Food Logistics That Beginners, Seniors, God Level Climbers, and Mixed Doubles Hikers Must Bring

 logistik makanan yang jawib dibawa pendaki

One of the most crucial things in mountaineering is logistics, whether it be food or other climbing support equipment. Both beginner, senior, god-level climbers, and mixed doubles climbers must bring this food logistics.

But don't bring too much food, let alone a 2-door refrigerator, take it up the mountain too, heavy boy. But bring enough logistics and must also be able to cover energy intake while on the mountain. Don't be lacking or not too much, but if you have too much, you can open the shop above, like the photo below.

pendaki jualan logistik di gunung
Logistics itself is divided into two, namely personal logistics and group logistics. Where the two are also divided into two other groups, namely food and beverage logistics and equipment logistics such as tents and others.

Because climbing the mountain is an energy-consuming activity, therefore bringing food logistics is a must. In addition, without food, our bodies will become weak and helpless just like when he leaves you when, unfortunately, oops.

And these are some of the food and beverage logistics that must be brought by both beginner, senior, god-level climbers, and mixed doubles climbers.

1. Drinking water

The role of water here is very vital, especially if the mountain we are going to climb does not have a spring that is close to the hiking trail. Of course, bringing water from below is a must.

air minum botol foto maël balland pexels
Foto Maël Balland Pexels

In addition to drinking alone, we also have to leave the water to cook food while on the mountain. Usually, one climber is required to bring two large aqua bottles where one bottle is for cooking and the rest is for the climber's personal drink.

In addition to drinking and cooking, water also functions when we are urinating either small or large. Because in the mountains we are prohibited from using wet wipes, the alternative is to use dry tissue that is given water to make it wet to clean up the remnants of our defecation.

And keep in mind that you don't like throwing water on the mountain, because on the mountain the water is very difficult, especially if there are no springs along the hiking trail. And this is why by going up the mountain we can know and appreciate more drop by drop of water.

2. Bread & Wheat Bread

Maybe you are wondering why I wrote this point bread and wheat bread. This is because ordinary bread and wheat bread are different. Where this ordinary bread has less carbohydrate content when compared to whole wheat bread.

roti gandum bread foto congerdesign pixabay
Foto Congerdesign Pixabay

Although the function of these two foods is the same as food reserves during the trip or before arriving at the camp. But ordinary bread also acts as a snack, whole wheat bread is more of a stomach block and can be used for breakfast and coffee at sunrise or enjoying the Milkyway stars in the sky when it is bright and the stars are visible.

3. Snack or Biscuits

This snack is usually eaten during the ascent or while waiting for the food to be finished at the camp. And its function is to provide additional energy for the body during the climb.

Biskuit Togo serena
Foto Shopee

Usually, the climbers like to snack on the cheaper Oreo twin chocolate biscuits, namely Togo when they are taking a break on the hiking trail. This is because the Togo chocolate is more flavorful and also quite filling, plus the price is friendly on the pocket.

Then besides Togo, there are also some biscuits such as RomaMalkis which in the advertisement can quell hunger by eating two pieces. And some other biscuits that are also delicious to enjoy and contain chocolate so you don't get too cold during the climb.

4. Chocolate

The chocolate here can be chocolate bars or chocolate sticks. Anyway, the title is brown, whether it's square, round, or long. Among the climbers themselves, there is chocolate that has become very famous and is one of the things that must be brought when climbing the mountain, namely Coki-Coki packaged chocolate. Eits, don't get me wrong first, then say like a child, just snacking on Coki-Coki.

Coki-coki coklatnya pendaki
Foto Alfacart

Precisely because these climbers were chocolate legends in our childhood, they were able to survive until now, even though they are expensive now. And why these Coki-Coki is snacks for climbers, namely because they can be eaten during the trip and also last a long time.

In addition, chocolate also has the function to warm the body and relieve stress. So it is very suitable as a snack for climbers while on the mountain because to keep the body warm and not stressed because the path goes up and down there is no bonus at all like chasing his love, oops.

In addition to Coki-Coki, you can also bring other chocolate bars that do have the same function as chocolate, namely to warm the body and keep your sanity from stress due to the hiking trail. Anyway, according to taste, I want to bring any chocolate snacks as long as I don't bring them with the factory too.

5. Honey & Personal Medicine

The honey here is recommended in sachets so that it can be smoked during the trip. Of course, honey sachets are cheaper and can also fit into your pants or shirt pocket. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with bringing bottled honey, but here as a climber, you have to carry the principle of carrying items that are small but multifunctional, rather than large but not multifunctional.

Madu murni foto pixabay
Foto Pixabay

So then came the ultra-light climbers for various kinds of climbing equipment ranging from bags, tents, stoves, and others. Weh, where is this even widening, so let's go back to honey.

Honey here functions as a medicine as well as an energy booster because honey has a lot of compounds and can heal minor wounds and even wounds in your heart left by him, oops. The trick is to give honey sachets to other climbers on the path that you estimate with the cookies and a set of climbing equipment to be paid in cash, eh.

Then don't forget to bring your medicines, which you are encouraged to bring yourself even though there is a first aid kit brought in groups. However, what is in the first aid kit are only generic medicines. So you need to bring personal medicines, especially if you have diseases such as asthma, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

The problem is that there is no pharmacy on the mountain, so you don't want to have to bring your own medicine and don't bother your climbing friends or climbing basecamps.

6. Coffee, Milk & Warming Drink

People say the climbers are not just nature lovers but coffee addicts who play at a distance. And he said climbing without coffee is like eating without rice, it's not good enough even though the food is a hodgepodge, he hehe.

kopi gunung foto taryn elliott pexels
Foto Taryn Elliott Pexels

This coffee usually serves as a warmer while waiting for dinner to be ready and also as a friend to enjoy the sunrise at the top of the mountain. To the extent that this coffee is included in the lyrics of the song Fiersa Besari whose title is Adventure. It read, "Waiting for the sun to rise with a cup of coffee and friendship."

But if you are not a fan of coffee, you can bring your friend coffee, namely milk, tea, but don't buy something called ice tea, it will be expensive and there is no one selling ice tea in the mountains either. You can also bring Wedang Jahe, Wedang Uwuh, Wedang Ronde, and all kinds of Wedang, just bring it along and sell it on the mountain, don't forget that the angkringan is the same as mas-mas, he hehe.

7. Fruits

The fruits are here to increase nutrition while on the mountain and also as a friend to eat so that those who are on a diet can still climb the mountain. Some fruits can be an option to take to the mountain such as bananas which have many vitamins and are rich in nutrients.

watermelon semangka foto pixabay
Foto Pixabay

Watermelon has high water content and is refreshing in the mountains because we don't need to bring a 2 door refrigerator to cool the watermelon. Watermelon is indeed one of the fruits that makes climbers happy when on the mountain.

You can also bring other fruit according to what you like, yes you can also bring fresh fruit as long as you don't bring your fruit to the mountain, Danger!

8. The main food

Usually, if this main dish is included in group logistics, but that's okay, it's discussed here as a compliment. The main meal itself usually has rice and side dishes.

nasi sehat gunung foto instagram abesukmana
Foto Instagram Abesukmana

As for the side dishes, it depends on the group agreement and also the chef who will cook while on the mountain. Usually, the ingredients that are often brought for side dishes on the mountain are nuget, sausage, tempeh, chicken eggs, vegetable soup ingredients, and of course spices for cooking as well as cooking oil and friends.

But remember not to or reduce the consumption of instant noodles during the ascent. It's okay to bring instant noodles but don't cook while there is still rice and other side dishes because we have to put the instant noodles as emergency food ingredients if things happen that we don't want.

Because even though on the mountain, our food menu must be 4 healthy 5 perfect so we can stay strong to see the climbers in pairs taking uwu photos at the top of the mountain.

Those are some of the food logistics that must be brought personally by a climber, be it beginner, senior, god-level or mixed doubles climbers. Because eating is the main need while on the mountain to replace the energy lost during the climbing trip.

Best regards!
Never refuse food in the mountains, if you are still full and it's time to eat, then eat so that the stomach remains filled and minimize contracting hypothermia.

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