3 Indonesian Mountains With the Best Beginner-Friendly Sunrises

 Gunung Bromo Tengger Semeru

Indonesia does have a lot of mountains because geographically our beloved country is passed by the Pacific Ring of Fire or the cool language of the Pacific Ring of Fire. So there are a lot of volcanoes in Indonesia. And of course, the incredible sunrise view has always been a magnet for longing to go back up the mountain again and again.

You don't have to climb a mountain that has an altitude above 3000m above sea level to get the best sunrise and beautiful scenery. Because in these 3 mountains you can get beautiful views and extraordinary sunrises. And another advantage is that these three mountains are very friendly to beginners.

So, here are 3 mountains with amazing views and friendly for beginners, the Explore Again version.

1. Mount Papandayan (2665mdpl)

In the first position is Mount Papandayan in Garut, West Java. This mountain has a height of 2665 meters above sea level (masl) which is perfect for beginners or being the first mountain you climb.

Sunrise Ghober Hut Papandayan

This mountain has a million charms of beauty where there is the widest Edelweiss field in Southeast Asia, namely at the Pondok Salada Spot Camp Post and also the Dead Forest which is very aesthetic for photos. In addition, you can also get the best sunrise in Garut with the background of Mount Cikurai at the Sunrise Ghober Hut spot.

The estimated travel time for the climb itself is about 4-6 hours by walking at a leisurely pace. The trekking itself starts from Pos 1 (Camp David) which is also a parking lot and inspection of climbing tickets.

And Mount Papandayan is also very suitable for beginners apart from the relatively short trekking time. The facilities at Papandayan are also very complete, there are even toilets and a 24-hour stall at the Pondok Salada camp spot which is a climber's favorite post for camping. Of course, these toilet facilities are very helpful, especially for novice climbers who are usually not used to defecating in the open.

But even though Papandayan is not too high, you need to prepare yourself because the temperature on this mountain is famous for being cold. Bringing a sleeping bag and a warm jacket is an obligation, in addition to other standard mountain climbing equipment.

2. Mount Prau (2565mdpl)

When talking about Mount Prau, what you can imagine is a beautiful sunrise that spoils the eyes. Yes, how about Mount Prau, which is located in the Dieng plateau area, Wonosobo, Central Java, is indeed famous for the mountain that has the most beautiful sunrise in Indonesia. 

Pendaki di puncak Gunung Prau

How not, Mount Sindoro, Mount Sumbing, and Mount Kembang have always been the best sunrise photo background spots from Sunrise Camp on Mount Prau. Not even a few who deliberately climb Mount Prau just for pre-wedding photos or photos to show off their marriage books or shoot photos of their crush. But there are not a few singles whose hearts are torn apart when they see a climber of such a rich model who gloats when the sun begins to shine on the world.

So prepare mentally, yes, you two are still the same pebble, and hold the trekking pole if you borrow it from a friend. But don't worry, there is good news because Mount Prau only has a height of 2565m above sea level and is very suitable for beginners.

Besides that, the journey distance is only about 2-4 hours depending on ability with lots of choices of hiking trails unlike on Mount Papandayan which only has one climbing route. In Prau there are 6 hiking trails and the most favorite is the Patak Banteng route.

But for those of you who like to capture beautiful views with a camera, I suggest trying the hiking trail via Wates. And remember, don't take a motorcycle taxi from basecamp to post 1, because that's precisely the path that you will climb accompanied by the mighty Mount Sindoro behind you. In addition, the view of the residents' gardens is able to make hands not want to stop pressing the camera shutter button. But it must be remembered that it is still safe to take pictures on this route because motorcycle taxis are always pacing back and forth on the cast-concrete track which is only 2 meters wide.

3. Mount Bromo (2329mdpl)

Mount Bromo, which is located in four regencies, namely Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo, East Java, has indeed become one of the most famous mountains in Indonesia. In fact, you will not find it difficult to find Caucasians roaming here to hunt for the Golden Sunrise in Bromo.

kecantikan Gunung Bromo Tengger Semeru

Indeed, Mount Bromo is not the usual mountain for camping with a tent-like Mount Prau and Papandayan. But Bromo is more of a tourist attraction with complete facilities. Even if you go to Bromo, you must rent a jeep that is rented out by residents around the slopes of Bromo and you are not allowed to bring a private vehicle to the Mount Bromo area unless the jeep is rented by residents has been rented out. But with a note that the driver must be a resident.

This is not without reason because the path to Mount Bromo is very steep and has a high level of difficulty, especially for drivers from areas outside Bromo. So for convenience and safety, these rules were made by the traditional elders of the Tengger tribe who inhabit the slopes of Mount Bromo.

So if you go to Bromo, you don't have to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and other camping equipment, just a thick warm jacket, skullcap, and bring enough stuff and just sit back in the jeep that has been rented. Usually starting from the last village or jeep base, which is in the early morning around 12 or 1 o'clock so that you don't miss the sunrise.

Then you will be taken directly to Sunrise Point until the sun begins to appear and rise. Then continue to be taken by jeep along the sea of ​​​​sand to the most beautiful stretch of savanna in Indonesia, namely Teletubis Hill. From there you will be invited again to Pura Luhur Puten and climb the stairs to the Bromo crater (if conditions are safe, yes, and allowed by the manager). After that, you can take beautiful photos at the Widodaren spot before finally, the jeep will take you back down.

But of course, you have to prepare funds that are quite draining if you want to go to Mount Bromo. But it doesn't matter if you compare it to the experience and beautiful scenery that is exhibited there. One more thing, don't forget to bring a warm thick jacket, because the temperature while waiting for the sunrise is, really, a little torturous like seeing a couple hugging a photo while showing a marriage book on Mount Prau, oops.

So, those are 3 recommended mountains that have amazing views and are suitable for you to start loving the world of climbing. So which mountain have you climbed? Or if there are other mountains with extraordinary views and friendly for beginners, you can share them in the comments.

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