For Longevity, Here's How To Wash Mountain Shoes Correctly

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Mountain shoes are one of the most vital pieces of equipment for a climber. Because it is used to protect the feet during climbing and also makes it easier to step on certain terrains such as steep inclines, wet and muddy tracks, to challenging rock and root tracks. Therefore, mountain shoes must be taken care of including how to clean them and store them so that they are durable.

Indeed, after climbing, our shoes will be dirty and must be cleaned. Especially when we climb in the rainy season, the shoes will certainly be shapeless because along the left and right there is mud sticking to the hiking trail. And what is certain is that the color will change from black to mud brown and the brown color will not turn into chocolate wafer eh.

In addition, the condition of wet shoes due to rain also makes them more susceptible to wear and damage quickly. Therefore, here are some tips that can be applied when washing mountain shoes to keep them durable and long-lasting.

The Right Mountain Shoe Cleaning Material

Well, here we have to be smart in choosing cleaning materials so that our mountain shoes remain durable and long-lasting. The use of detergent is not recommended for cleaning mountain shoes. Detergents are also one of the enemies of mountain shoes because they can damage important parts of our mountain shoes.

Therefore, choose a soap with a neutral pH such as baby soap for cleaning mountain shoes. Even that is used if our mountain shoes are very dirty and muddy. But if it's just dusty, it's recommended to clean it using clean water, don't use tears of sadness seeing him with the others.

The Right Mountain Shoe Cleaning Tool

To clean these shoes, try to use two different types of brushes, namely a hard brush and a soft or soft brush. Where a hard brush is used to clean the outsole or the bottom of the shoe and the bottom side. Because in this section usually dirt, mud and dust, even small pebbles stick to the shoes. By using a hard brush of course everything can be cleaned up to the roots.

cara merawat sepatu gunung - Foto
Cara merawat sepatu gunung - Foto

Meanwhile, for the toe cap or the front of the shoe and the inside, clean it using a soft or soft brush. Because this part, especially the inside is very sensitive and must be treated gently like his feelings for you, eh.

How to Dry Mountain Shoes

It is also important to pay attention to the drying of mountain shoes that have been washed clean so that the shoes remain durable and long-lasting. When drying, it is recommended not to expose it to direct sunlight, but just let it dry in the shade. Because if it is dried in direct sun, it is not impossible to damage our mountain shoes.

Starting from the color that fades quickly to some parts of our mountain shoes that look cracked due to the heat and can eventually tear. So just dry it in the shade and let it dry in the air.

How to Store Mountain Shoes

In addition to cleaning tools, cleaning agents, and drying methods, it turns out that the storage method also affects our mountain shoes durable or quickly damaged. Some of the diseases that mountain shoes often suffer from in storage are the front of the shoe often drops inward because there is no retainer in it. Of course, this can damage the shoes, especially the front, starting from the dented shape even to the cracked seams and materials.

Menyimpan sepatu gunung - Foto Kirsten Evers
Menyimpan sepatu gunung - Foto Kirsten Evers

Therefore, it is recommended to fill the inside of the shoe with plastic or paper to keep it in perfect shape and avoid unwanted things. In addition, inserting paper into the shoe is also able to absorb odors in the shoe so that the smell will be fragrant and not musty.

So, those are some tips that can be applied to keep your mountain shoes durable and long-lasting. So that it can accompany you to climb to the highest peaks in Indonesia and even abroad.

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Take care of your mountain boots and go as far with them to the highest peaks in this world.

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