Beach Lovers Want to Camp? Just Come To These 6 Best Beaches in Yogyakarta

 Camping di pantai jogja - foto @farida_nurdaningsih

Not only mountain children who can camp or spend the night in tents, but it also turns out that beach children can do the same thing. Yes, it's just a different place if the mountain child is camping on a mountain with an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level. But if the beach kids are masl masl and it doesn't matter because they will camp near the beach, the important thing is to get out of the tent to see the former passing by, uh, that means seeing the wide sea with the waves crashing.

Camping on the beach also uses the same equipment as going up the mountain, namely tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils, and of course warm clothes, so it's just a different place. And here are some beaches in Yogyakarta which are the best places for beach kids to camp.

1. Siung Beach

This beach, which is located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, is characterized by its sturdy rocks which are commonly used for rock climbing. In fact, this location has also been the venue for The Asian Climbing rock climbing championship which was attended by representatives from 15 countries in Asia.

Pantai Siung Yogyakarta - Paket Wisata Jogja

As mentioned earlier, Siung beach is located between two sturdy cliffs on the left and right. So this beach is very suitable for camping locations for beach children. The location that juts out or the niche makes this coastal area safe from tidal waves.

On this beach, you can also enjoy beautiful views and of course, you can climb the cliffs on either side of this beach to enjoy sunrise or sunset and beautiful views of the south coast sea. For example, if you are lazy, you can play with the white sand on the beach and catch fish trapped in puddles of rocks when the seawater recedes.

For eating problems, of course, you don't need to worry because several stalls are ready to welcome you to recharge. Besides that, other facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms are also available here and of course, cars can get to this beach. So if you want to stay with your family, for example, you can use a car to Siung beach.

2. Pok Tunggal Beach

For you indie kids or lovers and twilight hunters, it's obligatory to camp at this Pok Tunggal beach. This beach, which is also located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, does have a beautiful charm, especially at sunset. Even dubbed the nickname "The Best Place Sunset".

Pantai Pok Tunggal - Foto @achmad16jufriyanto
Pantai Pok Tunggal - Foto @achmad16jufriyanto

You can set up sitting in a tent while sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying the sun which slowly returns to its beauty. Then you can immediately write down the words that come to your mind into a poem. Until the orange tinge faded to be replaced by a jet black carrying the moon and stars.

Why is it so poetic, just like an indie kid, just twilight, coffee, and poetry? Now, just stay up late so that the indie child becomes more mature, and then from there, go straight up the mountain so that the indie child gets along perfectly. Why are you even discussing indie children even though this is discussing the campsite for beach children? Yes, basically the beach kids who are half indie kids are very suitable and recommended camping on this Pok Tunggal beach.

3. Jungwok Beach

In contrast to Siung beach, which has easy access, even cars can get to the beach. Jungwok Beach does have fairly difficult access. But the difficulties when traveling to this beach will be paid off with beautiful views where you will see sturdy corals overgrown with green plants surrounding this beach.

Pantai Jungwok - Foto @trah_kuwus
Pantai Jungwok - Foto @trah_kuwus

The green rock is often called Watutopi (Batu Hat) by the local community and is a strategic fishing location. Of course, you can also go fishing with residents while camping here. It's pretty good to be able to burn fish for free, the result of your fishing effort.

In addition, this beach is still rarely visited by people so that it becomes an ideal location for camping here. With green views that are soothing to the eyes and a beautiful atmosphere because people are still rarely visited, camping at Jungwok beach feels like camping on a private beach.

4. Drini Beach

This beach is characterized by the presence of coral islands around it which are overgrown with green trees. Being one of the beach locations that is highly recommended to be a place to camp for beach children. 

Pantai Drini - Foto
Pantai Drini - Foto

The beach which has exotic white sand is also one of the turtle conservation areas. So who knows when you camp there you can stay in touch with turtles that are laying eggs or fit in with the release of hatchlings or turtle chicks. It's cool if it's like that, you can get to know the turtle world, who knows, you might fall in love and become a turtle conservation volunteer.

5. Seruni Beach

This beach is located between Siung Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach and is still empty of visitors, so of course, it is still beautiful and very nice. Although it is too quiet to be a campsite, this beach is one of the recommended places for beach children to set up tents.

Pantai Seruni - Foto
Pantai Seruni - Foto

In addition to the beautiful view of the corals around this beach. You also don't have to worry about running out of freshwater when camping on Seruni beach. This is because on this beach there is a small cave in which there is a stream of fresh water that you can use for drinking or cooking during camping.

6. Kosakora Beach, On the beach of two realms

If this beach is really suitable for those of you who want to invite him who is a mountain child, you know. Because this beach presents a different feel from other beaches. And of course, he who is a mountain child will also be able to enjoy it. This is because this beach presents the feel of camping in two realms, namely mountains and beaches.

Puncak Kosakora, Pantai Kosakora - Foto
Puncak Kosakora, Pantai Kosakora - Foto

There is even a sign that reads the Peak of Kosakora which is the same as the typical signs that are usually found on the top of the mountain. So you will be able to enjoy camping above the height of the hill at the top of Kosakora but you can also listen to the sound of the waves crashing.

And of course, even though you can't play directly with the fish and beach sand. But you can still enjoy the beauty of the beach landscape from a height with him. And of course, you can also enjoy romantic sunrises and sunsets on this Kosakora beach. Especially enjoying it with him. You're a beach boy, he's a mountain boy, he's a perfect match.

Those are 6 beautiful beaches that are recommendations from Jelajah Lagi for you beach kids who want to camp and enjoy morning, afternoon, evening, and night on the beach. So, come on, beach kids, do you want to invite mountain kids to camp on which beach?

Greetings Waves!
Keep safe while camping on the beach, beach kids from us mountain kids, eh.

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