Lawa Songgom Cave, a Viral New Tour in Brebes Indonesia Has a Charm Similar to Jomblang Cave Jogja

 Pintu Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi by JL Jaenal Jalalludin - Previously, the hidden paradise of Waru Doyong Cipetung in Paguyangan Brebes went viral on social media in early 2021 because of its charm that was similar to The valley of Stelheim in Norway there. Now it's the turn of another new viral tourist spot in Brebes district. And this time it is closer to Brebes city, the name is Goa Lawa.

If Waru Doyong, Cipetung Paguyangan, Brebes similar to the Valley of Stelheim in Norway. If Goa Lawa has a charm similar to Goa Jomblang in Jogjakarta there. Yes, even though it's not the same rim and very similar to using it, at least the charm is the same.

Goa Lawa itself started going viral around August and September 2021 after several YouTubers made videos and also posts on social media about the charm of this limestone cave. Then the Jelajah Lagi team was finally curious and visited Goa Lawa.

Initially, Goa Lawa was only known by residents and people who hunted reptiles and lawa (bats). Because it is located deep in the forest and is still very beautiful. However, since there is a limestone mining project in the area and the construction of an access road that passes through Goa Lawa since 2010 has made Goa Lawa which was previously covered with trees, open and visible.

Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes viral - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin
Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes viral - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin

It was only in 2018 that residents began to build Goa Lawa into a new tourist destination independently. Starting from widening the lip of the cave (entrance) by sculpting the bottom of the mouth of the cave to make it more visible. Until the making of stairs from bamboo and also a wooden entrance gate and a wooden and bamboo bridge in the cave to take pictures and make it easier for visitors to explore this Lawa Cave.


Goa Lawa itself is about 45 km to the south of the city center of Brebes which can be reached in about an hour by using a motorized vehicle, either a car or a motorbike. To reach Goa Lawa you can drive from the city of Brebes to Jatibarang. After arriving at the Jatibarang red light, take a right turn towards Keuntungan.

Then, after meeting SDN Karang Sembung, turn left towards Songgom (usually there will be Mr. Reluctant at this fork, so if you haven't met Mr. Reluctant, don't turn first). Just keep following this path for about 30 minutes.

After entering Songgom Village and meeting with the MTs Maarif NU 4 Songgom school, take a left (cross the bridge). Now from here, you will start to be treated to limestone roads whose signs are not far away.

Just keep going until you meet a motorbike parking lot and a stall to the right of the limestone road and right on your right you will see Goa Lawa gaping on a limestone hill. And that is a sign that you have arrived and can enjoy the charm of Goa Lawa.


Entrance Ticket Prices & Facilities

For entry tickets when the Jelajah Lagi team visits there, it's still free because it's a weekday or weekday. But according to one of the shopkeepers so far there has been no official ticket because it has not been officially managed and is still self-supporting from the Songgom village community. However, on weekends or when visitors are crowded, the manager will place empty cardboard at the entrance of the cave which can be filled sincerely by Goa Lawa visitors.

Destinasi Baru Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin
Destinasi Baru Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin

And the money collected will be used to repair facilities such as making permanent stains from concrete castings to make it easier for visitors to get to the cave entrance. Up to maintenance and cleanliness and security around Goa Lawa.

For facilities, there is only a parking lot on the side of the road and also a few small stalls from residents around Goa Lawa. And there are no facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms as well as a hut or resting place. Hopefully, in the future, these facilities can be realized along with the increasing number of visitors to Goa Lawa.

History of Goa Lawa

This cave is named Goa Lawa because in ancient times the contents in this cave were lawa or large bats (bats). Because when the residents found the contents of this cave were hanging bats. Even if it rains the water will not enter because there are so many lawa hanging on the walls of this cave.

Goa Lawa itself was formed from the colonial era and even became a bunker or shelter for the residents of Songgom and its surroundings when there was a war. Then when there was a DI/TII rebellion in the South Brebes area, Goa Lawa was also the savior of the Songgom people from the DI/TII rebellion attack at that time. Because the condition of the forest is still beautiful and the mouth of the cave is still covered with lush trees so it is very safe. Even DI/TII soldiers were unable to find this cave when they were combing the forest around Goa Lawa.

After the war, Goa Lawa was rarely visited by residents and was only visited by reptile and bat seekers. But now this historically-laden cave can be visited by anyone and enjoy the charm of Goa Lawa which has been opened as a tourist destination.

Goa Lawa Attractions

Maybe when you first get there and see the gaping mouth of Goa Lawa, you'll think that it's just like that. Plus, the arid conditions around this cave will make you grumble because it's really hot, especially if you come in broad daylight. In addition, having to climb several earthen stairs made independently by residents and wooden stairs to climb up to the mouth of the cave can make you breathless.

But after entering, you will be treated to some amazing views and also the rich cool air in Indo-Aret (unfortunately there is no snacks). You will be greeted by a wooden and bamboo bridge that connects several parts of this Lawa Cave. Because there is a fairly deep ravine about 1 to 2 meters when you first enter this cave. Anyway, don't forget to read Bismillah when you reach the mouth of the cave, because this is a recommendation from residents to be safe and comfortable.

Jembatan Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin
Jembatan Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin

The deeper you go, you will find a wider place which is the main room with sunlight shining through the hole above the cave. Like the Jomblang cave in Jogjakarta, Goa Lawa also has a hole at the top and not only one, but 3 holes. where the hole has tree roots hanging from it.

The main room in this cave is also quite spacious and can accommodate about a hundred people and seems suitable for photographs because there is a flat edge of the inside of the cave above it so it looks like a stage. Anyway, it's suitable for pre-wedding photos and you just need to adjust the direction of the sun's rays so that the photos are more vibrant.

Atap Bolong Atas Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin
Atap Bolong Atas Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin

You can also try to get out of the small gap on the right side of the cave after crossing the wooden bridge. This small gap penetrates the outside of the cave and is usually a favorite spot for junior high school children to sit around while looking at the sights of the visitors who come and the residents' stalls among the teak trees. But remember, for those of you who are big, don't force yourself to go through this gap, yes, later there will be traffic jams again.

The cool atmosphere in this cave will also be able to make you feel at home for a long time in it, especially the atmosphere inside is also very bright because of direct sunlight entering from the holes above the cave wall. Moreover, the weather outside the cave is very hot, so you will be lazy to go out, eh.

As the name implies Goa Lawa, you will also find Lawa or a large bat in this cave. But not as much as in the past, it was said that if someone hunted bats here, one shot with an air rifle would get about 8 to 10 bats. This is so many lawa hanging over the walls of this cave.

But when the Exploration Again team went there, we only saw that only 2 opponents were flying from one corner of the cave to another looking for a comfortable place to rest. And try to take cover from the attention of Goa Lawa visitors who are busy taking pictures.

After being tired and feeling increasingly hungry and thirsty, you can buy snacks and drinks at the local people's stalls near the parking lot. While resting under a teak forest, it feels very delicious and calm for the price it is very affordable and not as expensive as snacks in other tourist attractions.


For those of you who want to enjoy the charm of Goa Jomblang but don't make it to Jogja, then just come to Goa Lawa, which is no less enchanting with Goa in Jogja.

Bagian Dalam Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin
Bagian Dalam Goa Lawa Songgom Brebes - Foto Jelajah Lagi x JL Jaenal Jalalludin

What's more, it's still sincere for the entrance ticket so you can invite relatives, friends, friends, family to come to Goa Lawa. Or you can also just have him prewedding in Goa Lawa, so he's anti-mainstream, so the prewedding will be so sweet.

Don't forget as much as possible to buy drinks or snacks provided by small stalls of residents. That helps the economy of the residents there and also don't forget to give more boxes for Goa Lawa so that the facilities are even better.

Because it's still in the development stage, facilities such as toilets don't exist yet, so if you're in a hurry, you have to go looking for a public toilet at a gas station or the Songgom market. Hopefully, in the future, there will be attention from the government and the tourism office to develop this Goa Lawa tourist destination. So that the facilities will be more complete and make visitors more comfortable to visit Goa Lawa.

So when do you want to visit and enjoy the charm of Goa Lawa which is full of history and also has a beauty that is similar to Goa Jomblang in Jogja.

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