Don't Wear Jeans! These are 4 types of pants that are suitable for female climbers

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For female climbers when climbing the mountain, it is a bit risky, especially in the selection of pants or subordinates. Because when climbing mountains we have to wear very flexible subordinates to facilitate our movement in every climbing field, whether it is sloping or steep with rocks. That's why it's recommended when climbing the mountain using pants, whether it's a boy climber or a girl climber. Because if you wear a skirt, it's dangerous if the skirt gets stuck to the roots of the tree and also the movement of our feet is limited, especially if you wear a kebaya skirt, you want to go up the mountain or want to be invited to your ex's wedding, eh.

But nowadays there are so many brothers and sisters who also often climb mountains and of course they still wear their robes and long skirts. Even though this is not recommended especially for mountain climbing with a fairly heavy track. So pants are the right choice for female climbers. And here are some recommended pants to use when climbing mountains for female climbers.

1. Quickdry Pants

These are indeed pants that are highly recommended and specially designed for mountain climbers. So it is highly recommended to use these pants for both male and female climbers. Quickdry pants themselves do have excellent features where these types of pants use materials that have the advantage of being quick-drying or quick-drying as the name suggests.

Celana quickdry pendaki cewek - Foto IG senangsilalahi
Celana quickdry pendaki cewek - Foto IG senangsilalahi

In addition, another advantage of this type of pants is that it has a pocket equipped with a zipper so that our small onions are safe even if they have to fall up and down on the hiking trail because they slip when it rains.

Not only that because this type of pants is designed for outdoor activities or mountain climbing. Very comfortable and has a high degree of flexibility plus strong both the stitching and the material used. So that when scratched tree roots or thorny plants can still protect our feet.

However, there is only one shortcoming of these quick-dry pants, namely the high price, especially for some well-known brands. Of course, this is because the materials and quality are designed to withstand various situations, even seasons, and use in heavy terrain such as mountain climbing. The high price is certainly very comparable to the quality and comfort that we get from this type of pants.

2. Leggings

This type of pants has the advantage of being very elastic and also able to absorb sweat. And often become pants that are worn during yoga, going to the gym, or doing sports, both running and gymnastics. However, this type of pants can also be used by girls to climb mountains because the elastic can help when facing steep incline tracks.

Celana leging pendaki cewek -
Celana leging pendaki cewek -

In addition, its ability to absorb sweat certainly makes our feet not hot because the sweat produced will be directly absorbed and evaporated in the air. But behind these two advantages, this type of pants easily smells musty because it absorbs sweat and if you don't wash and dry it, it smells really good.

Then the lack of this type of pants is due to their elastic nature so they can follow the shape of your legs, girls, so they can highlight certain body parts. And this makes you uncomfortable because there will be many pairs of eyes glaring at you along the hiking trail.

So if you use this type of pants, it would be better to double it with other pants that can cover the protruding part. Or you can buy this type of pants that have a small skirt on the top so that stray eyes won't keep following you during the climb, girls.

3. Cargo/Tactical Pants

Well, these pants are usually worn by male climbers. Apart from being a sturdy material, the large pocket feature is also very helpful for storing some small utensils and snacks. But even female climbers can use it when climbing the mountain.

Celana kargo pendaki cewek -
Celana kargo pendaki cewek -

Usually, it's the tomboyish girl climbers who like to wear this type of pants when climbing the mountain. Because these pants are specifically made for guys from the design to the features in them. And of course, when a female climber wears this type of pants, she is certainly a tomboyish girl.

But it's okay to wear these cargo/tactical pants when climbing the mountain instead of wearing a million people's pants, namely jeans. Because jeans are not recommended for use when climbing mountains. Because he will get heavier when he is wet either because of sweat or because of the rain whose composition is 10% water and 90% of his friends who are water are also not Rain du, he hehe.

4. Field Skirt Pants

Well, if this one is a recommendation for brothers and sisters who want to climb the mountain. Because this type of pants is a combination of pants and skirts with a sporty design and also makes footsteps very flexible. Besides that, because of the combination, it's like you're not wearing pants but wearing a skirt. So it's very safe for brothers and sisters who don't want to wear pants for fear of showing their genitals, especially leggings.

Celana rok pendaki cewe - Foto rocelasyari
Celana rok pendaki cewe - Foto rocelasyari

Instead of wearing regular skirts, it's better for your brothers and sisters to wear these skirt pants which are also designed for female climbers who are not used to wearing pants and are more comfortable wearing skirts (not snoring), hehe.

For the material itself, these skirt pants vary but choose one that uses a stronger ripstop material like the military standard tactical pants. So that this material has a strong resistance and is very suitable for wrestling with the track when climbing the mountain.

So, those are the 4 types of pants that are highly recommended for female climbers. So there's no longer any reason to wear jeans while climbing the mountain.

Even though the price of the jeans is expensive to beat the ticket to Mount Gede Pangrango, it's still not safe to climb the mountain. It's suitable for playing at the mall, my jeans will look cool, eh.

Best regards!
Don't forget to wear pants during your climb, girls, so that you can move more freely and face difficult tracks on the mountain.

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