To make climbing more meaningful, this is what ancient climbers did

 mountains - Foto oleh Idris Hasibuan dari PixabayClimbing a mountain is not just a matter of getting to the top and seeing the sunrise with its sea of ​​clouds. But it turns out that some basic things will make a climb so memorable. Even without making a climber yearn to climb the mountain many times.

In this day and age, there are indeed many who climb only for the sake of content or just go along with it. They do not know the essence and sometimes do not find and feel something basic that makes this soul feel calm and inspired.

In contrast to the ancient climbers who so easily felt the essence of a climb. And make them yearn to be back in the mountains again and again. Because for them the mountain is not only about the peak and its ascent.

But mountains are mothers, mountains are friends and mountains are family. Where to be a place to find inspiration without interruption. Finding a new sibling without grumbling, and stories of a night full of memories.

And here are some things that ancient climbers did to make a climb more meaningful and not only get the top and beautiful views of a mountain.

1. Offer Coffee or Snack

Remember when we were tired of walking on a hike and suddenly a question was heard, "Mas, have coffee here first." Now, it's not the traveling coffee Kang who offered, but a group of other climbers who are taking a break to unwind while making coffee and instant noodles beside the hiking trail.

Foto olehStocksnap dari pixabay
Foto olehStocksnap dari pixabay
If you come across or experience any of these then stop, and approach them. Mingle and enjoy their friendship coffee while having warm conversations and getting to know each other. That's when you have found one of the meanings of climbing, namely finding a new brother.

Of course when you sit with them don't forget to open your lunch too, such as your bread or snack and offer it to them too. Because sharing is very sweet, the taste will not be bitter like coffee which is not always bitter.

But today's climbers rarely do it, even if someone offers coffee, sometimes they refuse because their group friends are far away. Trust me those who offer coffee or snacks on the trail are genuine people and want to start a conversation with you.

2. Mountain Silence

Ancient climbers were people who were lucky when climbing mountains. Because they will get a calm and soothing silence on the mountain. There was only the sound of the wind, cicadas, crickets, and other forest insects.

Foto oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay
Foto oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay

That is why the ancient climbers understood and were able to interpret mountain climbing as an attempt to gain inner peace and take inspiration from nature. By leaving the hustle and bustle in urban areas, it is very difficult to find tranquility.

But now the silence of the mountain has changed with the development of technology and many climbers today carry music players. And along the way, he selfishly plays his favorite music regardless of the surroundings.

Do other people like the song or not and of course the main thing is whether nature and animals there like the song that is playing and doesn't bother them. Remember we are climbers and we are guests on the mountain, so we should stay to maintain and not disturb the peace and silence of a mountain.

3. A Lonely Peak Without Photography

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with photography and of course, it is very useful to spread the word about the natural beauty of Indonesia through a photo or video. The green landscape and expanse of forest and sea of clouds plus the light of the morning sun make anyone take out their photography equipment, even if it's only a cellphone.

mount-prau-foto oleh fajar ardianto as dari pixabay
Foto oleh fajar ardianto as dari pixabay
One by one, photos and videos began to be recorded into cameras and cellphones, and sometimes they didn't care about their surroundings. Because for the sake of a good photo we forget to enjoy and absorb the beauty of the sunrise at the top of the mountain. The beauty of the city landscape with the expanse of the blue sky from a height, and the sprinkling of stars in the clear night sky, and the vast expanse of the sea of ​​​​clouds.

No more waiting for the sun to rise with a cup of coffee and friendship. Because today's climbers will be busy with their existence and a cup of coffee will be replaced with the sentence, "Please take a photo like this."

In a study, it was stated that almost 90% of people who go to the mountains and are only busy capturing the beauty of the landscape with a camera only. Unable to describe or retell a beauty that occurs in nature. Because they only focus on how to get good photos or videos and sacrifice their minds that don't get stimulated by directly enjoying the natural beauty.

In contrast to people who do not carry a camera, they are able to tell the beauty of the landscape clearly and in detail because they record through their eyes and mind. In fact, not infrequently his heart was also able to interpret the sights he saw.

There's nothing wrong with capturing the landscape through the camera, but remember to capture the landscape and the beauty of the mountains through your eyes, mind, and heart. Don't you climbers always glorify the words "young adventures old tell a story" and of course this is very interesting to tell with all your heart to support the photos that you show to your grandchildren in the future. Because stories that come from the heart will be accepted with the heart as well. But sometimes when you talk heart to heart with him, he just rejects you, eh.

4. Chat With Other Climbers

One of the warmth on the mountain was not just a bonfire. In fact, talking with friends from one group or even another group while sipping coffee and enjoying the stars in the clear sky is much warmer.

Foto oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay
Foto oleh riyan hidayat dari Pixabay

Even though the chatter that happened was erratic, starting from the topic of climbing experiences, to the experience of breaking up, nothing was told. Because there is a warmth that makes us long to go back up the mountain even with other people.

And when cooking dinner or breakfast, come help, don't even enter the tent and go back to sleep or even play with your cellphone. Because usually during the mask there will be a long chat that can sometimes even make you richer with the experience and knowledge of the chat.

Especially if you can talk to the tent next door, it will be fun and get a lot of experience and knowledge from them. In addition, you will also make new friends as well as a new family.

And for ancient climbers, this was very easy to do because sometimes there were only a few climbers and to kill time sometimes they gathered together to make a bonfire and start telling stories.

But for today's climbers, when the equipment is easy to get, they may rarely borrow or ask for it from the next tent. Because of course the preparation for climbing starting from the equipment and logistics has been fully prepared.

But there's nothing wrong with bringing coffee or extra food to the next tent to start. That way you can start to enter the neighboring tent environment and without being commanded a series of questions and answers will begin to answer each other between you and them.

In addition, when you go down the mountain, you can chat with other climbers. Say hello to those who are also resting and start approaching them so they can meet new people.

Well, starting from here, the meaning of climbing will be realized where when you go up there are only two and when you go down you have a family, eh. It means that most of them are like family because you managed to play in the next tent and share experiences in introductory chats and become friends that lead to friendship and kinship.

5. Proximity to Basecamp Officer

In the past, it was very easy to talk to the climbing basecamp officer. Starting from asking about the climbing terrain to tips on climbing and their experiences when climbing mountains. They don't even hesitate to make hot coffee as friends to chat with.

Basecamp Prau via Dieng foto oleh Instagram @lets.go.again_pink
Basecamp Prau via Dieng foto oleh Instagram @lets.go.again_pink

That was then, yes, now it's very different. Due to the increasing number of climbers, the basecamp officer is busier to take care of the registration of the climbers. Even if they have free time, they usually use it to rest.

Even when checking or checking the requirements and equipment of climbers, it is now only done quickly because there are already other groups that must be checked. So basically, when climbing in ancient times it was still quiet for climbers so there was plenty of free time for the basecamp officer. But now with the increasing popularity of mountaineering, of course, the basecamp officer is also busy.

So that they cannot exchange stories through a question and answer that is usually done by ancient climbers.

So, those are some of the points that make the climbing we do more meaningful, like the ancient climbers who are now seniors and many have hung up their shoes. But remember you don't want to be hanged, the feeling is the same as the glowing climber at the top of the mountain who asked to be photographed, oops. Hopefully, your climb can be more meaningful after reading this article.

Best regards!
Never stop adventuring because the sweetness of adventure is in a story you tell your children and grandchildren and others.

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