7 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia, there is an angel bathing place

7 air terjun cantik di indonesia foto cobansewu
It turns out that besides there are mountain children and beach children, there are also Curug children. These waterfall children themselves are the result of interbreeding between beach children and mountain children because they like natural nuances like mountains, but they also like to play water like beach children. And they also have 7 summits, namely 7 waterfalls that must be visited so that they become true waterfall children.

Waterfalls or familiar ones called the waterfall, this is the place to gather and play the children of the waterfall. Just like mountain children who like to play on the top of a mountain and beach children who are always happy to play with the ocean waves.

Curug children will be happy if they manage to feel their body being hit by water falling from a height but not rain. But the waterfall or waterfall but not using tar umbrellas is thought to be playing ep ep again eh.

So let's just go ahead with 7 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia that must be visited by children Curug as its 7 summits so that it becomes a complete child of Curug.

1. Dua Warna Waterfall, North Sumatra

You will like this with the number 1 list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia that must be visited by waterfall children, called Dua Warna Waterfall. This waterfall is located in the Sibolangit sub-district, Deliserdang Regency, North Sumatra.

air terjun dua warna sumatra utara - foto anfisa.ua
Air terjun Dua Warna Sumatra Utara - Foto @anfisa.ua

Why is it called a two-color waterfall? This is because this waterfall has its uniqueness, namely the water which consists of two colors, namely clear and blue. Of course, it is very beautiful, especially combined with green rocks on the edges and also lots of waterfalls or waterfalls. Anyway, it's really beautiful, it's really beautiful, it makes a child fall in love.

To get to this Dua Warna Waterfall you have to have a mental attitude. steel and also willing to fight. Because access to this waterfall is very difficult, even you have to walk through the thick forest to enjoy the beautiful water of this Dua Warna Waterfall.

Of course, you feel tired after walking on the trail and penetrating the lush forest will pay off with the extraordinary beauty that is presented by this Dua Warna Waterfall. Anyway, it has to be the number one list to visit, especially the Curug kids.

2. Coban Sewu, East Java

Maybe you are familiar with one of the hit waterfalls in the Lumajang region of East Java. Even the waterfall, which is located right in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo District, has become the target of travelers after exploring Mount Bromo.

Air terjun Coban Sewu, Jawa Timur - Foto @gamalcya_j
Air terjun Coban Sewu, Jawa Timur - Foto @gamalcya_j

Even the beauty of the Coba Sewu waterfall has spread to foreign tourists. So don't be surprised if you visit Coban Sewu there are so many foreigners and foreigners.

But it's like a waterfall Dua Warna, access to Coban Sewu also has its challenges. Because you will be faced with an extreme trip to be able to enjoy the beauty of the many waterfalls, according to the name Coban (Waterfall) Sewu (Thousand / Many).

3. Sendang Gile, Lombok

This 31-meter high waterfall is located in the forest area of Mount Rinjani National Park on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This waterfall is very special and beautiful because it has 2 levels of waterfalls.

Air terjun Sendang Gile, Lombok - Foto @ds_iroen
Air terjun Sendang Gile, Lombok - Foto @ds_iroen

Where the main waterfall falls from a height of 31 meters from the edge of the cliff while the second level waterfall is the first waterfall but the waterfalls into the pool of water so that it slowly flows down the cliffside.

Of course, this view is very beautiful and unique and very beautiful, that's why the waterfall or Sendang Gile waterfall is one of the waterfalls that must be visited by waterfall children. Or you can also climb to Mount Rinjani because they are located together in the same area of Mount Rinjani National Par

4. Sri Gethuk, Yogyakarta

Some say Yogyakarta is a warm city and there is always something in Jogja until there is a song. And it turns out that there is indeed a point this time there is such a thing as Curug tau Sri Gethuk waterfall which is really a must visit for Anak Curug.

Air terjun Sri Gethuk, Yogyakarta - Foto @lavifayulyanti
Air terjun Sri Gethuk, Yogyakarta - Foto @lavifayulyanti

This waterfall has a height of 80 meters and is right in the quiet of the Oyo river, Gunung Kidul. In addition, this tourist object is also close to other tourist locations, namely the Kencono Design Cave. So, as soon as you enjoy the Sri Gethuk waterfall, you can go straight to the Rancang Kencono Cave to explore again.

5. Grojogan Sewu, Central Java

This waterfall has an extraordinary charm, especially the cliffs on the side of the waterfall which are exotic. Having a height of 80 meters, of course, the waterfall in the Grojogan Sewu Forest Tourism area, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar is indeed able to captivate the eyes of anyone who visits there, especially waterfall children.

Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu - foto instagram bangjad_
Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu - foto instagram bangjad_

Not only that, it turns out that the Grojogan Sewu waterfall itself has several waterfall points and of course the most famous is the one that has a height of 80 meters. Because of course, the scenery is very fantastic and exotic. You could say that this is the main waterfall of Grojogan Sewu or in Indonesian you could say a thousand waterfalls.

6. Moramo, Southeast Sulawesi

So if you go to Southeast Sulawesi, don't forget to stop by Moramo waterfall. It is located in the Tanjung Peropa Wildlife Reserve area. Precisely 60 kilometers from the center of Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi.

Air terjun Moramo, Sulawesi Tenggara - Foto @ethnictraveler
Air terjun Moramo, Sulawesi Tenggara - Foto @ethnictraveler

This Moramo waterfall has a level consisting of seven steps with a total height of about 100 meters. These steps are the main charm of Moramo waterfall and many believe that this waterfall is a bathing place for the angels because it is so beautiful.

Here there are also small steps with large marble stones which make for a very beautiful and beautiful view. So how do you dare to take a bath in Moramo waterfall or just sit close to him and wait for an angel to shower and take his shawl and end up being a wife, eh, it's like Joko Bodo, Joko Tarub, that means. 

7. Curug Citambur, West Java

This waterfall is very beautiful because it has a charm that can make you wet. Because the Citambur waterfall is indeed famous for water that falls partly into dew and water vapor, therefore the air around this waterfall will feel cool.  

Curug Citambur, Jawa Barat - Foto @saragih_erick
Curug Citambur, Jawa Barat - Foto @saragih_erick

But if you don't want to get wet, then you can enjoy this Citambur waterfall from a distance and what is certain is that it is still beautiful. Especially if the sun is bright then you can see a rainbow in this waterfall, which is certainly not really epic.

This waterfall has a height of 40 meters. and located in Karang Jawa, Pagelaran District, Cianjur, West Java. And what is certain is that you must visit, especially the children of the waterfall. And of course, you won't regret coming here and seeing the charm of Curug Citambur with two levels and large stones overgrown with moss and exotic green plants.

That's it. 7 The most beautiful and beautiful waterfall or waterfall in Indonesia and must be visited by the child of the waterfall so that he becomes a complete waterfall child. So you plan to visit the waterfall, which was the first waterfall?

Salam Grujugan!

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