These 9 taboos you shouldn't do when climbing a mountain

 9 pantangan saat mendaki gunung

Currently, mountain climbing has become a new hobby and is also loved by all people, not only nature lovers or mapala. Even some public figures were also poisoned to climb the mountain. But some of them don't even know that in the mountains some taboos shouldn't be broken.

For climbers who have often climbed mountains, they must have understood these taboos very well. Moreover, god-level climbers and mixed doubles climbers must have memorized it by heart. But for novice climbers or those who have just been poisoned to climb a mountain, may not know that there are some taboos on the mountain.

Well, this time Explore Again will discuss 9 taboos for a mountain climber and should not be violated, whether it's a beginner climber, senior, or god-level climber and even applies to mixed doubles climbers.

1. Underestimating Climbing

Remember, don't ever underestimate a climb, let alone be racist with the height of the mountain. Where a mountain that is only 2000 meters above sea level is sometimes underestimated by a mountain that is 3000 meters above sea level.

Tidur dengan sleeping bag tanpa tenda di gunung
Tidur dengan sleeping bag tanpa tenda di gunung - pexels

Anyway, don't underestimate a climb, even if it's a mountain with an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level or 1000 meters above sea level that you will climb. Because every mountain has the same risk whether it's short or high.

Even though the mountain is not too high and you have often climbed the mountain and got the title of senior or god-level climber. Still, you shouldn't underestimate the climb, for example, by acting strong, not warming up first, poor equipment and lack of safety, not having a mature climbing plan, and selfishly wanting to get to the top first and leaving friends behind.

Because every climb on the mountain always has the same risk and we must anticipate it with everything we have prepared.

2. Don't Bring Down Trash

Wow, this is outrageous and has no thoughts, and is not a nature lover but an existence lover who just for the sake of showing off the content on social media justifies any means by destroying nature.

Sampah Pendaki di Gunung - sumber
Sampah Pendaki di Gunung - sumber

Remember the mountain is not a trash can and not your place either. So it's easy just like this if your friends play at your house or boarding house when you're not around. Then they eat this and that garbage and just throw it away in your boarding house and just leave without picking up their trash and strewn everywhere. How will you feel when you see the amount of garbage scattered in your house or boarding house?

It must be annoying to keep mumbling and cursing and doing everything that can get rid of that feeling of annoyance. Well, the mountain is like that if you throw garbage on the mountain, especially plastic waste. So take your trash down and just throw it in the trash at the climbing basecamp.

In addition to keeping the mountain clean and beautiful without trash, it is the obligation of all parties, both climbers and hiking trail managers, and if you don't bring down your trash, then get ready to be blacklisted on the mountain. Like the incident, climbers on Mount Sumbing who don't bring down their trash on the blacklist are not allowed to climb mountains in 7 mountains in the North Kedu area.

It's a shame it's just because you don't bring the trash down, you can't enjoy the sea of ​​clouds and the sunrise on the mountain. Even though at least our trash is light and not as heavy as the question of when to get married, oops.

3. Not Bringing Complete Equipment

Climbing a mountain is a must and requires careful preparation, including bringing equipment according to complete mountaineering standards. Because being in the wild has a lot of risks, so our equipment must be complete.

gear pendakian
Gear pendakian sumber pinterest

Always try to bring as much climbing equipment as possible, such as jackets, mountain shoes, sleeping bags, mattresses, coats, headlamps, and other equipment. In addition to this personal equipment, we also have to bring complete group equipment, namely tents, stoves, nesting, flysheets, other cooking utensils.

And not bringing complete climbing equipment and according to climbing SOPs is included in underestimating mountain climbing. You know the consequences if you like to underestimate something.

4. Doing Vandalism

Remember carefully, if your scribbles on rocks, trees, climbing posts, and road signs or stakes at the top of the mountain is an act that is very, very commendable and far from being a nature lover.

vandalisme gunung
Vandalisme - bing

Remember you don't need to write your name, your community, or your country on rocks, trees, or facilities on the mountain just for proof of existence that you have climbed the mountain. That is completely wrong and only pollutes the mountain with pollution, your writing is better if the writing is good and artistic and has artistic value. The writing is like chicken claws and carelessly like that, how come it makes the reader confused and not only destroys the mountain but also damages the eyes of the one who reads it.

After all, the climber who passed by didn't know you and didn't care about the writing because you weren't a famous person either. You write your name Budi on the rock when you are on the mountain and read it by other climbers, they will not know which Budi wrote his name on the rock. Because the name is the market, even every gang already has a name for it. So it's useless if for self-existence you even carry out vandalism, it's primitive people remember you are not misanthropes Erectus.

Just take out your cellphone and ask other climbers to take a photo of you at the top holding a sign or a board that says Peak Peacock 02-02-2020 masl, it's nice, you can upload it directly to Instagram to show off.

5. Not Registering at Climbing Basecamp or Becoming an Illegal Climber

Wow, this is very, very unethical at all and you should never do it. It's not that you want to climb a mountain, it's not that you want to be Tarzan who lives in the forest and makes friends with mountain bagas (vicious pigs) and his friends.

pos registrasi
Pos Registrasi -

Like we are going to propose to someone else's child, don't we have to first get permission from the parents. Don't just play brush, just tarry the business. So also when we are going to climb the mountain, make sure you first register to the mountain climbing Basecamp.

Indeed, if we register, we will be charged a site visit fee, but the fee is indeed used to maintain the hiking trail and also to keep the mountain sustainable. Because every time we register, it's the same as donating 1 tree seed to be planted on the mountain. And indirectly we have contributed to the preservation of the mountain.

Not only that in some mountains which are known to have a very thick mystical, of course, but registration at this basecamp must also be done and sometimes we are collected and given prayers by the mountain kuncen so that we reach the top and return home safely.

In addition, if unwanted things happen during the climb, for example, falling or getting lost, the basecamp will automatically realize it and immediately take rescue actions because you and your entourage have not reported again if you have all descended to basecamp.

Well, if you don't register and you get lost with your entourage, of course, there will be no basecamp party to search because your data is not in basecamp. And you just wait for other climbers to pass by and help you or do a report to basecamp.

When in a state of survival, every second is very valuable and not necessarily a climber who passes by and realizes you have fallen into a ravine. And you can only walk alone looking for a hiking trail or just wait for the angel Izroil to come to you.

6. Drink Alcoholic Drinks

Well, here's what you can't do at all when you climb a mountain. Because if you drink alcohol on the mountain and you're drunk, you might see that there's a sloping road ahead, even though it's a deep ravine. Well, it's dangerous, besides that alcoholic drinks are also prohibited by the government and can cause you to lose your mind.

minuman beralkohol
Minuman beralkohol - foto Free Photos dari Pixabay

It's better to just drink a cup of coffee while waiting for the sun to rise on the top of the mountain while enjoying the warmth of friendship. Coffee is good for health because it is said that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day can prevent cancer and increase our lifespan.

In addition, coffee can also be an intermediary for you to find and get acquainted with the tent next door. Who knows your soul mate is among them and you can get to know him and eventually climb together to the top of the aisle, uwuw.

7. Taking and Killing Anything on the Mountain

Never take or kill any animal on the mountain. Because it can damage the ecosystem on the mountain. Besides that, someone will be angry if you do that.

Bunga Edelweis Jawa - Foto Jaenal Jalalludin
Bunga Edelweis Jawa - Foto Jaenal Jalalludin

Usually what often happens is that climbers who are not nature lovers pick the Edelweiss eternal flower. That's very bad behavior and the worst mountaineer is the one who picks the edelweiss flower, so when he was reprimanded, he was nagging and without sin saying that he just picked a little and there were still a lot of flowers. For this set, I need to take a model climber like this one.

The Edelweiss flower should not be picked because it is a rare plant and is protected by law. Once you are caught picking edelweiss flowers, be prepared for heavy sanctions that will await you both at base camp and on your social media. Remember the comments of Indonesian netizens are very sharp beyond razor sharpness.

Then you can't kill anything on the mountain, whether it's bees that suddenly come to you during the climb. Or he's the one who decided you were right again, unfortunately, oops.

So never pick or take anything on the mountain and kill any animal or plant. Because you are only allowed to kill time while on the mountain and take lessons from a journey up the mountain.

8. Making Instant Noodles the Main Logistics

Wow, remember, you can eat various kinds of food while in the boarding house, from rendang, Soto Lamongan, onion chicken, skipjack, and others in the form of noodles. But remember, when you're in the mountains, you don't do that. When you're on the mountain, you eat noodles, don't get bored. Tar is thought to be living in the mountains again if that's the case.

indomie goreng nesting
Indomie Goreng Nesting -

It's okay to bring instant noodles when climbing the mountain but remember not to take it out or cook it unless your logistics have run out. Because on that mountain we should be able to eat healthy foods that contain 4 healthy 5 perfect.

Don't be shy about the Osprey peg bag, mountain shoes, and Eiger jacket, TNF mountain pants even though it's KW, and T-shirts that say Pecandu Tinggi, GO tents, and other equipment that has a hefty price. But instead, you eat instant noodles at Mount Hadeh, it doesn't make sense, you can buy branded mountain equipment but you can't buy logistics that are 4 healthy 5 perfect, really too much.

If you reason that you can rent equipment or borrow a friend, well, that's a stale excuse. Remember other people or other climbers don't know if you rent or borrow the equipment, they know you use the branded equipment.

So there's no reason you can't eat 4 healthy 5 perfect foods when in the mountains, and you can't eat instant noodles because it's very risky, especially when you're in the mountains.

9. Polluting Water Sources

Water is the source of life and is the most important thing, especially when we climb mountains. Then we will understand how precious drop by drop water is. Because it is very difficult to find water in the mountains.

Sumber Air Ranukumbolo Semeru - photo wikimedia
Sumber Air Ranukumbolo Semeru - photo wikimedia

And if you find a water source on your mountain, don't pollute it by defecating there, because the water is very little and very useful. Then the water flow is also used by the residents at the foot of the mountain for cooking, bathing, drinking, washing and which is certainly very valuable for them.

Just imagine if you even pollute the water source by defecating either large or small there. So you have wronged all those who drink from that water source and use it for cooking, washing, and bathing.

So stop polluting water sources in the mountains, okay? Mendi guards the water source and takes enough water so that it can be used by other climbers and the community.

Those are the 9 taboos that mountain climbers should not do so that we and all parties, both the community, animals, plants, and mountains, remain balanced and preserved. So don't ever break the taboo for when we climb the mountain.

Greetings Lestari!
Let's keep nature and our mountains in order to stay sustainable.

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