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Nama Posisi Pendaki - Foto oleh Eric Sanman dari Pexels

This team Jelajah Lagi will discuss positions and cool names for climbers while tracking or traveling. Each position does have its own duties with the same goal, namely ensuring the journey and during the ascent is safe and without any drawbacks.

Here are some of the positions of climbers when on a mountain climbing trip in a group.


1. Leader

This is the main position or the captain and leader or priest of the climbing group, yes, and not necessarily your priest. For the position during the trip, it is usually behind the Navigator or even the mobile alias is everywhere like a ninja. Sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back row, sometimes in the row, with a broken heart eh.

Pendaki Navigator - Foto oleh moon chahcha dari Pexels
Foto oleh moon chahcha dari Pexels

Because the main task of the leader in climbing is to ensure that all members of the group are in good condition and safe until they return to their respective homes. This is a very heavy responsibility among other positions.

The leader also has the task of taking care of the administration of reports to basecamp and other permits. And ensure that everything is complete both administratively and group and personal equipment of each member. The point is that he must know everything in the climbing group he leads.

Usually, those who are chosen to be leaders or leaders in a climb are people who have strong body resistance and have good insight into the climbing route and can make the right decisions according to the conditions in the climb Anyway, I want it.

And a leader must also be able to motivate other members of the group to be able to conquer their ego and keep going until they arrive at the camp and return home safely.

2. Navigator

This is usually filled by climbers who have good memory and intuition in choosing. This navigator or guide always runs in front of the group to check whether the road is correct or not. And of course, keep coordinating with the group leader when it comes to which path is the best to pass on the way.

Pendaki Navigator - Foto oleh juan mendez dari Pexels
Foto oleh juan mendez dari Pexels

This navigator does have a big duty and responsibility because it is in their hands that the future of the group is at stake. If you choose the wrong address, you'll get lost in the mountains and get lost in your heart, oops.

That's why the position of this navigator is usually filled by climbers who have previously climbed the mountain. So that he knows the climbing route well and minimizes the potential for getting lost, let alone getting lost in his heart he hehe.

However, if the entire group is climbing the mountain for the first time, the navigator will usually be filled by climbers who have high flying hours (not flying, let alone flying to your heart hiya hiya hiya) or senior climbers. And of course, have a good insight about the hiking trails.


3. Chef

This is the position or position that must be privileged during the ascent, but don't mess with it, you're hungry again. Because this chef is the one who will ensure that all members of our group will not starve during the climb.

Pendaki Chef - Foto oleh Athena dari Pexels
Foto oleh Athena dari Pexels

He was even willing not to go hunting for the sunrise because he was busy making toast for breakfast. And when the others were asleep he was still busy with his subordinate soldiers, namely the nesting stove and his friends. To turn the rice into rice and other food ingredients, it is worth eating with a hotel-style taste on a tarpaulin with a Milkyway roof.

Usually, these chefs are people who are not very good at cooking and most of them are male climbers. Why not a girl? The answer is simple because almost 90% of female climbers cannot cook rice on the mountain using nesting. I don't know why even though it's really easy, like cooking at magiccom.

And it's still a mystery why mountain chefs are mostly male climbers even though at home they never cook or help their mother cook. And stuck at home at least cook instant noodles. But in the mountains, you can suddenly fry tempeh, make vegetable soup and even make Indomie with warkop flavor, eh.

The chef's position on this trip is usually in the middle of the group and should be privileged with light luggage. Because he will start doing his job while the others rest in the tent to relax the muscles that are stubborn on the way.


4. Logistics

This is the partner during the Chef's ascent. This Logistics position is a position that must be filled by people who have a strong body, do not complain, and of course, also pay attention. Especially attention to the Chef because he is the one who has to make sure what ingredients and cooking utensils are for the Chef.

Pendaki Logistik - adventure-Gambar oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay
adventure-Gambar oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay

In addition, he also has to make sure the group's equipment such as tents and flyers are safe and carried to the campsite. The point is that this Logistics position must be ready to be a porter, bring cooking utensils and groups.

5. Climber Followers

Well, this one is usually filled with beginners or those who are new to the world of mountain climbing. Or indeed a climber who cannot yet become a navigator, leader, or sweeper.

Pendaki Folowers -  Foto oleh Guduru Ajay bhargav dari Pexels
Foto oleh Guduru Ajay bhargav dari Pexels

And usually, this free position can be in any position as long as it is in front of the sweeper. In my opinion, these followers are like interns, they can be in any position with the main task of learning. For example, if he likes speeding, he can accompany the navigator in front who knows on the next trip he will be the navigator.

If you have a caring attitude towards others, you will usually follow the leader or sweeper. And if you're always hungry, you've already guessed who's going to follow, right? If the chef's answer is wrong, yes, because he will follow those who bring a lot of snacks and it's easy to ask for them, he hehe.

Remember being a follower is not because you don't have any skills or because you're a newbie. But because you can be anything in the future freely learn from the Navigator, Leader, Sweeper, and Logistics and Chef.


6. Swepeer

He is the person who serves as the 'sweeper' of the climbing group so that no items and climbers are left behind. Sweepers are usually at the very back of the group and should always be at the back.

Pendaki Sweeper - fatigue-Foto oleh rottonara dari Pixabay
fatigue-Foto oleh rottonara dari Pixabay

Usually filled by senior climbers and those who have the ability to survive and basic first aid techniques in accidents and are physically strong. And usually, sweepers also bring stove and nesting first aid kits as well as some food ingredients such as instant noodles and sufficient water.

This is to anticipate that there are members of the group who are tired and getting cold. So he will quickly take out the stove and make warm water to warm the body. And usually, the sweeper is a very caring person and easy to talk to.

In fact, he is often found chatting with climbers from other groups and has many friends. And not infrequently when he came down he often became an impromptu porter by carrying 2 keril or even more because there were members of the group who were tired or had sprained cramps.

He was also willing to walk slowly to accompany the followers who were exhausted despite bearing the burden of two heavy pebbles. Because the sweeper ensures that all members of the group are safe from climbing to descending to basecamp again. Anyway, I really want this to be made .... (Fill in it yourself, yes).

7. Ninja Climber

Now this is an addition that is now starting to appear in every climb. This ninja climber is usually suddenly in front then in the middle and behind from behind suddenly in front again. Anyway, just like that during the trip and never get tired.

Pendaki Ninja - Foto oleh Athena dari Pexels
Foto oleh Athena dari Pexels

Because for him the content of photos and videos is number one that his camera must capture. Yes, he is documentation or someone who is famous in the mountains as a Photo/Videographer. But he played an important role in the ascent and was the only member of the group who always made baper. Because of the shots or videos that make you misspeak again.

And this Ninja climber is always the victim without an inframe and is always given a cellphone at sunrise at the top by the Glowing climber who likes to mess with his heart while saying, "Mas take a photo." That's what he said with a smile, tasted like a kilo of sugar, eh.

But because of his services, this ninja climber finally has information about the terrain and hiking trails and conditions on the mountain is able to reach the whole world. And even able to invite and encourage and poison to climb the mountain through the photos and videos. Usually, he always makes new friends from other groups when he is in the mountains.

So, those are the 7 positions of climbers in a climbing group, so if you are often the number one? And if there is a climber's position that you know, you can add it in the comments.

Best regards!
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