Number 6 is rich in myth, here are the Types of Women Mountaineers

 tipe-tipe pendaki wanita - foto instagram siska_kusmayanti

Climbing mountains is not only liked by men, oh, because not infrequently women also enliven the world of climbing in the mountains. You could even say that on the mountain it is not only beautiful Edelweiss flowers, but the female climbers are also beautiful.

These female climbers are tough women and you can say they are suitable as a partner, eh. Most of these female climbers were initially invited by their friends to climb the mountain (usually male climbers are mostly male). Until at a point they end up addicted to climbing mountains.

And not a few of them finally fall in love with the warm embrace of the mountain which can be called a mother's embrace. So if someone asks you to go up the mountain again, just say, "Gas bang!"

Because there are so many women who climb the mountain, this time we will discuss the types of beautiful flowers on this mountain. Alias ​​is the types of female climbers who make the mountains more beautiful and charming with their presence.

1. Tomboy Climber

Tomboys are indeed women who have traits like men, even their way of dressing is more comfortable wearing clothes like men. Not only that, but they also mostly play with their male friends rather than playing with other women.

Pendaki tomboy - foto instagram si_angeline
Pendaki tomboy - foto instagram si_angeline

And it is undeniable that this tomboyish type of climber is a female climber who first adorned the mountains. Not without reason, because if they were invited to climb, they would want to, because they are not evil even though they are only women, one of the male climbers in their group.

In addition, for parental permission, this tomboyish female climber seems to be easy to get. Because they will be able to convince their parents to let them go up the mountain.

So they will often be encountered when at the top of the mountain or during the climbing track. Although the number is not as many as other types of female climbers because it is clear, this tomboyish female climber has more male friends than female friends.

2. Fashionable/Glowing Hiker

If this one female climber is usually going to be the center of attention, you know. And not infrequently, when you pass by other climbers on the track, you always make fun of it. On the palak, to say "Spirit Brother" than those who ask to be encouraged immediately run out like they get additional energy because they are encouraged by an angel, eh.

Pendaki wanita glowing fashionable - foto instagram dhikafebryna
Pendaki wanita glowing fashionable - foto instagram dhikafebryna

Yes, basically if this fashionable/glowing female climber is going to bring a set of make-up tools and also a branded outfit, plus climbing gear that is no less branded. Don't forget to bring a lot of knick-knacks for photos, such as contemporary woven fabrics, hats, glasses, and even cute doll hats to bring.

Oh yes, this type of female climber will also be the main object of photographer climbers because it will be nice to be in the photo and of course the photo will be sweet but don't look at it for long, you will be afraid of diabetes, eh.

What is certain is that these glowing climbers will enjoy taking photos, especially if they are photographed and the results are good, they will be very happy. Plus, his Instagram account usually has a lot of followers. Understandably, they are usually celebgrams or celebgram candidates but not necessarily your candidates, eh.

Because if Mimin said, climbers who are like this are like sugar, they must be surrounded like artists. And of course, there will be a lot of people complaining, starting from encouraging them to asking for their Instagram account to their Whatsapp number.

It's only natural because most of the male climbers are single, so if you go to the mountain, you meet glowing climbers like this, they make mistakes, eh.

3. Ukhti Gaul climber

This one is usually the brothers and sisters who like to climb mountains. For those whose names are Ukhti-Ukhti, the clothes will certainly wear a skirt and a robe or at least wear pants skirt with a wide hijab top.

Pendaki ukhti gaul - foto instagram anrlazh
Pendaki ukhti gaul - foto instagram anrlazh

But because it looks like that when climbing the mountain, when you get to the top and take photos, it looks cool. Because their beauty is inside and out, so the damage is doubled, especially if they add a smile, eh.

This Ukhti slang climber usually won't want to be invited to climb if there are no female friends or Ukhti slang as well. In addition, they are also very polite and usually have good morals and manners. Plus they won't want to come into contact with the opposite sex.

4. Female Climber ter-Luwe

Hey, what type of female climber is this one? ter Luwe? What's that? Yes, let's first discuss what Luwe is. Luwe itself is a word that comes from the Javanese language which means hungry.

Pendaki wanita ter luwe - foto instagram biila___
Pendaki wanita ter luwe - foto instagram biila___

So, if the most flexible female climbers are female climbers who are always hungry or snacking a little, not snacking a bit. Or you could say they are logistical cleaners, especially if they cook too much, eh.

Because he likes to eat, usually the contents of the Mountain bag are mostly snacks. They often bring snacks that are not commonly taken to the mountains, such as baby porridge. It's because Mimin once climbed with this model. When you were at the peak, you were surprised to be presented with baby porridge brand M*lna snacks (mam, you must know this).

Anyway, if you are with this one female climber, you will be prosperous because surely she will often ask for a break. And when the break is your turn to ask for snacks, eh. So, if the most flexible female climbers are female climbers who are always hungry or snacking a little, not snacking a bit. Or you could say they are logistical cleaners, especially if they cook too much, eh.

5. Shari'a climber

If this shari'a female climber is almost the same as Ukhti slang climbers. But this is a more plus version of the Ukhti slang climber. Because they are going to climb mountains in shari'a clothes like in everyday life.

Pendaki wanita syari - foto instagram reni_cantigi
Pendaki wanita syari - foto instagram reni_cantigi

A long robe with double pants skirts and a long headscarf and a veil that doesn't forget to cover the face. Plus sometimes they always wear socks and long sleeves so that only their fingers are visible.

Although these clothes are not recommended to be worn when climbing mountains because there is a possibility of getting caught in the roots or rocks. In addition, shari'a clothing also makes leg movements less flexible and can be said to be complicated, especially when the knee climbs to meet the chin.

But still, because their daily lives are comfortable with shari'a clothes and veils, even when they climb the mountain they are proven to be able to bulldoze some steep inclines even though they have to be very careful and the journey becomes slow.

But so far, most of the veiled Syari climbers usually only climb mountains with easy and not so difficult tracks. Because of course, those who invite them to climb must also think that which mountain terrain is the most suitable and suitable to climb with them. And usually, they hike with their husbands or families and often bring their children too.

6. Mountain Chef Woman Climber

Who said that on the mountain the cooks must be male climbers. Wait a minute, because the fact is that the female climbers in a climbing group unconsciously will become mountain cooks.

Pendaki wanita koki gunung - foto instagram kopi_senja_
Pendaki wanita koki gunung - foto instagram kopi_senja_

Even though they rarely cook at home and play in the kitchen, of course when they are in the mountains, they will also cook, whether it's just frying nuggets or making tempeh dough and chopping it up.

But that's only for female climbers who rarely cook at home. But if it's the mother who often cooks, especially the mother, she will take over the cooking utensils and logistics. Even though sometimes when I put on the gas I can't and in the end ask for help from male climbers, he hehe.

The same thing is sometimes still a mystery that it is said that this female climber, even though a mountain chef, mostly when it's her turn to cook rice using nesting, do not work well.

Some even said that even though they were at home they could cook delicious rice, but when they were on the mountain they couldn't cook rice because it was cooked using nesting. As a result, the part of cooking rice is sometimes done by male climbers.

But indeed the part of making side dishes to eat is great for these female mountain climbers. And usually, if it's like this, you will be invited to go up the mountain, especially if the food is delicious. If Mimin said I could improve nutrition when I was in the mountains, eh.

Those are the six types of female climbers who always decorate the mountains and make climbing more colorful. How about you, what number are you in the category of female climbers?

For male climbers, how have you managed to invite any type of female climbers? Have you been encouraged by Glowing climbers yet? Or have you ever been in a group with shari'a climbers?

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