Still Doubtful About Having a Mountaineer's Life Partner? Must Read This First

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Indeed, when we talk about a partner, we will see if the character fits us or not. Because of course everyone who will look for a partner with a character that is almost similar or who can make him comfortable, ea.

Everyone has a different character and has its characteristics. But all of the characters can be guessed from the hobbies he lives. For example, if you like fishing, you must be very patient. If you can't wait, the name is fishing for commotion, he hehe.

Then what about mountain climbers or adventurers? Well, this is what we think is the most suitable for a couple. Why can?

Yes, because mountain climbers or adventurers have such enchanting characters, and some even don't belong to people whose hobbies are julid people on social media or who wobble incoherently.

So don't hesitate if you have a partner who is a mountain climber. If you can, continue to climb together to the highest peak in the world hereafter, namely the aisle peak.

Now, why is it that a mountain climber or adventurer is highly recommended as your partner?

1. The Mountaineer is Thorough

This is one of the important characters of a very important mountain climber, aka a must-have. Thorough here is indeed a very charming character and so needed when climbing the mountain.

pendaki gunung itu teliti - foto instagram gunungreview
Pendaki gunung itu teliti - foto instagram gunungreview
Because a mountain climber must and must know what to prepare and bring when going up the mountain. Even the number of the equipment for climbing the mountain is a lot with other unique functions.

If you miss one item, you can make a well-arranged travel plan fall apart. Moreover, these items are important items such as stoves, cooking utensils (nesting), headlamps, sleeping bags, and others.

For example, because we were not careful when repacking at the climbing basecamp, we forgot to put the tent frame next to the gravel (because the tent was folded inside the gravel). Of course, if you reach the campsite, it will collapse where the tent cannot be erected because the frame is missing. And of course, it's very dangerous, especially climbing the mountain, we are in the wild, so there is no shelter when it rains except for tents and flysheets.

Besides that, the cold air on the mountain is colder than his attitude towards you. And there's always the danger of hypothermia lurking in every bone-chilling cold.

But of course, a true mountain climber will be careful before starting to set foot to get to the highest point on the mountain to be climbed. Even the level of accuracy of the god-level climber will be much higher. He will bring basic survival items to anticipate if things happen that are not desirable.

So of course if you have a partner, a climber will find this meticulous character. And maybe he will amaze you when you eat together and because you are in a hurry you even forget your cellphone or keys. Eh, when you just said, where's your cellphone? He immediately handed it to you and said, "Here's the cellphone next time, don't leave it on the cafe table, okay? Duh so sweet.

2. Mountain climbers are independent

Yes, about this one character, you don't need to ask a mountain climber again. You could say mountain climbers are the most independent people because they are used to playing in the forest and don't whine, why isn't the road paved or why is there no lift to get to the top of the mountain, eh.

Pendaki gunung itu mandiri - foto instagram doniahm_
Pendaki gunung itu mandiri - foto instagram doniahm_

Although sometimes climbers have thoughts when they reach the top of the mountain and want to go down, try if there is a flying fox, it will go down quickly (while looking at the foot of the mountain). Let's admit that you mountain climbers must have thought of something like that, he hehe. If so, we're the same, eh.

When on the mountain, of course, a mountain climber will do everything himself, such as building his tent, bringing his climbing equipment, bringing his Keril, until he cooks himself, er, that means cooking his food. Anyway, everything is self-contained and even his own heart eh.

If that's the case, they are so independent that they are still single. But not Jones, but single because the mountains are more attractive than him who keeps his cold attitude. And not a few mountain climbers are rich like that.

Anyway, if you have a mountaineering partner, then congratulations, because he has been tested for independence.

3. Mountain climbers are patient

Well, this patient nature or character is obtained by mountain climbers during the climbing trip. The more mountains that are climbed, the stronger the forging of patience that the mountaineers receive.

Pendaki gunung itu sabar - foto instagram andriyatna1945
Pendaki gunung itu sabar - foto instagram andriyatna1945

In addition, patience is indeed one of the keys to the success of a climb. Because if you are impatient, you might be separated from the group and of course leaving the climbing group is a big problem and one of the disgrace for a mountain climber.

Moreover, during the ascent, several problems often arise in the group, such as cramps, fatigue, and symptoms of hypothermia. Of course, if you can't wait, then the cramped group of friends will be left behind because they are considered to be inhibiting and this attitude is certainly not a reflection of a mountain climber but a reflection of a person who is selfish and has the heart to do what he can.

So with the patient nature that has been tested during the ascent both by heavy terrain and long climbing travel times as well as some of the problems that arise during the ascent. Mountain climbers can be the perfect match for you.

Because if you have a problem and are angry and bickering, he will be more patient with you, especially when you are angry, it's not clear during PMS, eh.

4. Mountain climber is tough

Well, being tough here is not just about being good at fighting, because if you're good at fighting, you're only strong in muscles. But the toughness of a mountain climber is tough both physically and mentally.

Pendaki gunung itu tangguh - foto ar_roziie16
Pendaki gunung itu tangguh - foto ar_roziie16

Because he is used to being trained both physically and mentally by every mountain he climbs. Not infrequently the climbers are faced with steep and heavy terrain during the climb. Plus he had to carry a large mountain bag which of course was not light for hours during the climb.

In addition, mountain climbers are used to fighting the cold air of the forest and also fighting fear when passing through several steep and exhausting paths. Moreover, the path during the summit attack to reach the highest peak of the mountain. Surely you will be faced with mental attacks that always want to give up and get off in the middle of the journey because of exhaustion.

But of course, this is not taken by a true mountain climber. Because when it appears and tries to break the mentality to go down again, that's when the mental toughness of a mountain climber will block the suggestion and keep moving forward until he reaches the top.

Of course, having a strong partner both physically and mentally will make you comfortable. Because he will not leave you when you are at the lowest point in life.

5. Mountain climbers are merciful

Who says mountain climbers are not loving people, where is the voice? If there is, it means you are wrong and wrong. Mountain climbers are people who have a loving nature.

Pendaki gunung itu penyayang - foto instagram aden_curve
Pendaki gunung itu penyayang - foto instagram aden_curve

Because love or love for a mountain and nature is what makes it an addiction to go back up the mountain. Even a true mountain climber considers the mountain as a mother who hugs him warmly when life in the city is so toxic to the mind.

Of course, this mountain climber is suitable to be your partner, because mountains and nature are loved and loved especially you.

6. Mountaineers are Attention

Who said mountain climbers can't be romantic and considerate? Mountain climbers are mostly romantic and caring people. If you don't believe it, just try climbing with true mountain climbers, you will be able to prove the nature and character of this one.

Pendaki gunung itu perhatian - foto instagram yosie_244
Pendaki gunung itu perhatian - foto instagram yosie_244

How not when you are tired on the hiking trail there is always one of the climbers in your group who asks how safe it is? And there are even ones that are straight to the point, here I bring the mountain bag so they don't get tired. Oh, that's a lot of attention.

Especially when you're cold in the tent and someone says hello. Here's warm chocolate and toast so you don't get cold. When you are tired, you are encouraged, when you go down, you bring the mountain bag, and even though most of the time you get to the bottom, you forget about it, eh.

Those are some of the characters attached to a mountain climber who is certainly very suitable to be a partner. So don't hesitate to have a partner who is a mountain climber.

If you feel that the explanation above is in doubt, it's better if we go straight to the gas, we climb the mountain so that we know and prove whether it is true that the character of the mountain climber is as written above.

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