The Mystical Story of Mount Ciremai, 2 Meetings of Mysterious Climbers Until the Terrible Descent


Mount Ciremai, nicknamed "The Roof of West Java", does have its charm that is no less beautiful. But behind the beauty of the mountain with an altitude of 3078 MDPL, it also keeps many mystery stories.

Some even say that Mount Ciremai has a demon kingdom and a gathering place for dedemites. So that in the community it develops into horror stories that have been experienced by both the people around Mount Ciremai and the climbers.

And this time I will tell you about the story of my second climb to Mount Ciremai via the Palutungan hiking trail, Kuningan. Which in my opinion is very different and full of mystery and some incidents that make the hair stand on end.

Our initial plan was to climb Mount Ciremai via Apuy after receiving information that the climb was reopened after it was closed due to the Covid 19 outbreak. However, until 3 days before departure, we received information that the Apuy route was only open to climbers with Majalengka ID cards.

Because of that, we finally decided to go through the Manger path which has been opened to climbers from outside the Kuningan and Majalengka areas. On the day of the event, we finally gathered at one of Kang Rain's acquaintances in Kuningan. After completing all 10 people, we immediately step on the gas to the base camp of Palutungan.

During the trip to the base camp, we were shown a rare view of Mount Ciremai with the initial hood on it. What a beautiful and enchanting sight and makes us stop by the side of the road and then capture it with the camera. Of course, while buying logistics that are still lacking to carry.

But although it is beautiful at the top of Ciremai there may be a storm. Whether it's a storm, wind or rain, because these clouds are very dangerous, especially if you are in them.

After registering and checking our belongings we start climbing around 9.30 am (29 August 2020). The group consisted of 10 people consisting of 6 men (I am JL from Brebes, Kang Rain from Bandung, Haidar from Cirebon and Asbo, Kiki and Fahmi from Subang) and 4 female climbers (Intan tea, Nurul tea, Resti tea and Liana tea which are all from Bandung).

As usual, I always carry a camera to record every climb. Indeed, the plan for climbing this time I will make video documentation. While holding a decent little bit I kept pointing to the camera and recording every moment of the climb.

Arriving at post 1 Cigowong, approximately at noon around 12.00. Here we rest long enough to refill water as well as pray Dzuhur. Around 1 o'clock we start to climb and start from here some strange occurrences start to occur.

When heading to post 2 I recorded video footage through the camera where there was a fallen tree blocking the hiking trail. Because I think it is a moment that must be immortalized so that the video becomes more exciting. When I pressed the record button, I felt something uncomfortable in my heart when I pointed the camera at Resti's tea, which was passing through the large tree that had fallen, followed by Kiki who was at the very back. Because of this feeling, I hurriedly ended the recording and turned off the camera.

After that suddenly a fairly thick fog descended and blocked the visibility. We took a break for a moment and after the fog got thinner we continued our journey. Indeed, the atmosphere of the climb at that time was very quiet, different from when I climbed Mount Ciremai for the first time, which was quite crowded.

Maybe this is an effect because it just opened after being closed due to covid 19 and also the climbing quota limitation. In addition, from outside Kuningan and Majalengka, they must attach a Covid-free letter so that the climbers discourage their intentions.

After post 3 the group split into 2 where 4 people were in the front group and 6 people were in the rear group. This is where a strange thing happened to my camera which suddenly couldn't record video. Then I tried to remove the battery and put it in again and try to record but it still didn't work. Plus the battery indicator suddenly fluctuates.

At that time I thought maybe the cold foggy weather conditions affected the battery. Finally, when I arrived at post 4, I immediately put the camera in my bag and took off the battery. 

Meanwhile, the first group that arrived at post 4 had already boiled warm water and instant noodles. Here we also stop for a moment with another group who is also cooking for lunch.

The fog was still falling and the atmosphere was so quiet. We had time to meet climbers who were descending, he said, above strong winds and storms. Not only that, but the Mount Ciremai Ranger also previously said that conditions at the peak of the wind were strong, so if you want to do a summit, you have to be careful.

We continued our hike and finally arrived at Pos 6 Pesanggrahan, which is where we camped. As usual, we immediately set up tents, cook dinner, and chat while enjoying black coffee in the cold air that reaches 10 degrees.

After dinner together we start getting ready to take a break because our plan will start at the summit around 2 in the morning. In the Pos 6 camp area, there are only a few groups of climbers who can be counted on fingers. It's not as full as it was when I first climbed Ciremai in August. Even then we didn't get a place at post 6 because it was full. That made us at that time have to camp up a little from post 6 on a rather roomy ground on the edge of the hiking trail which only fits about 7 tents.

The night sky was getting darker and the sound of the strong wind hitting the trees made the atmosphere tense. Just entered SB and closed his eyes the atmosphere of the post 5 camp area suddenly crowded. It turned out that a Bagas (ferocious pig) attacked one of the group's tents from Bogor. Luckily there are still rangers on guard at Pos 6 so even pigs can be kicked out of their tents.

But it turned out that this did not last long, about 1 hour later the Bagas made a scene again at the post 5 camp area. And again they targeted the hiker's tent from Bogor. They and the rangers who were on guard tried to get rid of the Bagas while making sounds from nesting and cooking utensils.

 Whereas before, when I checked the ticket, I was reminded to hang up the food and garbage logistics when going to bed because many Bagas like to stay in touch. Around 10 pm it was quiet again and I continued to sleep, waking up because of the incident.

Nearing midnight suddenly there was the sound of Bagas sniffing near our tent. In shock, I immediately woke Asbo up and said there was a pig outside. While on guard, Bagas was afraid of knocking over the tent and disturbing the women's tent, I tried to peek out of the tent. Luckily Bagas just passed by and didn't attack our tent.

Finally, I can calm down and go to sleep again. But as usual, when I was on the mountain I slept not soundly and only slept where I wake up every hour. Yes, I sleep like that when I go up the mountain.

And finally, at 2 o'clock I tried to wake up Kang Rain and the others but they were really hard to get up. Maybe because the outside temperature is so cold and the sound of strong winds is gripping. In the end, it just woke up at 3 o'clock because the women's tent was already awake and immediately asked, so is it a summit or not? It's 3 o'clock.

After getting ready and making water warm and eat some snacks we are getting ready for a summit attack to the top of the roof of West Java. Before leaving, we prayed together and this time a group of neighboring tents also took part in a summit with us. At 3:30 a.m., accompanied by cold air and the sound of trees in the wind, we started our summit attack.

On the way, Haidar suddenly gave up and wanted to go back to the tent because he was not feeling well. Even though it has been running for about 1 hour. This incident also reminded me of the first ascent to Ciremai. Where the incident happened, one of the members of the group gave up in the middle of the road and asked to return to the tent.

In short, a beautiful distinctive golden light begins to appear. Unfortunately, when the sunrise began to appear, we were still on the hiking trail to be precise at the Apuy Simpang. After struggling while crawling a little, he finally arrived at the last post of Swallow Cave. We stopped for a long time at Goa Swallow because we were waiting for a complete group. After all, there were some left below.

While waiting I pulled out the camera and took some distinctive landscape portraits. Luckily the camera was still on and recording video because the incident between post 2 made my camera error. But soon, my full camera battery immediately dropped and there was only one bar left and I could no longer take pictures even though there was no sign of the battery running out of charge.

Finally, I took the spare battery to replace it. But my camera returned an error where when I replaced the battery the power indicator was still full, but when I just took a photo, it immediately dropped and I couldn't take any more pictures. I immediately shook my head, why the camera. Whereas in the past, it was still safe to bring even one battery to Ciremai, even after returning home, there was still one bar left. At that time I thought maybe because the battery was cold it finally got an error and quickly dropped like that.

After the group is complete, then we will continue the summit and arrive at the peak around half past 8 where the sun is already so hot. Arriving at the top, we were immediately greeted with strong winds, luckily the weather was bright and shaking blaring.

After satisfying the photos at the top finally around 10.30 we go down. On this descent, we divided into 2 groups, namely the first group who came down first to cook and also tidy up the tents. Meanwhile, group two continued to descend, but at a relaxed pace. Understandably, because in the second group, most of them are mothers. Teh Rest, Teh Liana, and Teh Nurul for a relaxing walk especially when going down. I and Fahmi are also in group 2 for starters and backups of these ladies.

It was during this summit that a strange incident occurred again in our group. First, the red bees continued to approach us from Pos 6 Sanghyang Ropoh. The bee kept flying near us, especially near Resti tea. Even though sometimes it flies away but soon it comes back again.

Even though usually in Ciremai we will be approached by black bees on the hiking trail. And the local people said that the black bee should not be disturbed or expelled because they believe that the black bee is the incarnation of a soldier.

This time, the black bee was completely invisible from both the ascent and descent and the one that came frequently was the slimmer red bee. Whether he is also the incarnation of warriors from the unseen kingdom on Mount Ciremai or not. But what is clear is that he seems to replace the role of the black bee.

Not only the red bees but there are also other oddities that I felt during the trip to the summit. Precisely after passing through the Old Pesanggrahan Post. There we met some climbers who were cooking after descending from the top. But after passing them suddenly there was a man following us behind.

Surprisingly, he was not like the other climbers who greeted him. We stop he comes to stop, we walk he follows the road. But when I looked closely, he always looked away. As if I didn't want to look at me even though I was at the front and he was right behind Fahmi who was behind.

At that time we were walking very slowly, but strangely he didn't want to overtake us. If an ordinary hiker, he will overtake or at least ask which group to go down together.

I thought that he was one of the groups who camped at the old Pesanggrahan post and wanted to find a spot to defecate. But that thought was refuted because he followed us for a long time and he was far from the old Pesanggrahan post.

When the Dzuhur call to prayer is heard, we stop the journey for a moment until the call to prayer is over and the mysterious man also follows us, pausing for a moment. But he still looked away when I looked.

After the Dzuhur adhan after we start moving again along the climbing route. But when I looked back it turned out that the mysterious man was no longer visible.

I also had time to ask Fahmi who was behind asking about this mysterious man. But Fahmi said she was weird and her feelings were a bit strange with the man.

Finally, shortly thereafter arrived at Pos 6 Pesanggrahan and we started preparing lunch and unloading tents, and packing to get off. After lunch and packing, we pray together and start going downstairs.

During the trip down there were also some strange incidents where I saw roots on the edge of the hiking trail that resembled the face of a child or a doll. And I think it might be due to the effects of the fog that is starting to fall and also the feeling of being tired. But when I look again at the roots it seems in my heart that there is something other than human.

Not only is the root right in the derivative before arriving at Post 4, I saw a small fallen tree resembling a dragon's head. At first, it was normal, maybe just a brief vision. However, when you look closely, it looks very similar to the head of a dragon or snake.

Even though when I was climbing I did not see the wood whose tip was like the dragon's head. I even watched until where the wooden tip of the dragon's head was. And strangely it is only a small tree and its size is like the body of a python only slightly bigger. The tree fell and hit the hiking trail, but the tip instead curved upwards like a cobra, which at the ends resembled the head of a dragon or snake.

Seeing him made the hairs of my neck stand up because he was afraid when we passed, he looked like a snake. I also remember when I climbed first and when I passed by the bee I felt someone was watching and looking from the bushes to the left (when going down).

It turned out that the oddities didn't stop there. Now, it was Intan tea's turn to experience this between post 2 and post 1. He told me that when he wanted to go to the toilet and post 1 was close. He entrusted his keril to Kiki and immediately ran to post 1. Even Kki who was guarding him was left behind. But he said that suddenly he was intercepted by something black and passed across the lane in front of him. Shocked and afraid of the tea, Intan immediately turned around and ran up again until she met Kiki. When I met him at tea post 1, Intan said that he saw a pig passing by when he was running. 

Arrived at Pos 1 around 4 pm and took a short break and prayed too. But there we broke into 2 groups where Kang Rain, Asbo, Fahmi, and Haidar went down first carrying 2 small women's bags.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Intan tea soon caught up with them to get off. As usual, Kiki brought 2 pieces of tea because the Intan tea was very tired. And I am still waiting for Nurul Tea, Resti Tea, and Liana prayer tea. After the prayers were finished, to be precise around half past 4:15 in the afternoon we continued our journey. At that time in the post, only our group and a group of climbers from Bogor and a group of climbers from Tangerang, and 2 new trail runners arrived at Post 1.

Because the legs are getting tired, the journey down to basecamp is getting slower. To the point that on the way we were overtaken by a group from Bogor. However, things started happening again when we arrived at the Curug route. At that time I was so tired that I brought 2 keros I sat on the track for a while and drank. But suddenly my feeling from the bottom of the waterfall to be precise in the back was like someone was watching. But after I looked there was no one there, only the atmosphere was getting darker because it was getting to dawn.

After being left behind and separated from the Bogor group as well as being overtaken by the Tangerang group because the road was slowing down. Understandably, the 3 mothers in front of me were very tired and even said that their legs didn't feel anymore, aka numb. So the steps cannot be far or wide anymore.

So that in the middle Maghrib Adhan's journey was heard and we decided to stop for a moment until the call to prayer is over. But before the maghrib call to prayer reverberates, as if followed by a langur jumping from a tree above the hiking trail. Not only that, the monkey has followed us since walking under the pine forest near Post 1.

But after the Maghrib call to prayer, the monkey who was right above us suddenly left. We continued our journey after the Maghrib call to prayer was finished accompanied by the dark sky. At that time, the journey was only halfway between post 1 to the jungle gate or the langur gate, the path of the manager.

After crossing the intersection between the hiking trail and the evacuation route I suddenly felt that something was behind us. Deg! in my heart and reflexively coupled with anxiety I immediately looked back and found that there was no one. Shortly two trial runner climbers appeared at the intersection of the evacuation route. Seeing these two people makes my heart suddenly calm and a little relieved because we are not the last group.

The two trial runner climbers choose an evacuation route that is next to the route we are following. And soon we were overtaken because of the difference in pace. I also told Teh Nurul who was at the front to turn and take the same route as the two trial runner climbers so that there was a friend. And coincidentally there is a path that connects the evacuation route and the climbing route.

After everything turned and I turned suddenly there was the sound of shoes and climbing bells that sounded from behind us. And it turned out that I saw a male climber with a black bag and carrying a kuwali and other equipment that he hung on the keril. He is alone and strangely I can see that his face looks gored and his body looks like a glowing whitish light.

At that time I felt something was wrong with the climber and when we took the turn he remained straight. Then suddenly after passing the tree in front of him he no longer seemed like he had disappeared somewhere. This was also felt and seen by Teh Nurul who was at the forefront if the climber disappeared after passing the tree.
From there I became more anxious and a little more alert, considering that Mount Ciremai itself has a lot of mysteries. And soon we will no longer be able to see the two trial runner climbers who have left us far away. 

The sky is getting darker and the tall trees and shrubs on the right and left of the path make the atmosphere even tenser. Our journey was getting slower because Nurul Tea at the front had no lighting. After all, I was the only one who brought the headlamp. And I illuminated the path from the very back.

Then suddenly Nurul's tea fell as if someone was blocking her steps on the path under the pine trees and shrubs. After a short break and I also asked those whose cellphones were still on, please use them for lighting in front because there was no way I would be in front to be a guide.

After that, the journey was continued with the sky getting darker and darker, accompanied by an increasingly tense feeling. We walk among the flower bushes that cover both sides of the path. The atmosphere got tense again after I heard a "crackle crack" sound like something was passing through the bush from the left side to the right side right behind me.

At first, I thought the sound was the sound of pants scraping with flower bushes covering the path. However, my voice and the sensors of my heart caught the sound splitting the path plus the sound was about 2 meters behind me.

After that voice, the atmosphere became tenser plus my thoughts were everywhere and guessing what had just passed behind it. If you want to look back later, it will make the front one even more worried.

In the end, I just wondered what was passing by what a langur was, but it was impossible because the sound was under the bush. If a pig is not possible because he is the way he must follow the path. And most likely just a panther or something similar.

Because it led me there I kept on praying and telling everyone to hasten the song because it was getting darker. And it turns out that not only me who experienced it, Nurul Tea also said he saw something in the ravine on our left that seemed to follow us.

Anyway, the atmosphere at that time was very tense plus I backed up 3 women while carrying 2 keril front and back. What is certain is that if anything happens it will be difficult to move. It was so gripping that I thought that it was true that the crackling sound behind me was a panther or the like that was following us. I also thought that if he attacked I would have been the first to be attacked and at that time maybe I would have ordered the others to run. But hopefully, my guess is wrong and only a harmless animal will pass by.

The longer we finally arrive at a hut that is tenser and as if someone is looking at us from the direction of the hut. It was around 7 in the evening before the call to prayer. After passing the hut, I felt a little relieved to live down the rock track and then I arrived at the Ipukan pine forest. However, Teh Nurul who was in front asked, "Is this the correct path?"

I replied," That's right, just continue. " Shortly thereafter, about 5 minutes of walking, Teh Nurul asked the same question again. And this time he added, "How come the route is different from when we went up, huh?" Finally, I confirmed that this was the right path to go down and I clearly remember this path. Besides that, it is not the first time I have taken this path but the second time so it is clear in my mind that it is the right path to descend.

And finally arrived at the path of the rocky descent which indicates it's time to change paths to the big path in Ipukan pine forest. But suddenly Resti Tea fell while descending this rock incline. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt, it just seemed like she was tired. The tense atmosphere is getting worse because it is close to the door of the jungle and the path that is passed is very large and wide and not too dark anymore. As if free from worrying about crackling sounds that happened before.

It has only been running for a while the Isha call to prayer echoes and as usual, we stop for a moment waiting for the call to prayer to finish while resting. During the break, the feeling of gripping is somewhat lessened and the path is slightly open and wide.

We continue the journey with the remaining energy to immediately get to the basecamp. Even though the path was wide and no longer lush, I felt as if I was walking in a gate. Because in the bushes on the right and left of the path there are always dark black spots where there are lots of fireflies flying around the black and dark spots.

If I feel like a guard, but he doesn't bother me, I just stay quiet watching us walk. And not only one or 2 dark black spots with the fireflies but there are more than 10 spots there and they are paired with each other on the left and right. While walking, I keep reading the prayer and the verse of the chair alternately since the sky was getting dark.

Finally, after 15 minutes of walking, we arrived at a small hut which is a checkpoint for climbing tickets. But there was no one there even though I hoped there was one of the rangers there. We continued our steps and I know we will only be arriving at the langur gate or jungle gate.

But when it was close to the turn, suddenly there were sounds like the roar of animals from the abyss to our right. At that time the atmosphere turned a little tense again and I said again to speed up the steps. 

While on the descending path where the jungle door was getting closer, suddenly there was a scream from the direction of the Lutung gate calling me. And it turned out to be Diamond Tea that had arrived at the Lutung gate first. Instantly my heart calms down because we meet another person.

When we arrive at the Lutung gate or the jungle gate, we take a short break to unwind. And of course, sharing the gripping stories we just experienced. Besides that, Teh Intan and Kiki were deliberately waiting for us at the door of the jungle because they were worried. Where the two of them also felt a strange thing when it came down when it was getting dark.

Even asking every hiker who descends about the four of us. And finally, I also asked earlier, was there a climber who was alone wearing a black keril and brought the kwali (mysterious climber) on the keril or not? The last time they said Teh Intan was that they only met two trial runner climbers who came running down. After that, there is nobody left until we get there.

Apart from that, Teh Intan also told me that a group of climbers from Bogor lost one of their friends. But it turned out that after arriving at the basecamp, the group from Bogor was complete and was again delicious to eat meatballs.

At the base camp, the four of us also talked about tense things during the climb and especially when going down the mountain and staying overnight on the hiking trail. And it turned out that the first group that came down (Kang Rain, Asbo, Fahmi, and Haidar) did not experience any strange events because they arrived at the basecamp in Palutungan.

After the checkout report and garbage inspection and take 1 portion of food per person. We left the basecamp and gathered at Kang Rain's friend, Teh Eno (forgot whose name was called Eno Tea) who was in Kuningan town.

As a brass, of course, Teh Eno already knows how Mount Ciremai and the mysteries that lie in it. That's why at 5 o'clock we haven't arrived at the basecamp in Palutungan, something must have happened and in fact, strange things happened.

While at his house we told a story about a strange incident during the climb while taking a shower even though the water was really cold. When we told him about the strange climber at the tea summit, Eno immediately answered that it seemed like he was aden aden or a half-stealth human. And usually like to appear at maghrib or broad daylight (zuhr). And the figure of a young human or grandfather with a characteristic that there is no curve under the nose to the lips.

I immediately answered that it matched it because the time was the same during the day. Then tea, Eno also told me that a few days earlier there was information from climbers who visited post 1. He said that after evening prayers at the prayer room at post 1 they met old grandparents in white who told them to camp at post 1.

And when we tell a story about a glowing climber and carrying a kwali tied to his keril and his style like climbers of old. Teh Eno also said that maybe he was a climber who got lost or moved to another world or the term was used.

Luckily at that time, we took the same path with two trail runner climbers. Fortunately, there is no straight path like the path that the mysterious climber took, who knows what will happen. The problem is that the mysterious climber disappeared when he passed the tree.

maghrib time becomes a thin boundary between the realm of the world and other realms so that sometimes collisions and produce strange and tense events. In addition, maghrib time indeed is when the devil is partying so sometimes the atmosphere is very tense.

So it is recommended that when climbing the mountain when it is 5 o'clock or before sunset, we better stop and set up a tent. Because climbing at night is very high risk apart from disturbance of mystical things. Our view of the hiking trail is also increasingly limited. Plus at night we will fight for oxygen with the trees and can make our breath pant. Besides that, the cold night air can make your body temperature drop and when you drop it's really dangerous you can get hypothermia.

So be a wise climber where climbing during the day and at night is the time to rest. Yes, let's say we climb the mountain, it only changes places to eat, drink, and sleep but without changing our rest time.

As usual the day after returning home the group was packed with photos and tales of the climb. Suddenly Angel Japri's tea and he asked him to tell him about any strange events that happened during the ascent to Mount Ciremai. I also told them in sequence, starting from the strange things that happened to my camera between post 2 and post 3 to meeting a mysterious climber while descending and staying overnight on the path.

Angel tea laughed and said it was a good fit. I am confused, donk suddenly says that while laughing again. He also told me that the reason he canceled 

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