The Mystical Story of the Summit Built by 2 Mysterious Climbers on Mount Slamet via Permadi Guci

 kisah mistis gunung slamet via permadi guci - foto instagram jalalludinj

Climbing mountains is indeed able to make us grateful and also get acquainted with nature and all its contents. And of course, it is not uncommon to make addicted and so interesting to return to the mountain. That also happened to me (just call me Adi) who has fallen in love with the Mount Slamet hiking trail via Permadi Guci since the first climb in February 2021.

But unfortunately on this first climb, I failed the summit attack and only arrived at Camp Area Pos 4 only. Due to coughing due to continuous heavy rain from post 1 to post 3. In addition, the body is a bit unfit because most of us stay up late at work.

Until that night, he started to cough continuously and his body shivered a bit (but not with hypo symptoms) and couldn't sleep. Finally, in the morning I didn't have the summit attack and went down first with 2 friends who also didn't attend the summit because the shoe broke and was also a bit unfit because it was hit by heavy rain during the climb yesterday.

At the beginning of September 2021, suddenly Ms. Ani sent a message and asked Slamet via Permadi again because she was accompanying her friend from solo who wanted to go there. Finally, yes, we agreed that in early October, gas to Slamet via Permadi Guci and I will reminisce on the summit attack. Mba Ani herself is a specialist mountain chef and was the first to take me to Slamet via the Permadi Guci route.

Long story short, early October arrived and we made an appointment at Permadi Guci basecamp where myself and Ms. Ani and 2 other friends, Mas Untung, are Slawi and Mas Rona, who are originally from Solo, while Ms. Ani herself is not clear about her origins, she said, because the house is in Magelang and is domiciled in Yogyakarta, he hehe. I'm originally from Brebes, west of the border with West Java, where I can speak Sundanese and Javanese, eh.

At 9 pm we started repacking at the Permadi Guci basecamp after previously talking with Mr. Burhan Ali who is one of the administrators of the Permadi Guci basecamp. Because our climb is on the weekend, aka Saturday, Sunday, October 2-3, 2021, so the basecamp is quite busy with climbers from other areas.

However, most of them are from the Karawang, Bekasi, Cikampek groups which are open trips. Then there are some small groups from Bandung, Cirebon, and of course our group which is a hodgepodge because it cannot be said to represent one city but the mountains that unite us.

At half-past 10 in the morning, we started walking and started climbing after previously taking photos together in front of the basecamp with Pak Burhan for memories. If Ms. Ani said it was still early and her face was still fresh and beautiful.

According to my agreement, I chose to walk from basecamp because I wanted to make video content, it's a shame if I took a motorcycle taxi, to save expenses too, eh. Meanwhile, Mba Ani and Mas Rona took a motorcycle taxi to the Permadi Jungle gate (field boundary) while Mas Untung took a taxi to post 1 because it had been a vacuum of climbing for more than 5 years so they didn't want to take the risk of slowing down our path.

Long story short, I finally arrived at the Jungle Permadi Gate and was waiting for Mba Ani and Mas Rona. And now, just continue to meet Mas Untung who is waiting at post 1. I think it's a shame if you take a taxi directly to post 1 because actually, the main view of the Permadi Guci route is between Permadi Jungle to post 1. good plus we passed several times and the waterfall aka curug.

It's the same during the trip to post 1, which contains all bonuses because the number of people who climb is counted on the fingers. I think this is very good for warming up the legs and energy and acclimatizing the body to the weather and conditions on this hiking trail. After walking for about 1.5 hours, we finally arrived at post 1 around 11 am. Take a break for a while and finally we continue again starting to climb the moss forest, the Guci rug path with an uphill track.

At first, the climb went on as usual until Mas Untung felt trouble in his leg because he had not climbed the mountain for a long time. Yes, it's like his leg muscles are shocked because he hasn't been invited to a picnic in a long time. Luckily, the surprise didn't say that the chickens were suddenly fried, eh.We also slowed down the tempo of the climb to keep up with Mas Untung while occasionally talking with climbers from other groups. And when he met with the Cirebon group, one of their members climbed barefoot, aka nyeker.

"Why are you climbing on Nyeker?" I asked curiously.

"I'm used to liking this, it's better, mas," he replied with a smile and caught his breath.

"Think about what science training is like, or are you testing a new model of shoes, transparent shoes" suddenly the man and his friends burst into laughter.

It's true that small talk like this while on the track makes you miss and who knows you might meet your soul mate because of small talk on a hiking track like this. from the start, it was just fun to encourage, suddenly it continued to make acquaintances until we got to the top together and then when we got to the bottom, we lived, oops.

Not long after, when she was about to take a break on the side of the lane, Mba Ani suddenly found sunglasses lying on a log that was a seat on the side of the lane. Finally, we asked the Bekasi group in front of us but no one lost their glasses. While walking I continued to ask the group of climbers who were taking a break because who knew one of them was the owner of the glasses.

However, some of the groups who were asked did not lose the sunglasses. Then we walked again and Mba Ani who was in front of me suddenly said, "Di, try asking that old man who knows his glasses." while gesturing to me to the old man who was resting on the side of the path eating a chocolate snack alone. Even though when he passed under the two of his friends, it turned out that his friend was resting about 10 meters from the old man.

"Sir, glasses...." haven't finished asking yet but suddenly the father growled while looking at me with a sharp gaze with a pale face while growling "hrrrmmrmmmm hrrrmrmmmm...." but rather slowly. It's just like people don't like it and it's a little horror, even I don't feel very good. In my heart, this is not true or not because I am not polite to show glasses.

I also passed the father while saying the mission sir, and just about five steps past him suddenly his growl grew louder and like a tiger's growl. Even Mas Rona, who was backing up, Mas Untung in front of Ms. Ani, immediately realized because of the growl.

The father's friend immediately went down and tried to calm the father. Mas Rona and I also went down because this seemed to be something. Mas Rona, who also received training as a SAR, did some help and immediately found out that the man was stuck. Plus, the father's face is pale, like someone is about to pass out.

But the father was still growling so I tried to open the 2 waist bags that were wrapped around his neck. And it was a little difficult to open it because it was wrapped in his long hair and also the father was a bit stiff.

"Try to wipe it on the top of the head and wipe the face with water," said one of the climbers from the Bekasi group who passed us who was panicking. "The father rested there, he didn't excuse me," he continued.

Indeed, on the right, there is a large tree as well and makes the situation even tenser. Plus, after looking at the clock, it turns out that it's close to Dzuhur time, which is noon where something like this is prone to happen.

Luckily, the father began to recover after the 2 waist bags wrapped around his neck managed to let me and Mas Rona off. Then he was told to drink and wash his face 3 times. Seeing that he is feeling a little better, this father's friend asked us for permission to chase his friend in front of him to share and back up.

"Sir, are you all right?" Mas Rona asked to make sure that it was fine.

"It's okay," replied the father who was called Abah by his friends.

In my heart, Abah was indeed stuck, lucky he didn't go into a bad tantrum. I also accidentally held the wood where the father was leaning and suddenly my hand felt hot like someone was holding it but it was hot. And immediately I removed my grip from the wood. And invites Abah to move locations to sit and rest for a while.

Then after he calmed down a bit and was fully aware, Abah told him that he was tired and then rested there and felt very sleepy, but because he was hungry he opened a chocolate snack and only took one mouthful. Suddenly he fell asleep unconsciously and woke up when we removed the waist bag from his neck and gave him water to drink.

"I think I choked because I ate chocolate," admitted Abah. But still, if it's just choking, it's not that bad, plus the air there is very different. Luckily, Abah's temper was not too bad and he was still conscious.

I suggest taking a break first and having your stomach filled first because it might be due to tiredness, cold, and lack of food intake, aka hungry. Si Abah immediately unpacked the contents of the keril and took out a large Tupperware box filled with dates and grapes. But it's wrong to put it on the top of the keril even though it weighs around 2-3 kg.

While waiting for his friend to come down from above, we also chatted with Abah while enjoying dates and wine which were so refreshing and became additional energy. Moreover, the dates are very sweet, of course, for full energy again.

Si Abah is indeed a very senior climber, it turns out that he shows his old breath climber shirt and often climbs the mountain with his friends but rarely reaches the top. Because he is almost 7 years old. But his soul remains young even though his hair is white and his skin is no longer tight.

Si Abah had told me and Mas Rona to just continue because he said he was getting better. But of course, Rona and I will not leave Abah alone before his friend arrives. Plus, Abah's face is still pale and hasn't returned to the way it was before. I just invited Abah to talk about his experience climbing the mountain so that his mind wouldn't go blank while accompanying him to crush dates and grapes. After the two friends of his group, Abah, came back to pick up and backup Abah. Mas Rona and I said goodbye to continue climbing.

We are a little worried about the situation of the Abah after we continue the journey. But finally, we passed at the shadow post before post 2 where we were having lunch to fill up our energy. And it seems that the father is getting better and walking without being supported again and his face is not as pale as he was below.

In post 2, we crossed paths again and this time Abah is safe and his face is no longer pale and it's back to normal. Si Abah was resting in post 2 with his entourage and other groups. We were not in this post for long and immediately continued our journey because it had been a long time to rest in the shadow post under post 2.

We arrived at Pos 3 around 3 pm and after a short break, suddenly the fog started to fall and water started to fall from the sky along with the fog getting thicker. Finally, we split into 2 groups, Mas Rona and I went first to Pos 4 to look for a camp spot while Mba Ani and Mas Untung followed because Mas Untung was tired and needed to rest longer.

After just walking for a few minutes, the drizzle was getting heavier and forced me and Mas Rona to take out raincoats to fight the falling water so it wouldn't wet the body immediately so as not to hinder the journey so we could quickly get to post 4 and rest in the tent.

On the way to post 4, we found a white t-shirt filled with dried blood on the side of the path. I suspect it was a T-shirt from a basecamp officer who was injured while cutting trees with a chainsaw for the construction of a prayer room and facilities at post 4. This is because nearby there are marks of fallen trees that were cut with a chainsaw. It didn't matter, we both continued our journey because it was drizzling.

Around 4 o'clock we arrived at post 4 and immediately looked for a good spot to set up 2 tents so that they were facing each other and comfortable when cooking and resting. After looking around, we finally decided to set up a tent in the field before heading 4 which became the main camp spot. We take this so that it is not too crowded at night because it is usually very busy at night, especially if the other group is still up late, it must be noisy and difficult to sleep.

Shortly after unloading the gravel and starting to put up the tent, it turned out that Mba Ani and Mas Untung finally arrived and we immediately set up the tent and of course, after unwinding and changing clothes, Ms. Ani immediately took over the cooking utensils and logistics to mix dishes with great taste.

I also got permission to try the new toilet and the new prayer room at Post 4 on the Permadi Guci line which had gone viral on social media. Because in the past, when the first climb, there was no prayer room and toilet. In the past, there was only a simple toilet made of wood and surrounded by sacks to cover it and a shower pool (which became our campsite but there was no longer water or it was dry and beside it, there was a spot for 3 2P size tents).

Darkness began to replace the light and the stars in the sky began to twinkle. While accompanied by cold air, we also ate dinner from the mainstay chef, Ms. Ani. Where this time the menu is rice + vegetables, sliced ​​sausage soup plus fried tempeh, and chili sauce that I bought right at the shop near basecamp. Oh, I forgot one more delicious shredded beef that Ms. Ani brought from Jogja to complete our dinner.

Of course, while chatting warmly and planning activities for tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning is the time for the summit attack. However, because Mr. Untung was not strong enough, he decided not to join the summit attack tomorrow. Then followed by Ms. Ani, who also did not participate in the summit attack because she had already been on the first climb via the Permadi Guci Trail (which I failed to summit).

Meanwhile, Mas Rona still doesn't know, "If I wake up, the gas summit will be done, if I don't build it won't summit."

Ms. Ani said it would be difficult if she woke up, Mas Rona, so I'll see if you can wake her up tomorrow. Up to this point, I doubt that I have passed through Permadi Guci twice, only until post 4. Finally, I remembered the children from the Bandung group who invited me to the summit together during the Asr prayer at the prayer room.

"Well then, I'm alone at the summit, so it's okay so I'll summit it together with Bandung, earlier I asked you to do the summit together at Asar."

After eating and discussing at around 9 pm we were all ready to fall asleep. I'm in the same tent with Mr. Rona, while Ms. Ani is in the same tent with Mr. Lucky because we brought 2 tents, each containing 2P. Just fell asleep suddenly from the hiking trail heard the screams of other climbers.

"Mba Ani... Mba Aniii... Mba Aniii..." shouted the climber.

I, who was still awake, was a little shocked that there was nothing out there and immediately rushed to open the tent. But from the adjoining tent, Ms. Ani answered, "Yes, I'm here, PI's son, right?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the climber and it turned out that there were 2 people and it seemed that they had just arrived because they were on the night track and were alone.

Mba Ani went out of the tent and chatted with them and it turned out that it was indeed a climbing organization with both PI's children. Her names are Bang Eko and Kang Erik from Cirebon and Bandung where they were told by Mr. Burhan at Basecamp that Ms. Ani also climbed and had already walked.

They also chatted for quite a while but because I was sleepy and preparing for the summit, I finally chose to sleep. Just closing her eyes, Ms. Ani called out, "Di, tomorrow the summit will be with the two of them. They say they want the summit tomorrow."

"s ma'am ready."

"Well, do you want to eat leftover vegetables or not? If not, just make them," continued Ms. Ani.

"Just take it near the stove, I'm going to sleep first, I'm sleepy," while re-adjusting the sleeping position.

At 1 pm I woke up but was still lazy to go out or just make warm water to prepare for the summit attack. Finally, because of the agreement, we will summit together at 4, so I've tried to sleep again. But the eyes are still awake and have difficulty sleeping again, as a result, they end up falling backward. And at half-past 2 at night I get out of the tent and go to the toilet alone. However, I was also surprised why this friend of Ms. Ani's friend made a tent blocking the road like this. So if you want to go out, you have to pass through the former dry fountain.

When we arrived at the main camp area of ​​post 4, it turned out to be very busy in preparation for the summit attack. Because it is recommended to start the summit attack no later than 3 in the morning if you want to get a view of the sunrise at the top of Mount Slamet via the Permadi Guci route.

After returning to the tent, I still couldn't sleep, so I immediately made 2 cups of warm chocolate because it was 3 am. At the same time, eat the leftover rice which I think was taken by Eko and Kang Erik last night. It turned out that they only took the vegetable soup but they didn't take the rice either. Yes, I just brushed it with shredded beef, and the cold-cold chili was stirred. Even though it's cold, it's still delicious. The thing is, I'm really hungry, plus the chocolate is really good.

I tried to wake up Mas Rona, who said it was difficult to wake him up. And it turns out that it's really hard to say yes to the summit, but it's even delayed, hadeh. I've been woken up many times to disturb my sleep but still don't wake up. Even though I made 2 cups of hot chocolate, I purposely made one for Rona, but until the chocolate cools down again, this is also Rona's dream.

At 4 to 15 minutes, still not getting up, either Mas Rona or two of Mba Ani's friends. Makes me think, yes, this is not a summit anymore, where did the Bandung group leave first because they asked for the trip at 3 pm. Finally, I drank a glass of chocolate that was getting cold and after that, I intended to hibernate and go back into the SB.

Before the cold chocolate was finished, suddenly there was the sound of the tent's zipper being opened and the direction of his voice coming from his friend, Ms. Ani. I flashed a light towards the tent door but no one opened the zipper. I even called out, "Are you awake yet? The summit is already about 4 o'clock." But there was no answer from the tent.

I waited for a long time but nothing came out of the tent or a sound from inside the tent which indicated that the two had woken up. But right at 4:00 am suddenly there was a loud noise from inside the tent. And this time the two friends of Mba Ani were awake and seemed to be in a hurry.

"What time is it? So are you joining the summit?" asked one of those still in the tent.

"It's already 4 o'clock, I'm ready, I just have to gas,"

"Do you want to chase the sunrise or what is important to the top? The thing is, if you chase the sunrise, we're already late, but if it's important to get to the top, let's gas," asked Bang Eko, who seemed to be noisily cleaning up preparations for the summit.

"The important thing is that you get to the top, if you don't get a sunrise, it's okay."

"Okay, let's just get ready first."

At 4.15 am I, Bang Eko nd Kang Erik started the summit attack to the top of the highest mountain in Central Java. For me and kang Erik, this is the first summit attack for the Permadi Guci route, but for Eko, this is the 5th time the summit is on the Permadi Guci route.

As usual, during the trip from post 4 to post 5, we talked about our experiences in the mountains. But after dawn, Eko suddenly told me about the things he had just experienced in the tent. He said that he couldn't sleep at night because in the tent, especially at his feet, there was the wind.

"I couldn't sleep last night, there was a wind in the tent inside, so it was cold," said Eko.

"Then I was just barely able to sleep, suddenly I had a dream that someone opened our tent, 2 girls, then he said, 'Wow, wake up, an PI kid is asking for the summit'. Immediately I woke up and was surprised because the tent zipper was still closed, "

"I woke up Erik while asking whether he heard the two people who woke us up and opened the tent, but Erik didn't hear it. Fix means that I was the only one who heard that in a dream. That's how the two climbers who woke us up had two flat faces. That's why earlier wake up early in the morning making a loud noise."

"Oh, no wonder I heard the sound of a zipper opening but there was no sound of people getting up before 4 o'clock. It was only 4 o'clock that your tent was crowded, it was knuckled, it means you're awake," I continued.

"That means it's true that the person who woke me up was the watchman of the place. The problem is that we camped at the VVIP place and there used to be a pool there and a fountain," said Eko.

Then Bang Eko also told about some of his mystical experiences while climbing the mountain, ranging from climbing up to a day and into the night but not reaching Mount Sindoro, to his mystical experiences on Mount Ciremai and Mount Prau via Wates.

I also shared about my experience at night on Mount Ciremai until just a few weeks ago in Sindoro were when it was near sunset I heard a sound like a rock falling near the hiking trail but nothing fell. And at that time I was photographing the sunset at post 3 slightly up on Mount Sindoro via Ndoroarum. And it managed to make me shudder a bit and head straight back to the tent.

Finally, after walking for about 2 hours, we arrived at the vegetation boundary or Post 5.1 (because there was heading 5.2 which had the writing on the Post 5 Watu Ireng board slightly up). Then Bang Eko did the Adhan in Palawangan where this has become a tradition for the Guci residents when climbing Mount Slamet and arriving at Palawangan, the first thing to do is call to prayer.

Indeed, this local wisdom has been very helpful for climbers and residents of Guci since ancient times. Even Pak Burhan, the head of the Permadi basecamp, once told me that if we arrived at Palawangan, we had to call to prayer first before going to the summit. Where the benefits are if the fog is thick, it is recommended to call to prayer in the 4 directions of the wind. God willing, soon the fog will open and clear. That's why the Guci always preserves this local wisdom, one of which is calling the call to prayer when they arrive at Palawangan or the vegetation boundary. And it has been done since time immemorial.

After passing through a fairly exhausting path plus the hot sun. Finally, at 11 pm we arrived at the highest point of Mount Slamet, namely the peak of Heroes / Peak Surono. Take a break and take photos and make coffee. Around noon we go down again. However, Mr. Eko was asked by Mr. Demit, who met him at the summit to become a sweeper at the top. And of course, the name of the sweeper must be the last descendant.

Bang Eko also told me and kang Erik to go down first later, he said. After saying that, I felt Deja Vu at the summit of Slamet when I saw another climber holding the nameplate of the peak taking pictures. The incident was like I had experienced before either in a dream or elsewhere.

After finishing the coffee, finally, kang Erik and I went down first, while Bang Eko was still waiting for the Karawang group to take photos at the top before they finally descended. Under the scorching sun right above the crown, kang Erik and I slowly began to explore the track down and occasionally stopped to catch our breath in the heat.

If it was right up, it was really fun when holding on to the webbing rope installed by the manager. However, when it comes down to it, it feels hot because you have to hold your body down and hold on to the webbing rope. That's why I really have to wear sturdy gloves because the friction can make my gloves peel off but it's still safe.

Then at the end of the webbing rope track, we met one of the climbers from Karawang who was sitting on the edge of the track and looked exhausted. When Erik asked, it turned out that he was tired and ran out of water, plus his legs were a little problematic. Finally, we divide the water and try to help massage the problematic calf veins.

He also chose to rest first and asked us for help to tell his entourage at camp post 4 so they wouldn't be left down. Finally, after Bang Eko began to descend from the peak with climbers from Karawang. We agreed that Kang Erik and I went down first to tell his friends and the ranger. Meanwhile, Eko accompanied the injured climber while completing the task asked by Bang Demit to be the sweeper summit today.

When we descended to Palawangan, at post 5 Watu Ireng, we met with Bang Demit and told him about the injured climber. Demit casually said, "It's safe, it's okay to just stay and he'll come down later. Especially when Eko is there."

"Even though I've been told that it's better to just go back with his friends. But the kid is annoying, he still wants to get to the top, let's just leave it alone," while still monitoring the climbers who descended the summit.

We also took a short break at post 5 for a while before continuing to descend because the time was already at 14.45 aka almost 3 o'clock. So from the peak to Palawangan it took a very long time to reach almost 3 hours because we accompanied the injured climber first.

With the water running out and the energy running low, Kang Erik and I resumed our journey down and now the terrain is a bit better because we have entered the forest. Just walking for about 15 minutes, we met a basecamp ranger who brought water and logistics for swiping climbers who descended the summit. We also asked for water for supplies down including other climbers because almost all of them ran out of water during the descent to the summit.

Finally, we arrived at the Pos 4 camp area at around 4 pm with 3 breaks because kang Erik felt that his bag was not comfortable, plus the energy had run out and from the morning he only ate creamy noodles with bread and biscuits. Yes, the point is the lack of logistical intake and not eating rice first. Moreover, the trip take time from 4 am to 4 pm which of course is past our normal breakfast and lunch hours.

After arriving at post 4, we immediately looked for the injured climber's friend and asked him not to leave him down. Even though they were busy packing in the tent and some were making food. After that, we went straight to the tent and when we arrived, we were immediately greeted by Ms. Ani, Mas Rona, and Mas Untung who were sitting relaxed while chatting in front of the tent. And of course, the lunch from our mainstay chef, Ms. Ani, is ready to be eaten and lined up in front of the tent. The cool thing is that the three of them waited for us to come first and then started having lunch together to power down the mountain.

"How come it took so long to come down? Usually at 1 o'clock at least it's late, right at 2 o'clock post4 again?" asked Ms. Ani, who had already had a summit attack so she knew the estimated time.

"Earlier, there was a climber who was injured, so we accompanied him first. Then now, Eko is still up there accompanying him. And we go down first because we have to tell the climber's friend so he won't be left down to basecamp."

We also rest for a while at the same time relieve fatigue and thirst while recovering energy. I went into the tent to put my camera bag and look for snacks left in the tent. But from outside, Mas Rona called.

"Mas, that's what his friend is looking for here out."

Out of curiosity, I left the tent in amazement, and in my heart murmured the feeling that none of my friends were going up together except this group. "Where?"

"It's sitting upstairs," said Mas Rona, pointing to two monkeys who were sitting quietly on the tree across from our tent.

"Aeeeem think people,"

But in my heart, I immediately thought back to my two previous hikes where I met a calm monkey sitting on a tree watching us. And of course, according to my experience with monkeys like that, automatically other creatures are invisible to the eye, either near us or not far from us.

The problem is that it was just like that in Gunung Gede and fact, my indigo friend saw a white aunty sitting on the edge of the track. And of course, at the top of the tree, two monkeys are sitting calmly watching us on the hiking trail.

Then the second incident when climbing Mount Slamet via the Bambangan route, precisely before entering post 4 Samaranthu, we also met a herd of monkeys sitting quietly on a tree. And suddenly the air there was so tense and he wanted to hurry up and leave the area. You know that post 4 Samaranthu on the Bambangan route is famous for being the most mystical place. As the name implies Samaranthu means a vague ghost.

And this time we met another monkey like that near our cam again. And this richness is a sign that there is something near us that we are not aware of and cannot see with the naked eye. Fortunately, the others were not aware of these signs so there was no panic and it was only me who knew.

Finally, we ate first, because Eko might be going down very late because he was backing up injured climbers. And sure enough, before 5 pm, Eko just arrived at the tent by running, tired, hungry, and thirsty.

"Earlier, it was worse, there was a girl whose last Karawang group was in a trance at the summit track, so please help, that's why it took so long," said Bang Eko, who this time was busy spending the breakfast and lunch portions which were combined into one. Meanwhile, those of us who had eaten first began to unload the tent and pack and prepare to go down.

"Fortunately, it wasn't too bad so it was safe and immediately evacuated to post 5 with his friends," he continued.

"What if the climber is injured, bro?"

"It's safe to be able to walk a little on the support, the last time was at post 5 and I met a friend who came up, so I stayed there."

When we were going to pack the cutlery and nesting, it turned out that there was still vegetable soup left and Eko didn't eat it. With his initiative, Eko took a long knife and wanted to bury the rest of our food. Because of fear, the monkey who had been sitting calmly on the tree came down and took the leftover food if it was thrown away. Of course, it can make the behavior of the mountain watchers change and later depend on climbers who in the end when they are comfortable they can become mountain robbers, like on Mount Rinjani.

But just as he started digging with his knife, Eko stopped and moved his digging position, saying, "Let's just bury it so that the waitstaff will have leftover food here."

After we finished everything we were ready to go down and the time showed half past 6 in the afternoon aka approaching Maghrib time. And of course, before that, we take a photo together first for memories before starting to step down.

There is nothing strange after we bury the rest of the food and packing and get ready to go down. However, I felt a little disturbed and uncomfortable when I started the journey down from post 4 to post 3. Plus, at that time a thin fog-covered, every inch of the hiking trail, and the sky began to darken.

Arriving at post 3, we took a short break because the time was almost 6 or maghrib. Bang Eko also had time to ask "Do you want to continue and rest in the middle of the lane at Maghrib or wait at post 3 until the Maghrib call to prayer is finished?" We also agreed to wait for Maghrib at post 3 instead of having to rest in the middle of the climbing route during the Maghrib call to prayer.

Indeed, the time of Maghrib or today's transition is very risky because it is the time for the devils to come out and the cleric said it is time for the devil to party. So actually at Maghrib time humans should take a short break especially when traveling. Plus, I was light of Mr. Burhan's message, the head of Permadi Guci Basecamp, during the briefing on my first ascent to Slamet via the Permadi Guci route. That effort should not be made on the night track because it is dangerous. Yes, indeed this tapestry path is on the edge of a ravine that becomes a river flow, so it is very risky to do a night track especially when it is raining and foggy.

Even when we rest at post 3, it feels so tense, especially in the big tree near post 3. It's as if there are many pairs of eyes watching us from above the branches of the tree. But maybe it's just my feelings and not necessarily others feel it too.

After a break and the Maghrib call to prayer sounded, we continued our journey down and this time the sky was getting darker. We also prepared a headlamp where on the way down, our position was Mba Ani in front with HP flash lighting, then Kang Erik with a headlamp, Bang Eko without lighting, Me with a small headlamp, Mas Untung, and finally Mas Rona as a sweeper with each headlamp bright.

During the descent, we continue to walk and focus on the future so that we arrive at basecamp as soon as possible. The conditions after sunset were a bit tense, especially at some points. In my heart, I try to continue to pray and also dhikr so that the feeling becomes calmer.

Even trying to stay focused looking down and also lighting up Eko's path, which has no lighting at all. We continue to walk quite fast and still pay attention to the steps because the technology from post 3 to post 2 even posts 1 is decreasing. So you have to be careful in choosing a footing so as not to slip. Bang Eko, who was without light several times, almost fell because he slipped and got his shoe stuck in the root of a tree.

Everything was silent without a sound and only occasionally did Eko tease kang Erik to break up the atmosphere. I have been busy reciting prayers and dhikr as much as I can while thinking about how fast the trip down this time was, even though Mba Ani was in front. Even though when she came down from Sindoro, Ms. Ani gave up because her shoes were too small and her toes hurt. It's strange, how come, even though Ms. Ani wears the same shoes she wore when she went to Sindoro and only 3 days before climbing to Slamet.

Besides that, I also thought about the condition of Mas Untung, who had just returned to climbing after a 5-year vacuum, and when he was climbing his leg muscles were still stiff. So the climb was a little slow. But now on this descent, our speed is quite fast, so now and then I have to look back to make sure that Mas Untung can keep up with the rhythm of this fast journey.

Suddenly in front of Bang Eko pushed aside a broken tree branch on the left side of the path because it was a little blocking. However, the wooden branch fell back onto the track and when I tried to hold it, I couldn't because we were walking pretty fast and just shouting "Watch out for the wood."

However, it turned out that Mr. Untung and Mr. Rona, who were in the back, were hit by the wood. Where Mas Rona was almost hit in the face but was able to hold it with his hands. Meanwhile, Mr. Untung also managed to hold the branch with both hands and return it to the side so as not to block the path.

However, while continuing the journey, suddenly from behind I heard a sound "Bruk..." And automatically we immediately looked back and it turned out that Mr. Untung had fallen on the side of the track because suddenly his leg slipped.

After being helped by Mr. Rona and we make sure Mr. Untung's condition is safe. We continued our journey down while continuing to be vigilant and careful in taking footholds. Especially in the middle of this pretty tense night. I also almost twice hit my head on something like a transverse wood. But the strange thing is that Kang Erik is almost the same height as me, but he is safe and doesn't hit his head.

The more down and fit the path on the edge of the cliff when I was focusing on looking at the path down. Suddenly from my right side, on the edge of the path below the ravine, I once saw a rather large white shadow like a hanging shirt but no head standing quietly on the edge of the path without doing anything. I was a little surprised too, but in my heart, I continued to read the prayers and think to remain calm and continue to focus on looking ahead. Anyway, you have to get down to Basecamp safely. It turned out that I was not the only one who noticed the white shadow, Eko also noticed it.

After the white shadow on the very near right passes and you continue to travel non-stop. This time, after approaching post 2, I felt the same white shadow from the right side of the path but it was a bit far away near the trees. But there are more than one of them and they don't seem bothersome.

I continued to do prayers and dhikr in my heart in the middle of this tense night. Until finally we arrived at post 2 at 18.45 and met another group of climbers who were resting at post 2. After checking the condition of all the groups were safe and wanted to continue or rest. We decided to continue because of the consideration that post 2 is very dangerous if it becomes a campsite and indeed the Permadi basecamp also prohibits climbers from camping at this post. Finally, we continued down, and later if we were tired we rested on the hiking trail between post 2 and post 1.

The night conditions are still tense but not as tense as the trip from post 3 to post 2 which I think is quite tense. Or maybe because the night has started because the time shows at 7 pm where the maghrib time has passed. Even so, the path goes downhill and is even a bit steeper than the path from heading 3 to post 2. It makes us have to take several breaks at the end of the journey.

Fortunately, during post 2 to post 1, there was no white shadow and nothing strange happened. However, this time, the odd thing only happened to Erik, who kept complaining that his keril bag wasn't very good with the back system. To the point of mentioning the brand name of the bag and complaining all the time.

In fact, since the day he came down, no one has complained, and he rarely even talks or makes a sound, aka silent. But during the trip from post 2 to post 1, Erik complained a lot, especially on the gravel strap which he said wasn't good. I don't know why, but my guess is because Erik is tired and during the trip down, Eko is often made fun of.

Finally, around 8 pm we arrived at post 1 and were greeted by motorcycle taxi drivers with their motorbikes ready to take them down by bartering for motorcycle taxi services. Several groups of climbers were resting in the sloping area of ​​post 1, so you could say it was already very busy like a market. Plus there are 6 of us who just arrived so it's getting busier.

The rest at post 1 was quite long, about half an hour until Erik fell asleep for a while to relieve fatigue and pain in his back which he complained about during his descent due to the strap and gravel back system he was carrying (not the brand he likes/suits).

After the break, we continued down, and this time together with another group where we were behind the group. This time I swapped positions with Eko where I was right behind Erik.

The beginning of the journey was normal until I arrived at the forest clearing area for fields, suddenly I heard a "thump..." sound from the bottom left. But I thought it was just wood or something that fell, or something in the back fell. Then not long after I felt my gravel was getting heavier to the right. Even though when it comes down from post 1 it's still safe and feels right.

Out of curiosity, I tried to feel the left side of the gravel and it turned out that the big Aqua on the left side was missing somewhere. And the possibility of the thud earlier on the roadside turned out to be a large aqua filled with water that suddenly fell. But surprisingly, even though it was fastened with a strap and a rain cover as well as the bag, how could it suddenly fall like that? Yes, let there be someone who wants to drink the guard on the side of the road.

When you look ahead, Erik's behavior is very strange. Sometimes he uses the keril while tilting it to the right and he says his back hurts a lot because the keril doesn't fit and doesn't feel good. Little by little, it was fixed, he changed positions, fixed it again, and said he wasn't feeling well with his back pain again.

But suddenly, Brukkk...

It turned out that Ms. Ani, who was in front, slipped and fell suddenly. I've fallen like that and I'm laughing happily, it's different, senior climbers. Dan Deg! I experienced de Javu for the 4th during this climb after seeing mba Ani fall and then laugh. The first is when you go up, the second is at the top of the hero, the third is when you eat before you go down. And this is the most de Javu record for me when I climb a mountain. Usually, it's just once, not even de javu at all. And this tumben can be very much up to 4 times.

The journey continues and at one point we arrive at the pine forest before the waterfall permadi. Here we take a short break because my body is getting tired and my headlamp is getting tired so it's not bright anymore.

"Rik, what are you doing?" asked Eko.

"This back hurts bad because the bag doesn't feel good."

"Here's the back."

Kang Erik also changed his sitting position and now his back is right in front of Eko. Without a warning and a word all of a sudden. "Plaaaaakkkk...." Eko's right hand with all his strength hit Erik's back, which was suddenly in pain. Even those of us who witnessed it was very surprised and immediately asked why he was hitting him with full power.

"How are you feeling?" asked Eko. "I'm sorry, rik I hit hard earlier."

"Yes, it's quite better than before," said Kang Erik, a little annoyed.

"It wasn't hitting you, rik. But it was the hit that followed you from post 2. So I'm sorry because if you don't, it will follow you to the bottom." said bang Eko with a sense of guilt because of his full power death blow. But kang Erik just didn't budge and asked us to continue down again.

And finally, at about half-past nine we arrived at the Jungle Tapestry gate and we rested at the jungle tapestry house on stilts. Just now, suddenly the sound "Brukkkkk..." Kang Erik threw his keril bag near the bench as if to relieve his fatigue and the burden was gone.

Understandably, Erik was already stuck when he stopped for a while at post 2, which made his keril feel heavy and his back hurt. So during the trip down from post 2 to the gate of the jungle rug, Eko, who knew about this, tried to invite Erik to talk so that his mind wouldn't go blank and he wouldn't get stuck.

We also rested at the stall that was open near the Permadi Jungle gate while enjoying hot tea and fried food and dumplings. Then this is where Eko tells everything to kang Erik and all of us about his full power death blow to the events above. Starting from the white figure on the edge of the path to the watchman in the former shower pool near us, setting up a tent. Until the spot was called a VVIP spot with Eko because the wind wouldn't hit the tent and it was very calm.

No wonder a monkey is sitting calmly on the tree right across from our tent, it turns out that there is indeed a penungunya that was the former shower pool and it turns out that he is sitting on the wooden bridge where we put the keril ts when packing. So everything is clear and Erik is not angry with Eko anymore because he has told him what happened.

And we arrived at Basecamp around 11 pm because Eko and I chose to walk. Meanwhile, Mba Ani, Kang Erik, Mas Untung, and Mas Rona chose to take a motorcycle taxi from the jungle gate to basecamp. And they arrived at base camp at 10 pm.

Long story short, the next morning we all went home from Basecamp to the house but I had to take Ms. Ani first to Slawi because Mr. Untung and Mas Rona went home early at night because Mr. Untung taught school on Monday.

After taking Ms. Ani to Mas Utung's house, I immediately went home but during the trip down from the jar to return home, her body was not feeling well and she was very sleepy. And at night the body suddenly became hot and the trunk was so sleepy that it was covered with SB even though usually at night it was a bit hot here, not as cold as in the jar.

Maybe it's just because you're tired or because you take a shower in the morning at basecamp and you go straight down to Slawi, which is soooo hot. What is certain is that no one came home because in the morning they were immediately refreshed and safe. Even the legs are not so sore like when they were addicted to mountain climbing.

Back again put aside what my friends and I experienced above. The Slamet mountain climbing route via Permadi Guci is highly recommended, especially for beginners. This is because the facilities are quite complete, starting from the existence of motorcycle taxis to post 1 to the presence of toilets, water sources, and prayer rooms in the camp area of ​​post 4. Of course, it will be very helpful for beginners who are not used to defecating together with nature in the bushes.

However, what needs to be considered is logistics management and time during the summit attack, especially water. Because you could say the summit attack of the Permadi route from Palawanagan to the top, the length of the path is different from the Bambangan route.

Plus there are only 2 webbing where 1 is for going up and 1 for going down so if it's crowded then you have to queue and get stuck in using the webbing. Or if you want to be desperate, go up without going through webbing, but you have to be careful because the rock for the handle is small and the slope is pretty good.

But back again if you get to the top then you will be at the highest point of Central Java, namely the peak of Heroes / Peak Surono. In addition, the view during the summit is also very beautiful because you can see the valleys and plains of Guci and the Kaligua and Bumiayu highlands from a very beautiful height. Then the sea of ​​clouds is on the left side of the summit route, which is towards the east which enters the Purwokerto area.

The view from the jungle rug gate to post 1 is so beautiful and good. So if you want to take a taxi, you don't want to go to the Jungle rug, don't go to post 1 so you can enjoy playing in the water at some of the existing waterfalls. Anyway, the package path is complete because there is a river crossing several times plus there is a moss forest that is still awake. Then in a leak from Mr. Burhan, he said that there would be shelter facilities at each post so that climbers would be comfortable to rest while climbing. And the construction of these shelters is targeted at the end of 2021. And indeed, when we hiked on October 2 - 3, 2021, then at post 1 there was already progress in making a permanent shelter made of wood.

That's my story experience while climbing Mount Slamet via the Permadi Guci Path.

Salam Lestari

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