Don't claim to be a mountain climber if you don't have these 4 abilities

 4 kemampuan wajib pendaki gunung foto freepik

Mountain climbing is indeed a challenging activity and also has a high risk. This activity that can be done by anyone from men, women, children and the elderly must indeed make careful preparations. In addition to thorough preparation, the ability from within yourself must also be trained and must continue to be honed. Because the outdoors always has something that we don't predict, even more so in the mountains.

Therefore, if you want to climb a mountain, you must have at least 4 basic skills that must be mastered. This ability will be very useful during mountain climbing trips and will make us more prepared if things happen that are not desirable.

Moreover, mountains and the outdoors are indeed places that are not safe areas for humans. Because there are many stored dangers and high risks, both from the weather, trees and also the animals that are on the mountain. In addition, mountain climbing activities also require energy, mind, and intuition about the terrain and surrounding conditions.

Here are 4 mandatory abilities possessed by mountain climbers to be able to survive the fierce weather and all other risks while on the mountain.

1. Technical Ability

This technical ability is very and must be mastered by mountain climbers because it is very useful. Because this is related to how to climb safely and how to use climbing equipment, whether it's ordinary equipment to those that have dual or multi-function functions.

Kemampuan Tekis perlengkapan pendaki gunung - Foto IG @aracelly88
Kemampuan Tekis perlengkapan pendaki gunung - Foto IG @aracelly88

For example, how to attach gas to a portable stove, how to cook rice with nesting, how to walk correctly when climbing, how to pack gravel safely and correctly, how to set up a tent, how to manage climbing time, how to deal with bagasse attacks (malignant pigs), and various other things. other technical things and how to approach glowing climbers so that they can get their WhatsApp or Instagram number, oops.

At its core is the ability of a climber to respond to nature, and also to use climbing equipment and arrange supplies efficiently.

2. Physical Ability

This physical ability is very clearly mandatory for a mountain climber. Because mountain climbing is an activity that relies on physical abilities such as walking for hours on steep terrain plus carrying heavy loads in a gravel bag.

Kemampuan fisik pendaki gunung - Foto IG @itamardianafla
Kemampuan fisik pendaki gunung - Foto IG @itamardianafla

Therefore, before climbing the mountain we must prepare ourselves physically and must be in a fit and prime condition. And must do physical exercise before climbing the mountain to improve physical fitness and improve physical abilities.

This is very important because if you lack physical exercise or are not in a fit and prime condition. Then you can't get an obstacle during the journey to the top of the mountain. Starting from getting tired quickly, sprains, leg cramps, or even you don't get to the top because of fatigue.

3. Positive Human/Mental Abilities

This ability is the ability from within a climber where he must have the ability to get along in a team or climbing group. Like how we communicate, help each other during climbing, and also encourage each other from teammates or other groups to return to the spirit to continue walking to reach the top of the mountain.

Kemampuan kemanusiaan metal pendaki gunung - Foto IG @arista.zahra
Kemampuan kemanusiaan metal pendaki gunung - Foto IG @arista.zahra

Not only that this ability also includes how we think positively, care, respect, and also love nature and the environment. This human ability is also related to the mentality of a person and if his mind is weak then he sees a steep climbing track then he can turn right and go down again. But as a climber, we must have a strong mentality like steel to defeat the ego in ourselves.

So to practice this ability, you can start from yourself by applying a positive way of thinking, and being more caring and respectful both to your group of friends, to other groups as well as to nature and the mountains we climb. Not only care about ourselves, yes, because climbing mountains is not to thicken our ego but to defeat it.

4. Ability to Understand Environment/Climbing Terrain

The last ability that must be possessed by mountain climbers is the ability to understand the environment or climbing terrain. This is very important to determine what equipment to bring and determine at what point we should stop.

Kemampuan pemahaman medan pendaki gunung - Foto IG @rickydoank41
Kemampuan pemahaman medan pendaki gunung - Foto IG @rickydoank41

To understand the terrain for climbing, we must first research on the internet about the hiking trails on the mountain that we are going to climb. Nowadays, it's very easy to find information on hiking trails because we just have to watch videos of climbers uploaded to YouTube.

So from there, we will get some important points about the climbing route, the estimated time of climbing, and the climbing terrain that we will face. So that when we climb we have prepared anticipation and a mature plan to pass the climbing route.

In addition, understanding the environment is also needed not only limited to hiking trails and camp areas or spring posts. But don't forget the weather and the condition of the mountain, is there a possibility for an eruption or is it still safe and various other things. So basically we are also thirsty to read the good situation and conditions while on the hiking trail or at camp and the top of the mountain.

Those are the 4 skills that are mandatory and must be mastered by a mountain climber or prospective mountain climber. Because with this ability, our climbing will be easier and of course safe and minimize the risk of climbing.

So keep taking care of yourself and take care of the nature around you during your climb, plus take care of him and his feelings, who knows that way you can climb together to the top of the aisle. The loudest Amin doesn't have to wear a mosque toa too.

Greetings Lestari!
Don't forget to practice as well and keep on sharpening the 4 abilities above, it's not just training your ability to approach glowing climbers, he hehe.

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