These are 5 types of mountain climbers, what number are you at?

 5 tipe pendaki gunung foto guduru ajay bhargav

Talking about mountaineers is endless because this hobby is now being loved. For mountaineers, it is like a mother who always hugs with open arms anyone who visits her. From here, there are several types or levels of mountain climbers who always long to return to set foot on the highest point of this country.

Here, Jelajah Lagi summarizes several types of mountain climbers based on their level and experience as well as their interaction with the mountain where they return to unwind with the soothing sounds of nature.

1. Beginner/Newbie Climber

Climbers of this type are usually people who have been poisoned by their friends who have been poisoned to climb the mountain. Usually, for their equipment, they only bring personal equipment and do not have their complete climbing gear.

Pendaki pemula/newbie - Foto Nina Uhl195173kov195161
Pendaki pemula/newbie - Foto Nina Uhl195173kov195161

The important thing is to go up first and have a sleeping bag, mattress, gravel, and mountain shoes, just step on the gas. The problem of stoves, tents, and other matters was the thing that poisoned him to climb the mountain.

For beginner climbers or newbies, there is usually still minimal knowledge about survival and mountain climbing. Even sometimes confused about what summit attack is? Come on, admit it, the first time you climbed a mountain, you must have wondered about this.

Not only that, but novice climbers also sometimes ask a lot of questions, for example, what if you pee on the mountain, then how will you sleep later, then at night there are tigers or wild animals or no demons when you are at the summit attack.

Yes, it's natural because they don't know how the mountains and the terrain are. But that way they will learn many things by asking questions but the question must be answered, yes, the gang who have already climbed the mountain or who poisoned them up the mountain.

As for the clothes themselves, they are usually more trendy, eh, meaning that they are rich clothes for going to the mall or even wearing a motorcycle jacket, sneakers or running shoes. Understandably because they don't know what the style of a mountain child is like.

Sometimes there are even novice climbers who carry a lot of luggage. Just a few sets of clothes the bag is full, it's like going on vacation.

This beginner climber will also say that he is tired of going up the mountain, not again during the summit attack. Eh, but when he got to the top he took the longest for the photos until the others had to wait for them to finish and then come down.

Then at sunrise, usually these novice climbers are most excited to see the sunrise from a height and a vast and beautiful sea of ​​clouds. He must have immediately taken out his cellphone and took a lot of photos, ranging from selfies, landscape photos, and photos of someone who made him comfortable during the hike, which he secretly likes.

Then when he got home, he was usually the one who was the most diligent in uploading his photos on social media when he was on the mountain. Then he became addicted to climbing another mountain and instead drove the people who poisoned him to climb another mountain.

2. Adventure Climber

After climbing the mountain about 3 to 4 mountains from novice climbers then you will become an adventurous climber. Where here you have started to imitate the style of mountain children's clothes and start to prioritize safety during climbing.

Pendaki Petualang - Foto Guduru Ajay Bhargav
Pendaki Petualang - Foto Guduru Ajay Bhargav

Start wearing mountain shoes, even though they are cheap but still safe, then don't forget to wrap a bracelet around his left hand and of course quick-dry pants and climbing pebbles that can make you look cool and dashing as a climber plus a buff that keeps on hanging around your neck.

This is indicated by slowly starting to pay in installments to buy good standard climbing gear. Well here usually they become climbers who poison their friends to follow up the mountain.

Sometimes these adventurous climbers also often help the group carry logistics and some group equipment such as cooking utensils. Then I have started to understand the mountain climbing centenary. And sometimes walk first to be the navigator in the group when climbing.

Here, because he has climbed about 3 to 4 mountains, his nature lover's soul begins to be honed. Where he is aware of the three rules on the mountain, namely prohibit from taking anything but photos, prohibit from leaving anything but traces and prohibit from accumulating anything but time.

3. Senior Climber

After becoming an Adventurer climber you will become a senior climber after completing a minimum of 10 mountains. And here your nature lover's soul is more mature and understands the science of survival.

Pendaki Senior - Foto Amine M'siouri
Pendaki Senior - Foto Amine M'siouri

In addition, this Senior climber is also on the pedestal in the group and usually, he is the leader or sweeper whose job it is to protect the group. His attitude is also easy to get along with climbers from other groups and already understands what taboos exist on the mountain.

The style itself is usually simpler because it is more concerned with equipment and equipment that is multifunctional and more concerned with safety equipment. In addition, usually, these senior climbers already have complete climbing equipment ranging from tents, stoves, nesting, flysheets, and also other climbing equipment.

He must also have a bell that he always carries when climbing, which is hung in front of the carrier along with a typical climber's glass hanging from the carrier. The carrier also has good and strong quality, re-soled trekking shoes and of course safety because they are often used. Sometimes he only wears shorts when climbing and a printed T-shirt in the style of a mountain boy plus cuffs in his hands and a buff around his neck or above his head.

He also knows very well how to register and take care of the administration of the climb as well as the climbing route and terrain. And of course, he can already cook deliciously when in the mountains using nesting. Even for him, cooking rice with nesting is very easy and easy and the result is delicious and fluffier rice.

Of course, this senior climber usually sleeps last because for him the night on the mountain is too precious not to be enjoyed. And at sunrise, he always knows how to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee.

This senior climber has also started to carry out 7 Indonesian summits and has the desire to continue and complete 7 summits of the world. Anyway, he has his reasons for climbing the mountain, not only to exist and fill his cellphone memory with funny photos like a novice climber. Here he too has found the meaning or meaning of a climb and became addicted to tranquility on the mountain.

4. God Level Climber

If this one, don't ask again if it's a climbing gear problem and climbing experience. Of course, he became a climber who had very complete knowledge of climbing and mountain problems.

Pendaki tingkat dewa - Foto Tirachard Kumtanom
Pendaki tingkat dewa - Foto Tirachard Kumtanom

Usually, he has climbed to the same mountain many times and has memorized the route of climbing and can already guess the state of nature and the environment and even the weather conditions he can read it. Will, there be a storm or not or will it rain or just make it rain for him, eh?

No less than 20 mountain peaks he has managed to trace and visit. In addition, this god-level climber has also completed 7 summits of Indonesia and is even undergoing an expedition to complete 7 summits of the world by climbing the 7 highest peaks in the world. Therefore, this god-level climber has often been a speaker or speaker at the nature lover's Diksar or Mapala.

If there is a problem with climbing gear, don't ask again, you have complete climbing gear, even tents sometimes have more than one because this god-level climber already knows which climbing gear is quality and safe.

Anyway, it's really good if this god-level climber and of course is very calm personality and also has strong words to motivate during the climb. And for him, the mountain has become his second home and a place he will always visit amidst the hustle and bustle of his busy life in the city.

If you want to climb a mountain, you usually don't bother looking for it together and suddenly you just update the photo at the top of the highest mountain and make other climbers baper. In addition, his friendship is very broad, not only Indonesian climbers, he even has friends from climbers from abroad.

5. Mixed Doubles Climber

Remember, I don't want to play badminton here because I read the title mixed doubles. But here mixed doubles climbers usually make other climbers say so sweet while wow, it's really fun. Plus it's really cute, so I want to pinch it.

They can always be the center of attention when climbing mountains. Anyway, it makes me baper, makes me crazy, and sometimes makes me want to be like them one day.

Pendaki ganda campurran - Foto Instagram @sitiaminahborhan
Pendaki ganda campurran - Foto Instagram @sitiaminahborhan

Yes, because this mixed doubles climber is not 1 person, but a package of people. Namely, a climbing family who brought their baby who was still very upset and went up the mountain with them. And they are usually senior climbers or god-level climbers who meet on the mountain and then love each other and continue when they return to real life in the city and finally together conquer the aisle peak.

And even though they are married, they still climb and don't hang around like other climbers who retire and are forced to hang up their shoes when they are married. But for this mixed doubles climber, after marriage, it is not an obstacle and a reason to stop climbing the mountain.

Even they are aware to give and train their children to love nature since childhood by taking them hiking together. Anyway, it's so sweet, right?

Those are 5 types of mountain climbers according to their level of experience and actually, there is one more that is the sixth but it's rich that it can't be included in this list. Namely, a mountain climber who just keeps on importing, eh, when it's close to D day, he doesn't even come because of classic reasons. What's the point of a climber like this?

Best regards!
So, what type of climber are you now?

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