Apart from Sunrise, 6 Photo Spots on Mount Prau Indonesia are no less beautiful

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Being one of the mountains with the most beautiful sunrise in Indonesia, making Mount Prau in Wonosobo and Temanggung is one of the favorite mountains for climbers. In addition, with a height of only 2590 meters above sea level, this mountain is very friendly for beginner climbers or even the first mountain you climb.

It turns out that not only the sunrise is epic and is a photo spot for climbers on Mount Prau. Several other photo spots are no less epic on Mount Pegan, the nickname of the peak of 1000 hills.

And here are some other charms of Mount Prau that can captivate the eye and of course can be your photo background while there besides the sunrise.

1. Daisy Field

Daisy flowers which have white and pink colors are indeed one of the typical flowers on Mount Prau. While other mountains are proud of the eternal flower Edelweiss, Mount Prau is also not inferior to its beautiful and beautiful Daisy field.

Padang  Daisy Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram irva_herliyanty
Padang  Daisy Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram irva_herliyanty

Even Daisy's beauty is not inferior to edelweiss. I think Daisy is prettier, especially the color, especially when it's dewy in the morning, it's epic. It could be a paradise for macro photographers, especially for flowers.

Well, this daisy field stretches out so wide with the weeds in the savanna of Mount Prau. But if you want a dense and beautiful Daisy field on Mount Prau, then try to follow the path that leads to the top of Prau from Sunrise Camp Patak Banteng or Shelter. Just walking for about 20 minutes then you can find a collection of beautiful Daisy on the right side of the path and they are very photogenic.

Anyway, if you go to Prau, don't forget to take a photo with this Daisy flower, but remember not to pick it. But let them grow beautiful so they can germinate and grow other daisies. Aren't we forbidden to take anything on the mountain except photos.

2. Dead tree in the middle of the savanna

Well, there's one more thing besides daisy flowers that you can take photos with when you're in Prau, namely dead trees in the savanna of grasslands and mountain daisies in Prau. Several trees can be used as a place or spot for your photos.

Pohon mati Sabana Gunung Prau - Foto instagaram marliana_lianaa
Pohon mati Sabana Gunung Prau - Foto instagaram marliana_lianaa

The first is a dead tree that is near the board of Telaga Wurung which beats Prau Peak. This dead tree toppled over in the middle near the path and is usually used as a seat for climbers to rest.

This skinless tree is suitable as a photo spot for you with poses like a sitting model. Anyway, it's really good and can make your photos more aesthetic.

But if you want photos that are more challenging and bring out your adventurous spirit. Then try to take pictures with dead trees that are still standing. You can climb this dead tree which is on the path to the top of Prau. But remember to be careful, yes, because the name of a dead tree will automatically die and its roots will fall.

And one more unique tree on Mount Prau that you can take photos of is a curved pine tree. This one tree is still alive, yes, but because it was hit by a storm, it grows curved and survives to continue to grow.

So that a cypress tree is created whose trunk is curved to resemble a seat that you can sit on to take pictures. And to find this one tree, you can go up Mount Prau via Basecamp Wates or Igirmranak. And it is located right in Plawangan or the vegetation boundary.

3. Teletubbies Hill Prau

As its nickname, Mount Prau is the Peak of a Thousand Hills and it is true because on this mountain you will find lots of hills filled with daisy flowers. And the cluster of hills does look like the hills in the Teletubbies children's series.

Bukit Teletubis Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram andipio
Bukit Teletubis Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram andipio

Teletubbies hill can be enjoyed from the Patak Banteng sunrise camp and is often used as a photo background when the sunrise arrives. In addition, when entering the rainy season and the end of the rainy season, these hills will be even more beautiful with so many Daisy flowers decorated.

So don't ever miss taking pictures on this Teletubis Prau hill. And the best time is in March or when Mount Prau is re-opened for climbers after closing for repairs to the hiking trail.

4. Shelter and Al Hadi Mosque

Now there is one more thing that is new at Mount Prau, namely the very Aesthetic and Instagramable building that was built by one of the Indonesian outdoor brands. These two buildings have indeed become one of the new photo spots on Mount Prau.

Shelter dan mushala al Hadi Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram jajang_jaelani95
Shelter dan mushala al Hadi Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram jajang_jaelani95

You can take pictures by sitting on a portable folding chair in front of the emergency shelter as if you were the owner. But still, this shelter and Al Hadi Mosque are indeed functioned as they should, namely for emergency shelters if there are climbers who are injured or hypothermic, and also you can pray at Al Hadi Mosque in peace.

5. Missing Hill

Well, this hill is indeed a competitor to the Patak Banteng sunrise camp, because at Rindu Hill, you will get a sunrise view that is no less epic than Patak Banteng sunrise camp.

Bukit Rindu Gunung Prau - Foto Instagram jalalludinj
Bukit Rindu Gunung Prau - Foto Jaenal Jalalludin

And if you're lucky, you can enjoy the sunset with the background of the Dieng valley from Bukit Rindu. So if you camp here, you will get 2 benefits, namely being able to enjoy a sunrise that is no less epic and also the Dieng sunset which is epic. It's pretty good to be able to get sunrise and sunset at the same time without having to move places.

For those who often climb Prau via the Patak Banteng or Dieng basecamps, they must be confused about where this Rindu hill is located. But for climbers via Basecamp Wates and Igirmranak, know that Rindu hill is the second Sunrise Camp on Mount Prau.

But be careful if you go to Rindu hill because you can catch Rain Du, especially when you camp with him who is your target, oops.

6. Prau Peak

Well, almost 90% of Mount Prau climbers will be confused if asked if they have been to the top of Mount Prau yet or when asked where to go to the top. This is the same as me who also had to climb 3 times to Mount Prau to get to the top of Mount Prau and take a photo with the Selamat Darang board at the summit of Mount Prau 2590m above sea level.

Puncak Gunung Prau - Foto Team Bala-Bala
Puncak Gunung Prau - Foto Team Bala-Bala

Most Prau mountain climbers do not have time or do not know where the peak of Prau is because here there are indeed many hills whose peaks can be seen with the eye. In addition, the absence of a marker to get to the peak of Prau makes climbers confused and finally considers Patak Banteng sunrise camp as the peak of Mount Prau.

The highest point of Mount Prau is on a hill where there is a Welcome to Mount Prau peak at 2590 meters above sea level. But again, most climbers to Mount Prau are to enjoy the beauty of the very beautiful sunrise and the best in Southeast Asia.

So that the peak of Prau is not ignored and is not the main goal of coming to Mount Prau. But for those of you who climb Mount Prau via Basecamp Dieng then you will always meet Puncak Prau. Because to get to the sunrise camp, you have to pass through Puncak Prau first.

Indeed, the view at the top of Prau is not as good as the view at the sunrise camp. But there is a special pleasure in taking pictures at the highest point of Mount Prau as a sign that we have passed climbing Mount Prau.

You can also see the Dieng valley from Puncak Prau, such as the color lake of Sikidang crater as well as plantations and residential areas as well as the exotic Dieng road. So how many times do you have to go to Mount Prau to be able to take photos on the Welcome to the Peak of Mount Prau 2590m above sea level?

Those are some interesting photo spots on Mount Prau, the peak of a thousand hills that can be a more beautiful background for your photos besides the sunrise, which is undeniably beautiful like you, oops.

Best regards!

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