4 Mountains with the Most Predicate on Java Island, What are they?


Java Island is the island with the highest density in Indonesia and not only that, no less than 40 volcanoes stand firmly on the island which is divided into 6 provinces. And among the 40 mountains, it turns out that these 4 mountains have the TER predicate, namely the highest, longest, most extreme, best sunrise.

Then what mountains have the title of Mount TER... on the island of Java. The following is a list of the four highest mountains, longest hiking trails, extremes, and best sunrises.

1. Mount Semeru, the Highest Peak in Java

Who does not know this mountain, almost all climbers know it, especially the beauty of Ranukumbolo and the peak of Mahameru. In addition, this mountain has also been a shooting location for a film about mountain climbing which has succeeded in getting everyone interested in becoming a climber.

Gunung Semeru Jawa Timur - Foto ist Kominfo Jawa Timur
Gunung Semeru Jawa Timur - Foto ist Kominfo Jawa Timur

The mountain which is the abode of the gods and the late So Hoek Gie is the highest in Java. Where the highest peak Mahameru is at an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level. And to get to the top of Mahameru, you must have a strong mental and physical strength and always maintain safety.

Because this is where the sandy path to the top of Mahameru is the final resting place of So Hok Gie. The famous sand path when we take 1 step it will take 2 steps back. In addition, passing this route, we must always be aware of rocks that often roll freely from above due to landslides.

In addition to getting the title of the Highest mountain in Java, this mountain located in the districts of Lumajang, Probolingo, Malang and Pasuruan has a million beautiful charms. Like Ranukumbolo, a lake that has the best sunrise and a million charms.

The Rise of Love, which has a myth, if you think of someone you love when you go through this incline, the feeling will be conveyed and come true. But on the condition that during the pass you can't look back. Then there is the Edelweiss Field in Kalimati which is so beautiful and enchanting. And of course the highest peak of the island of Java, the peak of Mahameru which is so firmly standing.

2. Mount Argopuro, The Longest Track on the Island of Java

Mount Argopuro, located in East Java, only has an altitude of 3,088 meters above sea level. However, this dormant volcano has the longest climbing track on the island of Java.

Mata Air 2 Argopuro - Foto Instagram @akhmaddariel
Mata Air 2 Argopuro - Foto Instagram @akhmaddariel

To reach the top of Argopuro, climbers must go through a 63 km climbing track starting from Baderan basecamp. 4 to 6 days is the estimated normal travel time needed to get to the top of Argopuro.

Of course, this makes the mountain in the Yang Wildlife Reserve area the longest track on the island of Java. But remember that the length of the track on Mount Argopuro is not as long as the story of you chasing him, oops.

3. Mount Raung, the Extreme Track on the Island of Java

The mountain, which is located in Bondowoso, Banyuwangi, and Jember regencies, has become one of the iconic mountains with the most extreme climbing tracks on the island of Java.

Track Jembatan Sirotol Mustaking Gunung Raung - Foto @garudaiken
Track Jembatan Shirotol Mustakim Gunung Raung - Foto @garudaiken

Even for climbers, if you want to become a true climber completely, you have to conquer the mountain which has a height of 3,344 meters above sea level with this extreme path.

This is of course because the hiking trail is on a mountain ridge with gaping ravines on either side. There is even a death lane on Mount Raung called the Shirotol Mustakim Bridge route because it is very dangerous and there is no safety rope at all. What must be very stressful going through it is the same as when he will give you a yes or no answer.

Mount Raung is also often one of the training places to prepare for climbers who will climb abroad, especially to the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest, or start the 7 Summit of the World expedition.

4. Mount Prau, Best Golden Sunrise

Even though it only has a height of 2,656 meters above sea level, it turns out that the charm offered by Mount Prau is amazing. Even the mountain in the Dieng plateau area has been named the mountain with the best golden sunrise.

Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise - iamindonesia.net
Mount Prau Dieng, The Most Beautiful Place To Enjoy Sunrise - iamindonesia.net

Mount Prau does have a million charms that cannot be expressed in words. Because of its beauty can anesthetize anyone who climbs it. Even the beautiful view of the golden sunrise on Mount Prau is one of the icons of the mineral water logo in Indonesia.

And indeed Mount Prau is one of the mountains that is the main destination and a favorite destination for Indonesian climbers. Especially for climbers who are usually accompanied by a camera during the ascent.

Not infrequently those who make Mount Prau as a place to do a pre-wedding photo session or some even convey their feelings of love to him at the golden sunrise. Wow, when did you confess your love to him in Prau? uh.

Those are the 4 mountains that have the highest predicate, the longest track, the most extreme track, and the best sunrise on the island of Java. So which mountains have you been to or when do you plan to climb the four mountains?

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