The Suffers of Mountain Climbers, Which Have You Ever Experienced?

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Every hobby and activity that we like does save a pleasure and a sense of happiness when we live it. But it turns out that there is also suffering that must be experienced while living it.

And this time we will discuss the sufferings that are often experienced by mountain climbers both before and during the ascent to return home.

It can be likened to the sufferings of these climbers can be a valuable experience story to tell to future generations. Not to remember the pain when we feel the pains as mountain climbers but to laugh and reminisce about our youth which was full of struggles that were sometimes ridiculous, eh.

So, let's go straight to discussing what mountain climbers suffer from before, during, and after climbing.

1. Back Alone

Some so many people like this, you must have done it, right? Eh, wait a minute, why do you ask the question, even though it hasn't been discussed yet. Okay, let's discuss it first, and then later you can answer the question after reading this point.

This slow retreat is not a koplo song whose music makes the body sway, yes, but yes, this usually happens before climbing. Precisely it started when there was a message notification on our cellphone that said, "Bro, eat mendoan with watermelon at post 5 Slamet via Bambangan, let's August." Or "September 2nd is a long weekend, let's gas Merbabu."

Now after the message was received, a few weeks later a Whatsapp group was created to coordinate climbing preparations. Starting from introductions, discussing plans through which route, logistics, and equipment, transportation, to updating mountain conditions. Yes, the main thing is the discussion or meeting preparation for climbing which is usually punctuated by jokes and curricula and subtle chums from singles if there are female climbers in the group and they are still single, eh.

Then suddenly D-3 to D-1 departure to basecamp climbing usually this slow retreat will be seen. Starting with a message with the word "Sorry...." followed by reasons such as an impromptu job that can't be left (even though it's already on leave?), the boss's leave does not accede, the body is not feeling well, and so on.

Then it becomes a domino effect where usually the friends who are invited by A back off because they don't know and are embarrassed. Until finally, from a dozen slowly retreating to 5, there were even 2 or 1 people left. And the severity of the pain is that when the one who initiated the summit also retreats slowly, it is certain that the climb will fail and become incomparable suffering. Want to walk with 2 less money to rent a tent because the one who has a tent is back. So it's all wrong and makes you suffer, especially the last 1 friend who said "Then I won't be like that either."

Now, try to answer the question at the beginning of this pint, surely you can answer it, right, admit it and what is the unique reason you have given when you left slowly? Can you write in the comments?

2. U-turn, CLOSED Mountain bro!

If this is usually the most painful suffering for mountain climbers. Already otw from home carrying big gravel on a motorbike or taking public transportation to the climbing basecamp. Uh, suddenly, when I arrived at basecamp, there was no one at all and there was a big sign on the basecamp that said "CLIMBING CLOSED TEMPORARY" which usually makes you rub your chest and say "haeeehhh" with a god-level expression of disappointment.

Derita pendaki gunung tutup, puter bali bro - foto instagram pgl_cemorosewu
Derita pendaki gunung tutup, puter balik bro - foto instagram pgl_cemorosewu

Even though the preparations were complete and the climbing team did not retreat slowly, everything was complete. But what can nature do sometimes can't be predicted like how he feels, eh. And travel, booking tickets online, even taking time off from work will be in vain because the mountain is CLOSED.

Usually, hiking trails or mountains are closed due to emergency conditions ranging from mountains that are about to erupt, landslides, storms, and extreme weather to disease outbreaks. Like in July 2021 where almost all mountains on the islands of Java and Bali were closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

And this suffering will be a heavy slap for climbers, especially novice climbers who are invited to climb the mountain for the first time. Surely his mentality is immediately mental and may not want to be invited again to go up the mountain.

Usually, the climbers will turn back if the one whose house is close is just a different sub-district, city, or district. Now, for those from outside the island, who have traveled on a plane to marathon the Roof of East Java, Roof of Central Java, and Roof of West Java, eh, even if you lose everything, you won't cry blood, eh.

It's not good if it's like that, so you can make a plan B for climbers who are far away. So if you have to roll back because it's CLOSED, bro! still able to keep climbing to the nearest mountain. But you have to check the status of the mountain first so that it doesn't roll back again, but you think it's odong-odong, bring the big keril back and forth.

So get used to it before leaving, whether it's still a discourse or on the D day of departure to the climbing basecamp, always check the status of the mountain climber you are going to. You don't need to look around asking here and there for the status of the mountain climbing you are going to. Because we've made a summary on this special page at So just click on the link at Info Buka Tutup Jalur Pendakian Gunung Indonesia.

3. Trapped Rain and Storm

If this one suffering is very dangerous because it involves the safety of life. A rainstorm during the ascent is likely to trigger a deadly mountain sickness, hypothermia. And it is often a pain experienced by mountain climbers, especially those who climb during the rainy season.

Therefore, when it rains while climbing or at the top of a mountain, the risk of developing hypothermia is even greater. Especially if the climbing equipment is incomplete, such as not wearing an adequate raincoat or poncho. Why is it adequate because not all raincoats and ponchos can withstand rainstorms and eventually the water penetrates inside. Therefore, it is recommended to use a raincoat or poncho that is strong waterproof & windproof to keep the body dry.

Rain during the ascent also makes the footsteps slower and leads to a delay in climbing time. Coupled with increasingly cold conditions, we will often rest which leads to a slow climb.

In addition, rain can also make the gravel wet due to seepage and make equipment and logistics wet too. Of course, if this happens, it is very dangerous, especially if our change of clothes gets wet too. So the threat of hypothermia may be getting closer and real.

Therefore, to avoid this, always cover the equipment you carry with plastic so that it doesn't get so wet when it rains. Especially for logistics, change of clothes, sleeping bags, stoves, and also cameras if someone brings them. Because the gravel rain cover is not very helpful if it rains heavily and will still seep inside.

In addition, steps for prevention are always checking weather conditions before climbing either through a weather monitoring application or asking directly to the basecamp officer. And if it rains heavily in the middle of the road then stop and try to take cover by setting up a tent. But if it's not possible, then just walk on the side of the road so it doesn't rain, it's only in the middle of the road, eh (sorry for joking first so I don't get tense reading it, he he he).

4. Attacked by Bagas (Filthy Pig) and Plaque Monkey

Now if this one suffering is very painful and can make mountain climbers not sleep all night. In some mountains, there are indeed many Bagas (Babi Ferocious) who like to attack tents at night to look for food, including asking for acquaintances with climbers.

For example in Mount Cikuray, Garut, which requires climbers who will climb the mountain to practice climbing trees while carrying gravel. Understandably, Mount Cikuray is famous for the Bagas who is not afraid of humans. So along the climbing route, climbers often pass Bagas and auto climb.

Not only on Mount Cikuray, in several other mountains it's the same, but what distinguishes it on other mountains, Bagas appears like kang ronda, aka night. Starting from sniffing around the tent to breaking through the tent to get the food logistics for the climbers.

Usually the tent is broken because of Bagas's actions, namely when the climbers make a summit attack or travel to the top of the mountain but forget to hang the logistics on the tree. As a result, the food logistics was in an empty tent left by the summit attack.

And when the bagas smelled the food from inside the tent, his instincts told him to go in and take the food. And unfortunately, Bagas couldn't unzip the tent door, so as a result he rammed the tent until it was torn and then took the food logistics of the climbers and ran away.

When descending from the summit and arriving at the campsite, the climbers immediately became like the TV next door singing "I'm crying....." saw the tents being broken down and the logistics were carried out with Bagas. And usually those who have tents will be silent pensively lamenting the fate of their tent which is broken by Bagas.

Not only Bagas, who often makes mountain climbers suffer. It turns out that there are also mountain thugs who like to bully the climbers, namely Onyet. In some mountains, we often see the Onyet hanging from a tree and jumping from one tree to another. But there are times when they follow the climbers and when the climbers take a break they go down the hiking trail and take the logistics or snacks of the climbers.

They take whatever can and is easily taken from the climbers' keril bags ranging from bread snacks, ciki, mineral water and others. Anyway, if you find this mountain pereman, then immediately hide the snacks into the gravel and close the lid tightly.

And remember, don't ever feed the Onyet, you'll be frequent and do the same thing to every climber who passes by. So it's better to keep your snacks and fight the Onyet mountain thugs bravely. Then if you have the opportunity, just run away so you don't get chased by the Onyet.

Where's the voice that has been attacked by Bagas and the same as the mountain guard Onyet?

5. Bullied by the Mountain Watcher

Well, if the suffering of mountaineers on this one usually happens more to mountaineers who have a third eye or an inner eye, aka a sixth sense, the cool language of indihome children, er, indigo is wrong. But it turns out that it's not only indigo climbers who are often bullied but climbers who are not polite, talk carelessly and do things that are forbidden or taboo on the mountain.

derita pendaki diganggu penunggu gunung - foto instagram pacartertawa
Derita pendaki diganggu penunggu gunung - foto instagram pacartertawa

For indigo climbers, of course, they will not be so afraid because they are used to and can communicate with the mountain watchmen. But according to my friend who is indigo, this kind of disturbance is usually because they are interested in that person, especially if there are indigo children in the group, then it is not impossible that they will continue to participate and it can be annoying, both indigo children and their climbing friends.

They just want to communicate with the indigo climbers and usually, if they can communicate, they can become friends and help guard and warn what should not be done. Because they are happy to have humans with whom they can communicate and are not afraid of them. Yes, it's like your chat being replied to after being ignored for a long time by glowing climbers who met on the mountain, eh.

It's a different story if the person being bullied is an ordinary climber or not an indigo child. So for the climbers who are disturbed, they will experience things that are beyond reason, especially before the turn of the day or maghrib time.

The mountain watchers will not bother if the climbers don't bother them first. Disturbing them here could be for violating taboos such as talking dirty and doing things that are indecent and forbidden. Such as taking something that is not their right, picking edelweiss flowers, cutting down trees carelessly, saying dirty words, and so on.

Disturbances on the mountain like this are not infrequently experienced by climbers and not a few tell their experiences when disturbed by the mountain watchman. And one of them can be read here about Mimin's own experience when she came down from Mount Ciremai last night. Just read here Kisah Mistis Gunung Ciremai, 2 Kali Ketemu Pendaki Misterius Hingga Suasana Turun yang Mencekam.

So as much as possible we must realize that we are guests when on the mountain and must take care of ourselves and our words and all the things that are forbidden and taboo on the mountain. Let's not be disturbed by the mountain watchmen who are angry because of our behavior.

6. Suffer you, mblo

This suffering usually occurs at the top of the mountain, where the climbers who experience this are more terrifying than the suffering of being disturbed by mountain guards. Because this affliction is only experienced by single climbers, they will be single when they see a pair of climbers taking photos together at the peak with affection. So make me hungry, eh, I mean, I'm hungry.

In addition, this suffering gets worse when the spouses take each other's bites when they eat and when they go up and down they hold each other's hands. Feels like the world belongs to the other two, eh. It feels like you can interpret it yourself, because you've also experienced it, right? Just admit it. You were once a mosquito repellent when you were in the mountains.

Derita pendaki mblo liat pemandangan sweet ini di gunung - foto instagram farhan.ziidan
Derita pendaki mblo liat pemandangan sweet ini di gunung - foto instagram farhan.ziidan

So for this point, we will not discuss any further the fear of mountaineers protesting about this point. So it's enough for us and you single mountain climbers or singles who know how it feels to suffer on this one. Moreover, when you go down and go home, your mother immediately asks questions, "Go up the mountain, it's better to go up the aisle." Deg, it feels like a summit attack in Semeru up 1 step down 2 steps.

So that's 6 sufferings that are often experienced by mountain climbers when climbing a mountain. So how have you felt and often feel the pain of which of the six lists above?

What is certain is that the sufferings above that you experience when climbing the mountain will be a valuable experience and become a story that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. And it can be a story too when climbing to another mountain and meeting fun new friends. As the saying goes, a reliable sailor will not be born from a calm sea.

So if you experience one of the sufferings above, don't be weak and give up going up the mountain. But be a strong figure because of the experience of having felt the sufferings of a mountain climber. Who knows, after khatam feels the pains of mountaineers, you can become a god-level mountain climber, which is very cool but still loses to mixed doubles climbers, eh.

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