The Mrapen Eternal Flame Comes Back to Life! And Here Are 5 Eternal Fire Tours in Indonesia

Api Abadi Mrapen - Foto Instagram apiabadimrapen

Who has ever seen the phenomenon of eternal fire? Those are the flames that appear on the surface of the ground that doesn't go out so that they are called eternal flames. If you haven't, that means you have to come to 5 places in Indonesia to see the natural eternal flames.

Then what is an eternal flame? The eternal fire itself is a natural geological phenomenon where there is natural gas that flows out of the ground which ignites the fire. So that it creates a fire that never goes out even when the rain pours, that's why it's called an eternal fire.

This eternal fire is often used to light the torch of sporting events as a symbol of the never-ending struggle. Not to cause a fuss huh, eh. And the phenomenon of eternal fire in Indonesia itself occurs in various places and here are 5 locations of eternal fire in Indonesia that you can visit.

1. Api Abadi Mrapen - Grobogan

Located in Manggarmas Village, Godong District, Grobogan, The Mrapen Eternal Flame is one of the legendary eternal flames in Indonesia. Even the Mrapen Eternal Flame has also witnessed several historical events. Because some of these historical events took the source of the fire in this Mrapen Eternal Flame complex.

Api abadi yang ada di Indonesia - Foto Dokumentasi Genpi Jateng
Api abadi yang ada di Indonesia - Foto Dokumentasi Genpi Jateng

Some of them are the Genefo I International Games on November 1, 1963, making the Mrapen Eternal Flame the torch igniter for the international sports party. Then the ASIAN GAMES 2018 grand event took fire from the Mrapen Eternal Flame complex too.

Then the Mrapen Eternal Flame also ignited the torch for the National Sports Week (PON) starting from PON X in 1981, then POR PWI in 1983, and HAORNAS (National Sports Day). In addition, the Mrapen Eternal Flame has also been used to light the torch of Vesak, which is a Buddhist holy day.

But unfortunately in September 2020, the Mrapen Eternal Flame went out after previously the flames had decreased for a week. This was triggered by people drilling for gas illegally so that the Mrapen Eternal Flame went out.

To restore and maintain the existence of the Mrapen Eternal Flame, a team from the Central Java ESDM Service and geologists were deployed to make efforts to revive this legendary eternal fire. & nbsp;

Using soil resistivity (geoelectric) which is a tool for measuring the soil layer that displays traps or The natural gas pathway displayed with the results of this three-dimensional image, the Central Java ESDM team and geologists conducted a study to find gas points.

For six months, the Central Java ESDM team and geologists managed to find a large gas spot at a depth of 42 meters. From this point, the team will distribute natural gas using a pipe to the site of the Mrapen Eternal Flame. After previously cleaning one of the boreholes because it was noted to have a higher pressure. So that the reservoir is clean and the natural gas flows strongly to a drilling point and then flows to the Mrapen Abadi Api complex.

And finally, the Mrapen Eternal Flame was successfully lit again on April 20, 2021. The re-ignition of the Mrapen Eternal Flame which had been extinguished was carried out by the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo. He made a small run while carrying a torch before finally igniting and re-igniting the Mrapen Eternal Flame.

Penyalaan kembali Api Abadi Mrapen oleh Gubernur Jawa Tengah, Ganjar Pranowo - Foto dokumentasi Genpi Jateng
The restart of the Mrapen Abadi Api by the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo - Photo of Genpi Central Java

"Alhamdulillah, the Mrapen Eternal Fire is back eternal," said Ganjar after lighting the Mrapen Eternal Flame furnace.

The Head of the Central Java Energy and Mineral Resources Agency also emphasized to the community around the Mrapen Abadi Api complex not to carry out drilling without permission to avoid re-extinguishing the fire. immortal, which has become an icon of Grobogan Regency.

2. Kayangan Api - Bojonegoro

Kayangan Api is an eternal flame that resides in the protected forest area of Sendangharjo Village, Ngasem District, Bojonegoro. Just like the Mrapen Eternal Flame, this Khayangan Api also occurs because of the flow of natural gas that comes out of the earth's surface and ignites a fire. So that it creates an eternal fire or a fire that never goes out even if the rain pours.

Kayangan Api Bojonegoro - Foto Instagram widya_prasetya27
Kayangan Api Bojonegoro - Foto Instagram widya_prasetya27

Kayangan Api is still considered sacred by local people because it is believed that this Kayangan Api is the dwelling place of Mbah Kriyo Kusumo or better known as Mpu Supa or Mbah Pandhe during the Majapahit Kingdom era.

Mbah Kriyo Kusumo himself is a maker of agricultural tools and heirlooms such as kris, spears, Kendrick, and others. This is because to the west of the Khayanga Api fire source there is a mud puddle that smells of sulfur which is believed to be the place where Mbah Kriyo Kusumo carries out his activities making agricultural equipment and heirlooms.

The surrounding community also still considers this sacred Khayangan Api, where the fire can only be taken if there is an important ceremony. Like the Jumenengan Ngarsodalem Hamengkubuwono X ceremony in the past.

Even for taking fire in Khayangan Api must also fulfill several requirements, namely salvation / wilujengan and tayuban by using the gending that Mbah Kriyo Kusumo likes, namely eling-eling, wani-wani, and gunungsari gending.

When the song is sung and danced by Waranggono (singer / Sinden) then it cannot be accompanied by anyone.

3. Api Abadi Sungai Siring - Samarinda

Api Abadi Sungai Siring is located in Bambu Kuning sub-village Sungai Siring, North Samarinda, Samarinda City, East Kalimantan. And Api Abadi Sungai Siring is a phenomenon of eternal fire that exists outside the island of Java.

Api abadi - foto instagram hendraguswandi
Api abadi - foto instagram hendraguswandi

Like the Api Abadi Mrapen, Api Abadi Sungai Siring was also used to ignite the torch for the 2008 National Sports Week (PON) XVII held in East Kalimantan.

4. Api Yang Tak Kunjung Padam - Pamekasan, Madura

As the name suggests Api doesn't go out, it doesn't want to be extinguished, aka eternal fire. Located in Larangan Tokol Village, Tlanakan Subdistrict, Pamekasan, Madura, it is still burning despite the heavy rain.

Api Yang Tak Pernah Padam Pamekasan, Madura - foto VIVIN AGUSTIN HARTONO Radar Madura id
Api Yang Tak Pernah Padam Pamekasan, Madura - foto VIVIN AGUSTIN HARTONO Radar Madura id

Api yang Tak Kunjung Padam, which the local people call it Dhangka, has a magical story. Where the emergence of Dhangka or the never-ending fire is closely related to the legendary story of Ki Moko.

Ki Moko himself is a traveler and propagator of Islam in Pamekasan Madura who has extraordinary powers. Real name Raden Wignyo Kenongo, Ki Moko lives very simply and becomes a fish hunter.

It was said that at that time Ki Moko was worried because the King of Palembang would come to his residence. This is because Ki Moko succeeded in curing the princess's disease. Ki Moko sent an offering in the form of "bung bung" or bamboo bumbung which he filled with fish eyes to the King via a messenger.

But the Princess was shocked and amazed because the flower, which originally contained a priceless fish eye, suddenly turned into a diamond and diamond jewel. The surprise, surprise, and joy made the Princess instantly recover from her illness.

After the Princess recovered, the King intended to repay her by giving her daughter to marry Ki Moko. Hearing the news, Ki Moko rejoiced and prepared a way to be able to treat the King's entourage as well as possible.

Ki Moko had prepared everything to welcome the king's entourage. But one thing that hasn't been fulfilled is the lack of lighting. Where it takes fire as a light source.

Ki Moko's worries are getting more pronounced after hearing that the King's entourage would soon arrive. Finally, Ki Moko meditated and sought guidance and help from the Almighty. After rehearing, Ki Moko then sticks his stick into the ground, and suddenly it creates a palace building, a spring, and sparks.

The King's entourage arrived and presented a chest to Ki Moko to repay his services. And after opening it, it turns out that in the chest there is the beautiful Princess of the King. The princess is named Siti Suminten, who was given to Ki Moko as a wife.

Ki Moko and the Princess finally got married and after the wedding ceremony was over all the magic of the palace building and the spring disappeared. But what remained was the flames that did not go away. Seeing this incident, Ki Moko approached the fire and told him to return to where he belonged. Miraculously the fire also said to Ki Moko, "Let me stay here to accompany all your children and grandchildren until the end of their lives."

And finally, the flames continued to burn until now and became the Fire that Never Disappeared. Now the location of the eternal fire is surrounded by a yellow fence and there are two places where the eternal fire is burning. Namely, the first one is a place frequented by tourists, and this place is called Apoy Lake (Male fire). And another one is right near the entrance in the middle of the rice fields and at this point, it is often called Apoy Bini (female fire).

5. Blue Fire - Kawah Ijen, Banyuwangi

Who doesn't know the blue fire in Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi, East Java. This beautiful blue fire phenomenon in the Kawah Ijen is indeed one of the main destinations for travelers when visiting Banyuwangi.

Blue fire Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi - foto instagram claudiarayagarcia
Blue fire Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi - foto instagram claudiarayagarcia

The best time to enjoy the blue fire of Ijen Crater is around 2 to 4 in the morning. Because blue fire can only be seen with the human eye when there is no sunlight. After that, we can enjoy the sunrise or sunrise at the eastern end of the island of Java with beautiful views of several mountain peaks in the Ijen mountains such as Marapi Peak, Raung Mountain, Suket Mountain, and Gunung Rante.

The eternal blue fire phenomenon turns out that there are only two tablets in the world, and apart from the Kawah Ijen the other is on the mountain. Dallol in Ethiopia you know. So it is very fortunate that we in Indonesia have one of the blue fires in the world.

But there is one thing that tickles me about the fact that I discovered while doing research on the internet about 2 blue fires in the world. Where on Google search it appears that there is only two blue fire in the world, namely in the Kawah Ijen and in Iceland. However, after doing a search with the keyword blue fire Iceland, no one has appeared on a website page that specifically discusses blue fire in the country. And finally, I found a unique article from Tour Banyuwangi entitled Hoax info Blue Fire Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi...? written by Bachtiar Djanan M. Where the article discusses misinformation that was spread about 2 blue fires in this world. As well as the search conducted by the author to prove the fact that there are 2 blue fires in the world.

And finally, after reading the article I wrote that the second blue fire in the world is in Ethiopia, namely Mount Dallol, not in Iceland. Then the info at wikipedia also explained that the second blue fire was on Mount Dallol, Ethiopia.

But when you search on Google, it appears blue fire Kawah Ijen and Iceland, and this information is even used by major national media which are said to prioritize professionalism. But the accuracy of the information about blue fire in Iceland is completely wrong. For complete information, please read the article from the Banyuwangi tour above which is explained clearly and very clearly.

So those are the 5 eternal fires in Indonesia where they will never go out even though the heavy rains have flushed. Indeed, the phenomenon of natural gas emitting and generating this fire is very much happening, but sometimes it only lasts a few days and is different from the five eternal flames which are still burning after going through several years or even hundreds of years.

How have you visited any of the five lists above? Hopefully, those who visit eternal fire with their love partners will be eternal with their partners like eternal fire. And for those who are single, hopefully, their singles will also be eternal, eh that means they can burn their love and enthusiasm not to give up in seeking and finding their soul mate like an eternal flame that will not go out when the rain pours.

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