The characteristics of the True Beach Children, Number 6 is cool

ciri-ciri anak pantai sejati - Foto betazudia
When talking about beach boys, they indeed imagine the wide sea with the waves that are racing with the wind that never stops. Yes, that's the situation, the beach boy can't be released from the sea. But it turns out that on the beach there are also things that only true beach children can interpret. 

Sometimes many claims to be beach children but only come to the beach and make dirty with the trash they bring. Plus he couldn't feel some magical things on the beach that only true beach kids could understand and feel.

So it's better not to claim a true beach boy if you can't feel the following things when dealing with or away from the sea.

1. The Mind Is Calm When It Looks At The Sea

This is like a mountain child who thinks of a mountain like a mother who always hugs her warm and soothing when urban life is so noisy and confusing. The sea is indeed like a father who always hugs and calms beach children and becomes a place to ease the heavy burdens in life such as being left by his marriage when he is sad, eh.

Pantai bikin tenang - Foto @taminangga dan
Pantai bikin tenang - Foto @taminangga dan

True beach boys always have such an easy way to calm their mind when they go through difficult times in life, experience things that make you say it's sick here, until they leave it when they love it. She only needs to go to the beach, see the waves so all sadness and misfortune and various painful things before will disappear in an instant as if a fairy godmother chants a spell with her magic wand saying disappear, cling.

So if you are a true beach child and not a fake beach child (only tourists), you will certainly be able to feel this. And you will always do this when problems are small, medium, rather big, big, really big, so big problems hit you.

2. No Beach, No Life

Just like No game no life (uh, even discussing anime again), a true beach boy doesn't feel like living 100% or like a vegetable without salt if he can't visit the beach in a very, very, very, very bland squared long life.

Tak ada pantai tak ada kehidupan - Foto @ndyriska
Tak ada pantai tak ada kehidupan - Foto @ndyriska

Even true beach children sometimes cannot be happy with city life even though everything is very fulfilled and even has a luxurious life. And he will miss all the things that make him calm on the beach like the rolling waves, the wind, the soft sand, to the seagulls caught by the camer (future in-laws) eh.

Yes, just a true beach boy, if he doesn't go to the beach in a week, he'll be cranky at home because for him the beach is life. Like a life charger so that you are more enthusiastic about all the challenges that are in your way.

3. Waves Is The Best Music For Beach Children

Of course, beach kids, both fake beach kids, and real beach kids know that the sound of the waves is one they look for when they go to the beach. But when the fake beach boy just enjoyed it alakadarnya and did not find anything extraordinary about the sound of the waves, it was just a sound so ordinary.

Ombak adalah musik terbaik anak pantai - Foto @inna_emje
Ombak adalah musik terbaik anak pantai - Foto @inna_emje
But for a true beach boy, the sound of the waves was the most beautiful symphonies in his life, he was even able to beat the classic symphonic from the legendary musicians Mozart and Beethoven. And this is one of the goals of a true beach boy to go to the beach and succeed in calming himself and releasing the shackles of sadness in his life.

Even a true beach boy can distinguish the sound of the waves rolling on the beach, and for him, each wave carries its tone and can interpret everything, and the message that the beach waves bring is like a message from him whom you love.

4. Sand Is A Beach Children's Clothing

The beach does provide a broad and soft stretch of sand that comes from fragments of coral reefs or rocks in the sea. And a true beach boy will not be ashamed and uncomfortable if he finds sand sticking to his clothes. He considered it not dirty at all because they considered sand-like everyday clothes. It would not be impossible if there was not a grain of sand that was brought home either from his pants or sandals and clothes.

Pasir adalah pakaian anak pantai - Foto @norel08
Pasir adalah pakaian anak pantai - Foto @norel08

So if you go to the beach and don't want to get dirty with beach sand sticking to your clothes or body then don't admit to being a true beach boy, oops. Because when you go to the beach it is time to play sand until you are satisfied.

5. Love Cleanliness

Well, this is the important thing, both beach kids and mountains alike don't like it when the environment they love is polluted. And they will hate anyone whether they are tourists, explorers, researchers, or even the president who leaves trash or litter in the environment they love.

Anak pantai cinta kebersihan - Foto @wcdid_sulut
Anak pantai cinta kebersihan - Foto @wcdid_sulut

And a true beach boy will immediately reprimand if he finds anyone littering on the beach. Because like a lover, he doesn't want the lover he loves to be polluted by other people. Do you feel like this or not? If you don't feel that means you are still not a true beach child.

6. There is or does not have money, the gas goes to the beach

Well, this is the most visible differentiator between true beach kids and fake beach kids. Where even when he has no money he will try to keep visiting the beach and miraculously a true orphanage child can and has a way to still meet the beach he loves and admires.

Hidden paradise anak pantai - Foto @dodocantropus
Hidden paradise anak pantai - Foto @dodocantropus

If you can't get into a beach attraction because you don't have money to redeem the entrance ticket dowry. Then he will go looking for an ordinary beach that is not in the area of a tourist attraction. And therein lies his true happiness. And not infrequently beach children always find new beaches and not only visit beaches that have become tourist objects.

So, those are 6 things that distinguish between true beach children and fake beach children. Then how about you, have you become a true beach child or are you still a fake beach child? Or just become a semi-true beach boy, eh.

And what is certain is that both the true beach boy and the fake beach boy should be able to protect the beach we love with whatever we have and what we have.

Salam Deburan Ombak!
So after reading this article you want to be a true beach child or even want to be a mountain child, eh.

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