3 Unwritten Rules That Mountain Climbers Must Obey

 3 Aturan tak tertulis bagi pendaki gunung

In this world, there are always rules, both written and unwritten. Likewise, nature has three unwritten rules. This rule was created to maintain the balance of nature and our comfort as adventurers who visit to explore the outdoors.

Even this unwritten rule must be known by all people who want to adventure and explore the wild without exception. Not only the outdoors, this rule can also be applied so that when you travel it is more comfortable and safe.

Here are 3 unwritten rules in the wild that climbers and adventurers must obey.

1. Don't Take Anything Except Pictures/Photos

Taking something must first be approved by the owner if taking without permission is called stealing, no exception when we are in the wild. As climbers or adventurers, we will meet something unique and make us curious while on the mountain or in the wild.

Pendaki Fotografer
Foto Eko Purwanto

And sometimes these things make us want to take them home, such as finding stones with unique shapes, unique tree branches, or other things. But remember to come back to this rule don't take anything except pictures/photos

Just like the Edelweiss flower which is a perennial flower with so many charms. Never pick it and bring it down from the mountain. Because this is against the law where the Edelweiss flower is one of the plants that is protected by law and cannot be picked.

There have been many cases of climbers deliberately picking Edelweiss flowers to be brought down and given to loved ones. However, almost all of them get commensurate rewards ranging from social sanctions from netizens, climbers, and also the wider community to mountain managers.

It doesn't stop there, even severe punishments can ensnare those who pick Edelweiss with a fine of Rp. 200 million and the threat of imprisonment for 10 years. And of course, it will automatically be blacklisted forever on the mountain and other mountains may also do the same thing to the climber.

It's a shame it's just because of Edelweiss you can no longer go up the mountain and enjoy Edelweiss and the beautiful scenery at the top of the mountain. Therefore, if you like Edelweiss flowers, it is better to capture them in the form of photos or immediately bring your loved ones to see and enjoy the eternal flower in its natural habitat.

In addition to punishment from the government and society, sometimes the mountain also has its way of punishing climbers who pick Edelweiss and destroy nature. Starting from falling into a ravine, getting lost on the track, and experiencing other bad things, some even met wild animals.

Because we are just guests when we are on the mountain and be polite by keeping our words and attitudes and don't take anything from the mountain, whether it's pebbles, let alone Edelweiss. Just take a photo or video about the mountain to tell the world about its beauty.

2. Forbidden to leave anything but traces

This second rule is a complement to the first rule where we are not allowed to leave anything on the mountain, let alone the garbage that we bring from below. Because we climb the mountain is actually to conquer our ego and see the beauty of the universe and grow our love for nature.

Jejak Pendaki Gunung
Foto Pixabay

Not to leave trash and pollute the mountain with all kinds of things that we litter on the mountain. Because mountains are not trash cans and if you still don't want to take your trash down, it's better if you just lie down at home playing with your cellphone.

In addition to trash, we are also prohibited from leaving traces of writing either using markers, or carvings on tree trunks or rocks on mountains, or the cool language of vandalism. Because it will destroy the beauty of nature. It's damaged, plus the writing is like a worm that's overheated, it makes you sick to see.

If you want to write on the mountain, you better bring a book and write it down and take a photo when you're at the top, for example, you like him but he doesn't, eh. But after taking the photo, don't throw it away, but bring it back down and if you want to throw it away, throw it in the trash while at basecamp.

So leave only your footprints during the ascent and nothing else. Because in the wild it is not only us but we are side by side with the trees, animals there and also those who have been there before us.

3. Don't kill anything but time

As long as we are in the wild we cannot kill anything but time. Because again we come to the mountains or the outdoors as guests, not invaders. So don't ever kill animals, plants, or those who hurt your heart that you deliberately take on a hike together, you will be imprisoned later.

Pendaki Gunung Membunuh Waktu
Foto Suliman Sallehi

Because as climbers and nature lovers, we should grow, not kill. Growing our love for the nature of this country, growing trees on the mountains that were completely engulfed in red sage during a fire or stolen by irresponsible persons.

Cultivate an attitude of protecting our nature so that there is no such thing as illegal logging and hunting of protected animals and picking Edelweiss flowers. Growing his love for us to be eternal like the Edelweiss flower, uwuuww.

And kill time to grow the things above so that we become one with nature and of course with him until we reach the top of the mountain and all the aisle peaks, eh. Kill time on the mountain by enjoying its beauty and keeping an eye on it.

Now, these three messages and unwritten rules must be known and carried out by climbers, especially beginner climbers to climbers who are already seniors and god-level climbers. Of course, without exception, mixed doubles climbers must follow this rule. Because we are nature lovers, not nature destroyers.

So don't ever break the three rules above when you're on a mountain or in the wild if you don't want to get unexpected events while on the mountain. Because in some mountains there is a mention that if you take anything on the mountain, it will get a disaster whether it's an accident, getting lost in the mountain, or meeting wild animals.

No one said that taking Edelweiss flowers on the mountain would get a mate, right. There you will receive tons of negative comments on your social media as well as sanctions from the government, mountain managers to the wider community. So stop picking Edelweiss in the mountains.

Best regards!
Be a climber who loves nature, not a destroyer of nature, and always bring down your trash.

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