You don't need to go far to the Maldives! Here are 7 romantic vacation spots in Indonesia

7 tempat di indonesia yang romantis seperti di maldives - foto instagram dadexstudio

Who doesn't know the Maldives, one of the countries in southwest India does have beautiful nature, namely the clear blue sea and its islands. Therefore, Maldives is again one of the most hits romantic tourist destinations in the world. So don't be surprised if so many couples go there on vacation.

It turns out that to feel romance and beauty like in the Maldives, you don't have to go on vacation far there. Because in Indonesia several vacation spots are no less romantic and have a beauty that rivals that of the Maldives.

Here are 7 romantic vacation spots in Indonesia for you to visit with your partner. And what is certain is that beauty is not inferior to that of the Maldives.

1. Pulau Cinta - Gorontalo

This one can be called the Maldives of Indonesia. Because here you will feel a romantic atmosphere and natural beauty similar to the Maldives. Like in the Maldives, on Pulau Cinta, you can also stay in wooden cottages and spend the night in the middle of the sea. Which is going to be romantic and fun. Moreover, staying with your partner while on your honeymoon is good.

Pulau Cinta, Gorontalo - foto instagram pulaucintagorontalo
Pulau Cinta, Gorontalo - instagram photo jugaucintagorpapan

The name Island of Love is indeed taken from the form of lodging or cottages on this island to form love. 15 cottages are joined by wooden bridges to form love or love. The cottages here are also equipped with a terrace and a living room.

To be able to stay overnight and enjoy the beauty of Pulau Cinta, you have to prepare a budget starting from 3 million rupiahs per night. Where in it includes 3 meals and round-trip transportation from the port of Tilamutta to Pulau Cinta. For complete information, just visit the official website at .

Not only that with such a budget you will feel satisfied because in Pulau Cinta you can do various activities ranging from beautiful photos, diving, exploring the island, playing swings so you can order a romantic dinner while accompanied by a beautiful sunset. beautiful. Plus when night falls look at the sky, because there I am, eh. That means there are billions of really beautiful studded stars.

So This baget highly recommended for newlyweds who want to honeymoon to the Maldives but are hit by funds. Just run to Cinta Island in Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo. Guaranteed your vacation and honeymoon will be romantic and memorable. The blue sea and cottage facilities are not inferior to those in the Maldives.

2. Pulau Ayer Resort & Cottages - Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta

Pulau Ayer Resort & amp; This cottage also offers a vacation by staying on the sea, like in the Maldives. What is certain is that it is very suitable for you and your partner on vacation or honeymoon here.

Pulau Ayer Resort & Cottages, Kepulauan Seribu - Foto instagram pulauayerresort
Pulau Ayer Resort & amp; Cottages, Kepulauan Seribu - Pulauayerresort instagram photo

Besides being close to Jakarta, which is on Ayer Island, the Thousand Islands, the beauty of this island is also worth taking into account. Apart from staying in a cottage above the sea, there is also a small forest that you are ready to explore. You can also play very clean white beach sand and swim in the clear sea which is turquoise-green. If it's cool, I have a relaxing coffee in the cottage while looking at the beautiful sea.

To be able to stay at this Ayer Island cottage, you have to prepare a budget starting from 1 million rupiahs per night. With 3 meals, round trip ticket, and insurance from Marina Ancol pier to Ayer Island. Plus you can get extra Lunch and Dinner, it's cool. For complete ordering information and prices, please visit the website .

3. Misool Eco Resort - Raja Ampat, Papua

So this time there is a beautiful resort, Misool Eco Resort, which is fantastic. This resort is located in the paradise area for coastal children, namely Raja Ampat, Papua. What is certain is that there is no doubt about its amazing natural beauty.

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat - Foto Instagram misool.resort
Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat - Instagram photo misool.resort

Misool Eco Resort is also far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Because the manager deliberately limits the resort's visitors to a maximum of only 40 people. So it feels like your romantic getaway is getting more private. This is done because the resort manager also runs a natural conservation program for the beauty of Raja Ampat. Where this resort is also highly committed to preserving it by using it as an ecotourism area.

Besides being able to sleep on the sea, you can swim and dive to your heart's content with beautiful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Misool Eco Resort is one of the most suitable resorts for snorkeling and diving.

To be able to stay at Misool Eco Resort you have to prepare a budget starting from 1 million rupiahs per night. Meals and pp transport from Misol Eco Resort to Sorong are included. For more detailed information, please visit the website .

Of course, this Misool Eco Resort can be the main choice for your romantic vacation with your partner. This is perfect for a honeymoon for newlyweds or old newlyweds, eh.

4. Maratua Paradise Resort - Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

This is another one whose beauty can rival the charm of the beauty and romance of the Maldives. Many visitors say that the resort on the Derawan Islands is in the Maldives of Indonesia.

Maratua Paradise Resort, Kepulauan Derawan - Foto instagram derawanadventuretrip
Maratua Paradise Resort, Kepulauan Derawan - Foto instagram derawanadventuretrip

Not without reason, this nickname is because Maratua Paradise Resort has a cottage concept and also clear blue sea water like in the Maldives. Besides that, Derawan Islands itself is one of the paradises for water tourism in Indonesia.

You only need to prepare a budget starting from 1 million rupiahs per night to be able to stay at this Maratua Paradise Resort. This is suitable for a new couple who wants to go on a honeymoon. What is certain is that it will not regret and be very satisfied with the beautiful and romantic scenery here. Especially when it is at sunset, it's romantic many times. For complete information, please visit the official website

5. Papua Paradise Eco Resort - Raja Ampat, Papua

Apart from Misool Eco Resort, it turns out that in the Raja Ampat area there are also other resorts, namely Papua Paradise Eco Resort which you must visit and be your place to stay.

Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat - Foto Instagram papuaparadisecoresort
Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat - Foto Instagram papuaparadisecoresort

At Papua Paradise Eco Resort, you will enjoy the charm of the Raja Ampat Islands with a calm and beautiful atmosphere. Plus the stretch of clear sea typical of Raja Ampat and rows of shady trees can make your vacation even more unforgettable.

Papua Paradis Eco Resort is also claimed to be the best resort in Raja Ampat. Of course, with complete facilities and satisfying service. At this resort, you can go diving or snorkeling to see the amazing underwater beauty. If you're lucky you can meet mantas, wobbegong, reef sharks, and mermaids.

There are about 26 bungalows lined up neatly along Birdie Island. Of course, this bungalow can be your place to stay and directly overlooks the exotic Raja Ampat area. You have to prepare a budget starting from 4 million rupiahs to be able to stay here. To order, go directly to the official website .

So you won't regret having a vacation together with your partner. get over here. In addition to the beautiful and enchanting views of the sea and nature, the facilities are also very complete. What is sure to make your romantic vacation with your partner even more unforgettable.

6. Ora Beach Eco Resort - Maluku

This resort in Maluku is a must-visit for a romantic vacation. This floating inn offers beautiful and amazing views. Because this resort is located between the limestone cliffs of Manusela and the exotic bay of Sawai.

Ora Eco Resort, Maluku - Foto Instagram itammanis.motret
Ora Eco Resort, Maluku - Foto Instagram itammanis.motret

At Ora Eco Resort, you will stay on a very clear, clean, and calm sea. Plus, fresh air and away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd is an added value here. Moreover, this resort is very private, so your honeymoon will be more fun and romantic.

Apart from that, Ora Eco Resort is also known to be very private, so that the vacation belongs to both of us. And to get ready at this resort you have to prepare a budget starting from 1 million per night. For orders, you can immediately go to the website at

What is certain is that the beauty of this resort will fascinate you and make you want to be there for a long time.

7. Dusun Bambu - Lembang, Bandung

If this one is indeed the place not in the sea or islands as listed above. But deliberately we put it because it has a concept and is one of the romantic holidays for newlyweds.

Dusun Bambu, Lembang Bandung - foto instagram dhaniel.hartono
Dusun Bambu, Lembang Bandung - foto instagram dhaniel.hartono

Located in the Lembang area which is famous for its center of tourist attractions in Bandung, it offers a romantic stay experience. You and your partner will sleep in a room that is mostly made of bamboo. The rooms where you stay here are made of bamboo which is above the lake. Of course, it's interesting to be a romantic getaway for you and your partner.

In addition to the unique rooms, the view here is also very beautiful, and beautiful where the lake and the small house-shaped rooms above combine with the green trees that surround this Dusun Bambu area. Plus the fresh air here makes the heart and mind calm.

Therefore staying at Dusun Bambu can be said to have the charm of staying in a cottage in the Maldives but the mountain version. Which of course will make your vacation more romantic and fun.

To stay at Dusun Bambu you have to prepare an expansion budget of 1 million rupiahs per night. For complete information about ordering and prices, you can directly visit the website at .

These are 7 romantic and beautiful places to stay whose romantic charm is not inferior to that of the Maldives. And all the places are in Indonesia, so you don't need to leave the country first to get the sensation of a romantic vacation to the Maldives.

But still, if you go alone even if you go to the Maldives then the vacation won't be romantic. So if you want your vacation to be romantic, you have to change your KTP status first and show off a green red book that has a picture of a golden eagle first. I just took a vacation to the 7 places above so that it will be romantic and make you hungry for holidays, uh baper that means.

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