9 Basic Survival Equipment That Mountain Climbers Must Have, The Last One Makes Mupeng

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In addition to hypothermia, mountain climbers are always overshadowed by a high risk of getting lost or falling into a ravine due to bad weather conditions while climbing. It is not uncommon for those who are separated from their groups because they take the wrong path and end up getting lost in the wilderness. If this happens, of course, we must be able to survive or survive until help arrives. By relying on survival tools we have to stay afloat until the weather improves.

Of course, as an adventurer, when we get lost as much as possible, we must be able to survive and return to finding the right path. Because it does not always help from climbing basecamp or other climbers will come quickly and find us.

Therefore, before starting to climb, it is better to prepare route planning, and also ask the basecamp officer for the terrain. And last but not least, you have to prepare physical fitness and adequate equipment during the ascent, including survival tools that must be carried even if they are not used later.

Here, Jelajah Lagi has summarized what survival tools a climber must carry, which can be used when he gets lost or has an accident falling into a ravine.

1. First aid kit

This first aid kit is indeed a piece of mandatory equipment that must be carried when traveling anywhere, whether it's climbing mountains or traveling. Because to anticipate things that are not desirable such as getting hurt in the middle of the trip or other things.

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In addition, first aid kits will also be your first helper when you fall into a ravine and can still move. Of course, in an emergency like that, you can rely on medicines as well as plasters and bandages that are in the first aid kit to treat injuries from falling.

But in reality, most people sometimes forget this first aid kit because they are so confident that nothing will happen. Even though the risks in the wild are very large and we cannot predict. So that this first aid kit is very helpful when an emergency occurs.

2. Emergency Blanket

Of course, when you get lost in the forest in cold and wet clothes, you face the threat of hypothermia. Moreover, this happens at night when the air temperature drops drastically. And according to data in the field, hypothermia is the main cause of survival deaths when lost in the forest or mountains.

Emergency Blanket survival
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This Emergency Blanket or Thermal Blanket is very helpful to insulate the body temperature to keep it warm and the heat does not come out of the blanket used. And of course, this keeps the body warm so that it can prevent hypothermia.

So it's very important to have this Emergency Thermal, especially if you don't bring a tent or stove to warm your body. As well as being one of the items that must be carried during the climb.

There are two kinds of Emergency Blankets, namely silver which is specifically designed to warm the body or used when cold to avoid hypothermia. While gold or gold is useful if you feel hot, this is because of its nature which is able to reflect the sun's heat and keep the temperature inside the blanket cool.

3. Sweedish Army Firesteel Lighter

Fire is indeed one of the important elements for survival in the wild. Because with fire we can warm our bodies and cook and fire can be used for lighting.

Sweedish Army Firesteel survivalist forum
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Indeed, you can bring matches or gasoline to light a fire when climbing. However, when the air conditions are humid or wet, both objects will be difficult to use. Therefore Jelajah Lagi recommends bringing a lighter such as the Swedish Army Firesteel which is designed to be used in all weather conditions.

This tool does not use magnesium to create sparks so damp conditions are not a problem. And when we get lost as much as possible, we have to make a bonfire, apart from being a body warmer, this bonfire is also an SOS signal for the search team.

4. Versatile or Swiss Army Knife

This tool is very multifunctional and can be used for anything so it is mandatory to carry it, especially when we are going to climb mountains or traveling to the wild. Even during the world war, the Swiss Army Knife was used by the German army as a tool for both first aid and survival during the war.

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This Swiss Army Knife is not just an ordinary knife but is equipped with scissors, a small screwdriver, a nail file, a bottle opener, a small saw, and other functions. And the great thing is that all these tools can be folded into a small form and can be put in a pocket.

And when you get lost, you can use this knife to cut tree trunks that can be used to make bivouacs and can also hunt wild animals that can be eaten if you run out of food ingredients. And as a means of self-defense when you are attacked by wild animals.

5. Compass

In determining our direction and position, we can take advantage of natural signs, one of which is the direction of the sun. But if our position is in a dense forest and foggy weather conditions and sunlight that cannot be seen directly by the eye. Then the compass becomes one of the survival tools that can be used.

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Compass is very important when you get lost in the forest because with a compass we can find out the position and choose which direction we will walk to find the right path.

In addition, with a compass, we can also determine the Qibla direction for prayer, so this tool is very mandatory to carry.

6. Water Filter Straw

In addition to fire, water is also one of the important things that must be owned by survival when lost. Because humans can only survive 3 days without drinking and it will make the body weak and dehydrated. Because basically in the human body the element of water becomes the most so that if there is a lack of water then dehydration can attack.

sedotan penyaring air
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Therefore, this water filter straw tool is very useful, especially when the water supply runs out when you get lost. And we haven't found any drinkable water sources such as rivers or water from pitcher plants.

Then when you find a puddle of cloudy water in the middle of the forest, you can use this filter to change the cloudy water to be clear and drinkable.

In addition to using this straw, you can also use a tissue to filter dirt by placing 2 containers where one contains dirty water and is in a higher place while the other is empty. Then place the dry tissue partly into the cloudy water container and the other end into the empty container. Then the water will slowly flow through the tissue and turn clear.

However, this method is very complicated and takes a long time. So using a water filter straw is highly recommended.

7. Headlamp or Flashlight

The headlamp is indeed one of the mandatory equipment that must be carried when climbing, especially when walking at night. And the headlamp can also be an SOS signal if we fall into a ravine and can't move freely.

headlamp eiger
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So by turning on the headlamp or flashlight with SOS mode, it can give a signal to other climbers or rescue teams who are looking for us. If the headlamp and flashlight that we carry do not have SOS mode, we can shake it by shaking it or by turning it on and off continuously.

In addition, this headlamp or flashlight can also be used as lighting at night and as an animal repellent. Because some headlamps have cat-eye features that are red and similar to cat eyes.

8. Emergency Whistle

Well, here it is, one of the very useful and small survival tools, namely the emergency whistle. We just simply blow it so that the search team and other climbers realize that we are lost or at the bottom of a cliff.

Peluit Emergency eiger
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So that the search team will find us very easily rather than screaming for help which will make our voices run out because of it.

Even during the war, the sound of this whistle was often used as a means of sending messages to friends by using Morse code. And the Scouts are taught how to send a Morse message with a whistle.

9. High Calorie Ration

This high-calorie ration or what we know better as army food is indeed anticipation in an emergency, especially when our food supplies run out. This high-calorie ration can be used as a food reserve.

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This biscuit-like food itself is often used as one of the soldiers' food during war training or survival and carrying out reconnaissance missions.

In addition, this food is also very useful in survival conditions because it has lightweight, lasts a long time, and has high calories so that it can provide enough energy for our survival. One piece of this high-calorie ration can give us energy for up to 6-8 hours and that's enough for all-day we find our way when we get lost.

Those are some tools and equipment that can help you when you get lost and have to survive. And of course, the equipment must be brought by adventurers both when climbing mountains or traveling to the wild.

Because it's better to take it even if it's not used than we don't take it but have to use it because we get lost or have to survive. Of course, it will make it difficult for us to survive or survive in the wild.

Even though you have high knowledge about survival, without survival tools, you will have difficulty applying them. Apart from that, we are obliged to have survival tools and good survival knowledge but remember not to put it into practice in real life.

Best regards
Stay safe and keep adventuring.

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