Mountain Children or Beach Boys, Which One Are You Suitable To Be?

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Some time ago there was a loyal reader of who requested to discuss beach children. So this time we will discuss what are the differences in attitude between mountain children and beach children.

Before discussing further, let's first introduce what is a mountain child and what is a beach child. There is a saying, "If you love mountains, you'll climb the ocean, I'll cross it." Hey, who's the one who often smacks him with that sentence?

Investigate a calibration, it turns out that it is synonymous with beach children and mountain children. Mountain children themselves are children, teenagers, and adults who like to play in the mountains or can be abbreviated as mountain climbers. Usually synonymous with big pebbles and complete outdoor equipment and height addicts.

Now those beach kids are children who like to play with the waves and are addicted to the gentle sea breeze and like to play with the sand on the beach.

And it turns out that the personalities of beach children and mountain children are different, judging from the several characters that exist in both of them.

1. Extrovert or Introvert

This is one of the personalities that can be seen and the difference between a mountain child and a beach child. Where the mountain children tend to be more comfortable with a calm, comfortable, quiet, and cool atmosphere. In addition, mountain children also know better how to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Because of this tendency, mountain children are more identified with introverted or closed personalities. Where the tendency of Introverts is also more comfortable with solitude, tranquility, and comfort when alone.

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This is different from beach children who are identical to being more extroverted or open-minded. Because the beach is more crowded than in the mountains. In addition, beach children like crowds, and like to be the center of attention, and are very happy to be in large groups.

2. Get bored quickly or easily comfortable

Now, these two attitudes also determine whether you are suitable to be a mountain child or a beach child. Let's talk about mountain children first, indeed mountain climbing activities are always filled with unexpected things, for example, the weather changes so fast and the track is always different every time we climb. And it is very liked by the climbers and cause satisfaction for them.

Therefore, this mountain child tends to have an attitude that gets bored quickly and tends to seek and be interested in new things. But it's not always negative to get bored quickly, right, with this attitude you can explore more deeply about a place so that the inspiration you get will be abundant.

In addition, this attitude of getting bored quickly also encourages climbers to return to climbing on other mountains. And finally turned into an addiction to keep climbing and climbing again.

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Foto oleh Asad Photo Maldives dari Pexels

Then if you have an easy-going personality, you are more suited to be a beach boy. Because beach children are always comfortable when they are on the beach. Even though they are as fun as mountains, basically the beach only offers the same views. The waves rolled in, and the earth's horizon line and the sun went down.

In contrast to mountains, which always have a typical terrain and different contours from one mountain to another.

3. Thorough or Like to Improvise

If you are a conscientious person then you are suitable to be a mountain child but if you prefer to improvise then you are very suitable to play on the beach and be a beach child, yes.

anak gunung itu teliti
Foto Baihaki Hine

In climbing the mountain, we are required to make preparations and thoroughness to the details. In addition, the equipment needed for climbing is also quite a lot. So it is required to be more careful in carrying equipment because if left behind, it will be difficult to fit later on the mountain.

Starting from planning transportation to the climbing Basecamp until later on the mountain, what to cook until the climbing rhythm becomes a major concern for climbers. And this meticulous attitude is very helpful in planning the ascent so that the equipment carried can be more efficient and precise.

Any problems that occur during the ascent will be dealt with in a structured, planned, and detailed way. Because if you forget to bring flavoring then automatically on the mountain all cooked food will be tasteless. So yes, this is indeed one of the attitudes inherent in a climber or mountain child.

This is different from beach children who prefer to improvise. They often create impromptu fun while on vacation at the beach and tend to be easy to improvise so they can get out of the habit.

Like the sea breeze that blows leisurely, so is the way beach children face life and solve their problems. In fact, beach children usually only need to bring a camera or a little snack and a change of clothes without having to think about cooking utensils and ingredients. Because on the beach there must be many stalls lined up waving to stop by.

Well on the mountain? there are several mountain stalls that stand like one of the tallest stalls in Indonesia, namely the Mbok Yem stall at Hargo Dalem Gunung Lawu. But still, mountain children prefer to bring their own lunch and cook it together and if for example, you are going to Ciremai when you want to eat, you have to go to Lawu first to buy pecel rice, Mbok Yem?.

4. Ambitious or Ordinary

It turns out, you can also find out if you are someone who is ambitious or who is normal with where you choose a vacation spot.

If you choose to go to the mountains then you tend to have an ambitious attitude. This is of course because the mountain child will be faced with a steep climbing track and many challenges. If you don't have this ambitious attitude, it's better to be a beach boy who can relax while eating young coconut ice directly from the coconut.

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Foto Suliman Sallehi dari Pexels

The mountain will always face a tougher challenge than the beach child. He has to go through steep and treacherous tracks on the hiking trail to get to the top. This makes the mountain children mentally stronger because nature teaches them to keep fighting until the goal is achieved.

Mountain children are also used to access to the mountain is not easy. Even in some mountains, the vehicles cannot reach the basecamp. And this makes the mountain boy have to start trekking on foot from the bottom to the basecamp and continue after registration from basecamp to the top.

While the beach children are very good, even a car as big as a can get to the beach directly. And the access is not as difficult as that for mountain children, so beach children tend not to have an ambitious attitude. You could say that beach kids are just "let it flow".

5. Twilight Lover or Morning Lover

If you like sunsets with all their romance, then you can visit the beach and be a beach boy. But if the sunrise is so enticing to you then climb the mountain and be a child of the mountain. Because from a height you can see the sun rising along with an amazing sea of clouds.

Twilight on the beach is the best twilight that can captivate every eye. And this is the main goal of beach children who understand the best beauty of the beach.

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Foto oleh AbhiramPrakash dari Pexels

But the mountain boy was always willing to wake up in the middle of the night and make a summit attack trip in the middle of pitch darkness and cold air for one purpose. Namely witnessing the rising of the sun and the sea of clouds that stretch out beautifully at the highest point.

6. Romantic or Realistic

But the mountain boy was always willing to wake up in the middle of the night and make a summit attack trip in the middle of pitch darkness and cold air for one purpose. Namely witnessing the rising of the sun and the sea of clouds that stretch out beautifully at the highest point.

Foto oleh Asad Photo Maldives

Beach kids who tend to have extroverted personalities are very easy to express their feelings to the people they like. Plus the atmosphere of the sunset on the beach does seem romantic and can be a time where beach children shoot mountain children on the beach, uh, instead of play shooting. It means shooting someone who has been targeted to accompany the rest of this life.

It must be very romantic and the feeling is felt because it expresses feelings at sunset. Then if you accept it, you can go straight to a sweet dinner on the beach, wow really.

Well, it's different from the more realistic mountain kids. They will try to enjoy the hiking trip more. Because climbing a mountain is a miniature of life's journey and the more difficult the climbing route, the more realistic you will be to pass it.

Besides that, the atmosphere on the mountain is different from that on the beach where fellow climbers or mountain children are like brothers. Where if there is one tired climber, there is always someone who encourages him.

But don't get me wrong, compared to beach children, these mountain children have a mental toughness that has been honed every time they climb a mountain. So once you like mountain children, most of them have a loyal attitude.

The realistic view that mountain children have can bring benefits in living life. Because they tend to be able to choose the right steps in determining life decisions. Because romance alone is less and realistic romance is better.

Then because of this, some say that many climbers or mountain children are comfortable being single. I can't deny it, because the mountain child is already in love with the mountain itself and its contents. But don't get me wrong, even mountain kids can be romantic and can even beat beach kids about their beauty.

So do you prefer to be a mountain boy or a beach boy? Or want to be the mother or father of our children, eh.

Greetings and greetings santuy ala beach children.

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