.5 km from the coast of Jepara.

Pantai Pulau Panjang - foto reddoorz
Pantai Pulau Panjang - foto reddoorz

To reach Panjang Island you can take a boat from Bandengan Beach or Kartini Beach for approximately 10 minutes. After arriving at Panjang Island, you will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and exotic beaches on the island. In addition, the clear sea water allows you to see the panoramic view of the sea without having to dive and snorkel. Plus the calm waves allow you to freely enjoy this beach and swim to your heart's content.

7. Karang Jahe Beach, Rembang

A bit east of Jepara, you can find a beach with a stunning panorama not far from the northern coastline. The name is Karang Jahe beach which is located at KM 7.5 Jalan Rembang - Lasem, precisely in the village of Punjulharjo, Rembang.

Pantai Karang Jahe, Rembang - Foto
Pantai Karang Jahe, Rembang - Foto

This beach has white sand combined with a shady pine forest along the coast. With so many pine trees, of course, this beach is very shady and makes the atmosphere comfortable even though it is close to the coastline.

Not only the view of the pine forest and white sand, but Karang Jahe beach also offers an underwater view that you should not miss. Because you can enjoy a variety of beautiful coral reefs in this place, of course, you have to dive.

So, those are 7 beaches that you must visit if you play in Central Java and include it in one of your holiday lists. And keep being a good and wise visitor by not littering and damaging the facilities on the beaches above. To stay sustainable and beautiful and beautiful and keep the beach clean, yes.

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