These 5 photo spots in Jogja can make your photos feel like you are on vacation abroad

 5 spot foto jogja ala luar negeri - Foto instgram @her_journeys dan @kev.anda

Terbawa lagi langkahku ke sana, Mantra apa entah yang istimewa, Kupercaya selalu ada sesuatu di JogjaHave read the first sentence in this article, don't sing it. Edge is true that Jogja is special and there is always something to visit.

This time, we will travel to very Instragamable places in Jogja that can make our photos feel like we are on vacation abroad.

Maybe you are curious about where the place is. Don't worry, we will discuss everything here especially for you. And here are 7 Instagramable places in Jogja that can make your photos feel like you're on vacation abroad.

1. Plunyon Kalikuning

In the first place, there is Plunyon Kalikuning which is located in Cangkringan District, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The scenery here is very beautiful, you can even say it's super beautiful that can bewitch anyone who visits.

Pluyon Kalikuning, Jogja - Foto Instagram irennaadi
Pluyon Kalikuning, Jogja - Foto Instagram irennaadi

There are lots of Instagramable photo spots here, starting from photos with beautiful natural scenery. Or you can try a photo with a long-looking bridge that produces photos like abroad.

You can also take pictures with a pine forest as the background that stands upright for your photo background. Moreover, here there is a canopy tail which is indeed installed to connect between the pine trees, and of course, it is very good and very Instagramable to be a background for your photos.

And one more thing from Plunyon Kalikuning you can immediately see the mighty Mount Merapi which is surrounded by green trees. What is certain is that for those of you who like serenity, a peaceful atmosphere, and want to relax, you can directly visit this Pluyon Klikuning.

2. Landasan Pacu Depok

This spot is indeed a very long asphalt road with some shrubs on the edges and also some pine trees at several points. So it's very Instagramable with the background photo of the runway with shrubs on the left and right. Surely your photos will feel like in western films.

Landasan Pacu Depok, Jogja - Foto Instgram landasanpacujogja
Landasan Pacu Depok, Jogja - Foto Instgram landasanpacujogja

This runway is also not far from the Depok Beach area and the Parangkusumo Sand Dunes in Jogjakarta. So you can also stop by at the beach and the dunes.

The best time to visit and take pictures at the Depok Runway is in the afternoon or around 15.00 until the sun goes down. Because at that time your photos will look more like abroad with the golden afternoon sun. Anyway, the photos you took were epic at that time.

3. Kampung Ketandan

If you want to take pictures with the feel of being in China, then you can visit Ketandan Village, which is located in the Malioboro area, downtown Yogyakarta. You will immediately feel like you are in the country of China since passing through the gates of this Ketandan Village.

Kampung Ketandan, Jogja - Foto Instagram rameliavitra
Kampung Ketandan, Jogja - Foto Instagram rameliavitra

And of course, you can take pictures with various photo spots of buildings that are designed with Chinese nuances. Even one of the Chinese media, namely shanghai. explorer has also uploaded this photo of Kampung Ketandan Yogyakarta.

The Yogyakarta City Government itself has determined Ketandan Village as a Chinatown area. So that the buildings here are deliberately made of Chinese architecture. Because the village of Ketandan itself is a witness to the history of the Chinese community in Yogyakarta which has existed since 200 years ago.

So, the best time to come to Ketandan Village is during the Chinese New Year. Because since 2006 in Ketandan Village, Chinese Culture Week has always been held to welcome the Chinese New Year. And that's when the village of Ketandan will be more lively with ornaments and gates with Chinese architecture and cultural activities such as Lion Dance and others.

4. Selopamiro Suspension Bridge

This suspension bridge does have a charm of its beauty where this bridge stands firmly and looks striking among the green hills of Imogiri.

Jembatan Gantung Selopamiro, Jogja - Foto Instagram arfadoni
Jembatan Gantung Selopamiro, Jogja - Foto Instagram arfadoni

Although this bridge was originally intended for transportation access between Selopamiro Village and Sriharjo. However, the charm of its natural beauty makes this bridge a subscription for pre-wedding photos for some brides-to-be.

Of course, if you don't have a partner for pre-wedding photos at the Selopamiro Hanging Bridge, don't cry, okay? You can still play there and take pictures on this very Instagramable bridge. But remember that when you go there there is another pre-wedding photo session, you have to be strong, don't even keep jumping off the bridge.

5. Langlang Buana

Now if you can't fly to Europe to enjoy the atmosphere there, don't be sad just come to Langlang Buana in Yogyakarta. You will feel that you are in Europe since you set foot in this tourist area which just opened in December 2019.

Langlang Buana, Jogja - Foto Instagram nadhiarista
Langlang Buana, Jogja - Foto Instagram nadhiarista

Tourist destinations located on Jalan Kaliurang KM. 20, Sawangan, Hargobinangun, Pakem Sub-district, Sleman indeed presents European-style photo spots. It's even dubbed as Mini Europe in the style of Jogja.

And in Langlang Buana also presents Santorini, a beautiful city in Greece that has a very amazing beauty. Despite the miniatures, Langlang Buana still pays attention to details for houses like the original Santorini with white walls and blue doors.

Here you can also explore narrow alleys that have beauty with wooden doors and windows that are typical of the area around the Alps. And if you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you can visit Baker Street here, which of course is equipped with a typical London public telephone. And many other spots will surely make you feel like you are traveling around Europe.

So, those are 5 Instagramable tourist spots that can make your photos look like you're on vacation abroad. You can make a year-end vacation with family, friends, friends or invite him for a walk and you apply in the places above.

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