7 Most Beautiful and Amazing Beaches in Indonesia for Beach Lovers

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If the child of the mountain has what is called the 7 Summit of Indonesia, which are the 7 highest peaks on each island in Indonesia from Sumatra to Papua. Well it turns out that even beach kids don't want to lose, they have 7 summits of their own, but not mountains, but beautiful and best beaches in Indonesia.

With thousands of beaches in Indonesia, it turns out that there are 7 prettiest, beautiful beaches and are the main destinations for beach children as well as the 7 summits for mountain children. Here are the 7 beaches that must be visited as the 7 summits for beach children.

1. Weh Island, Aceh

The island, which is the western tip of Indonesia's territory, presents a charm that captivates everyone who visits it. This small island which is 0 KM Indonesia has a very beautiful coral reef charm and has even become one of the best snorkeling spots in the world.

Pesona Pulau Weh Sabang Aceh - Foto www.destimap.com
Pesona Pulau Weh Sabang Aceh - Foto www.destimap.com

On Pulau Weh, you can enjoy three very beautiful and enchanting beaches, namely Anoi Itam, Gapang, and Iboih beaches. Iboih Beach is the main destination for snorkeling and diving. Because this area is the best place to enjoy the underwater beauty of Weh Island where we can see schools of fish (schooling fish) swimming around the coral reefs.

Not only the beauty of the beach and underwater is alluring, you are also lucky if you can stay at a guest house with an eco-friendly concept. Where this guest house provides a pavilion that juts into the sea, so we open our eyes in the morning you will be fascinated by the view of the sea in front of our eyes.

2. Raja Ampat, Papua

Who does not know Raja Ampat in the land of Papua, which is dubbed a small paradise in Indonesia and is one of the best waters in the world? Even some foreign cruise ships often dock in Raja Ampat to enjoy the charm of the beauty of a group of exotic coral islands.

Pesona Raja Ampat Papua - Foto IG @qb.mru
Pesona Raja Ampat Papua - Foto IG @qb.mru

Raja Ampat itself comes from the Four Rajas which is taken from a legend about someone who found the seven eggs. Four of the seven eggs hatched and were believed to be the kings of the four islands in the Raja Ampat area. While the other three eggs turned into a woman, a ghost, and a stone.

Raja Ampat itself consists of 1,500 small islands, coral islands, and shoals surrounding the four main islands, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. Raja Ampat is indeed famous for its underwater natural beauty where about 75% of the world's marine species live in Raja Ampat.

Not only the underwater is stunning, the scenery of the islands in Raja Ampat is no less beautiful and always makes you want to go back there again. To enjoy it, you can visit Wayag Island which is an icon of Raja Ampat.

Wayag Island itself is a collection of hills and karst mountains in the middle of the sea that can be climbed for one to two hours. Arriving at the top you can see the whole view of Raja Ampat.

3. Pink Beach, Lombok

This exotic beach with pink sand is located in the Komodo National Park area in East Nusa Tenggara. Because the unique colored sand beaches, namely pink or pink, make it included in the number one list of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

Pesona Pink Beach - Foto IG @nrend_noktalar
Pesona Pink Beach - Foto IG @nrend_noktalar

The color of the sand at Pink Beach is due to the white sand that blends with the grains of red coral and has a reddish effect after mixing with seawater. Plus the lag of the reflection of the sun makes the pink color very clear.

But never bring the beach sand for souvenirs, if you don't want to regret it. Because if you get home, the sand will not be red but white because basically the beach sand at Pink Beach is white.

It is recommended to enjoy Pink Beach in the afternoon, this is because in the afternoon the pink color of the beach sand is getting clearer and more charming. Moreover, plus enjoying the romantic sunset with him, it will make the singles cry. whoops.

In addition to the color of the beach sand that attracts tourists, it turns out that this beach also has clear blue seawater and you can see the seabed. So if you want to play in the water or swim and play with fish or look for Patrick, you can do that.

Not only that, but the natural scenery on this beach is also very charming because the natural conditions on this beach are still beautiful. It's not even surprising that Pink Beach is nicknamed a hidden little paradise on the island of Lombok.

4. Ora Beach, Maluku Tengah

The beauty of this beach dubbed the hidden gem in Eastern Indonesia can compete with Bora-Bora beach in the Maldives which is a favorite place for a honeymoon couple.

Pesona Pantai Ora Maluku Tengah - Foto IG @_handrijay
Pesona Pantai Ora Maluku Tengah - Foto IG @_handrijay

The beach, which is located in Sawai Bay, Seram Island, Central Maluku, has amazing beauty with white sand, very clear and calm seawater without waves, and a variety of marine life with rich coral reefs. Not only that, you can enjoy a very beautiful sunrise and sunset with a background of star clusters that look amazing.

On this Ora beach, you can stay at the Ora Beach Resort in the form of a house on stilts that seem to float on water. There are eight houses on stilts, each of which is connected by a wooden bridge. And to be able to stay at this resort you have to pay 1.5 million rupiahs per night. Even though it is expensive, it is comparable to the view that you will enjoy on this Ora beach.

However, the difficult access to get to this beach makes staying at Ora Beach Resort very exclusive and like being a private beach. Therefore it is very suitable to be a honeymoon place for newlywed couples. In addition, you will not be charged a penny to enter the Ora Beach area.

5. Tomini Bay, Sulawesi Utara

For those of you beach kids who like snorkeling and diving, this is a must to Tomini Bay in North Sulawesi. Tomini Bay itself is the largest bay in Indonesia with an area of ​​approximately six million hectares with about 90 islands.

Pesona Tomini Bay - Foto IG @denimmmm_
Pesona Tomini Bay - Foto IG @denimmmm_

In addition, Tomini Bay is also an area that is still beautiful and unspoiled, so that marine life and coral reefs are still beautifully preserved. You can even dive in any spot in the Tomini Bay area because it has an equally beautiful underwater beauty.

However, of the 200 diving spots in this area, there is one very popular spot and a favorite for divers. Namely the Olele Marine Park spot and the Togean Islands. Don't be surprised if you're already here because you can enjoy coral reefs without having to dive into the sea. After all, the sea water is very clear as clear as glass.

6. Derawan Island, Kalimantan Timur

Derawan Island itself is located in the northernmost part of Indonesia, located in the district of Berau, East Kalimantan. This island has an exotic natural charm, especially its underwater panorama. Because here you can find tropical coral reefs which are quite rare.

You can also swim with jellyfish, but don't worry, the jellyfish in the Derawan island area are not poisonous, because the poisonous ones are the ones who left you when you were right, unfortunately, eh.

Besides enjoying the charm of the clear and wide blue sea and swimming with jellyfish, you can also test your adrenaline to dive into the sea trough of Halo Tube Cave on Maratua Island before returning from Derawan Island. Surrounded by cliffs and roots of mangrove trees, Halo Tube Cave has very clear gem-blue water. In addition, the location of Halo Tube Cave in the middle of the island makes it a paradise for tourists.

7. Belitung Island, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

Belitung Island has the iconic Tanjung Tinggi beach with its large rocks. Even on this beach, it became one of the shooting locations of the Laskar Pelangi film which became one of the best films in Indonesia.

Pesona Pulau Belitung - Foto rahos
Pesona Pulau Belitung - Foto rahos

The expanse of giant granite boulders around the Tanjung Tinggi beach is indeed unique and very beautiful when photographed. It is not uncommon for photographers to arrange these granite stones as the object of their photos when they go to this beach.

Not only the beach which is the attraction of Belitung Island, but you can also explore several other locations such as the school which was the shooting location of the Laskar Pelangi film, and also the museum, said Andrea Hirata who is the author of the novel Laskar Pelangi.

Those are the 7 summits for beach children, which are no less beautiful than the 7 summits for mountain children. And which beaches have you visited from the 7 lists above?

Greetings Waves!
Enjoy the beauty of this hidden paradise in Indonesia.

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