4 Beautiful Lakes on Mount Indonesia, the last one is very special!

 4 danau cantik diatas gunung ini wajib dikunjungi - foto instagram mahardikaa_26

When talking about mountains, it is always synonymous with the highest point called the peak of the mountain. Most of the Belabelin climbers wake up in the early morning for the summit attack (the journey to the top) to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the top.

These four mountains in Indonesia do not only present views of the sunrise with a million charms. Because these five mountains in Indonesia will also amaze you with the beauty of the lake that is there.

What is certain is that the charm of its beauty is so charming and is one of the reasons you make it back to the mountain other than the peak. Immediately, here are 4 beautiful and beautiful lakes that are on Mount Indonesia.

1. Ranu Kumbolo - Semeru Mountain

Who does not know Ranu Kumbolo, which is a favorite campsite for climbers of Mount Semeru. Having the name Ranu Kumbolo which means Lake Kumbolo, this is indeed one of the best sunrise spots on Mount Semeru.

Ranu Kumbolo Gunung Semeru - foto instagram rosivanartio_
Ranu Kumbolo Gunung Semeru - foto instagram rosivanartio_

This is because the sun will appear between the two hills at the end of Ranu Kumbolo. Thus creating beautiful scenery. It is not uncommon for Ranu Kumbolo to be the final destination of climbing for some climbers of Mount Semeru.

Ranu Kumbolo itself is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​about 15 hectares surrounded by hills around it. Ranu Kumbolo itself is created from the precipitation of rainwater that forms a ranu or lake. And Ranu Kumbolo itself is indeed a source of water for both the people on the slopes of Mount Semeru and the climbers.

Ranu Kumbolo is indeed a favorite campsite before continuing the ascent to Mahameru Peak. In addition, as a place to refill water before continuing the climb, which begins with conquering the Rise of Love, it is said that if you pass through the hill while mentioning the name of someone we like, it will be real on the condition that you don't look back until you reach the top of the hill.

2. Segara Anak Lake - Rinjani Mountain

If the lake at the top of Mount Rinjani does have an amazing charm. Even the beauty of Lake Sagara Anak is very distinctive and beautiful because it is surrounded by the caldera of Mount Rinjani.

Danau Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani - Foto Instagram v_gov76
Danau Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani - Foto Instagram v_gov76

The name Sagara Anak lake itself means child of the sea because it has an area of ​​​​113-kilometers with a volume of about 36 gigaliters of water. With a large area and volume of water, the Segara Anak lake resembles a small ocean so it is called the child of the sea (Segara Anak).

Lake Segara Anak itself was created after the eruption of the ancient Rinjani volcano millions of years ago. The crater, which was an ancient volcanic eruption, formed the caldera of Mount Rinjani, which eventually flooded the crater and became Lake Segara Anak.

Uniquely in Lake Segara Anak, there is also an active volcano called Mount Baru Jari which means an incipient mountain. Because this volcano is a remnant of the ancient volcanic eruption of Rinjani.

With the Baru Jari mountain and the surrounding Mount Rinjani caldera, the Segara Anak lake, which is located at an altitude of 2,008 meters above sea level, has a beautiful view and spoils the eyes.

Usually, the climbers always take the time to camp on the shores of this Sagara Anak lake after conquering the peak of Rinjani. In addition to refilling water supplies, hikers can also fish in this lake to eat. However, to maintain the fish population in this lake, only fishing with a fishing rod is allowed and no nets or fish bombs are allowed.

In addition, in Segara Anak lake there are also two hot springs, namely Aik Kalakand Goa Susu which is believed to treat various skin diseases. Even Goa Susu is used as a natural sauna by climbers who descend through the Korean Forest Trail.

In the camping area on the shores of Segara Anak lake, there is also an old tree that is sacred by the local community. Because the local people believe that with the intermediary of the tree, it is believed that our wishes will come true.

3. Gunung Tujuh Lake - Kerinci Mountain

As the name implies, this lake is located and surrounded by seven mountains it. The 7 mountains that surround the lake at an altitude of 1950 masl are Mount Hulu Tebo, Mount Hulu Sangir, Mount Madura Besi, Mount Jar Panjang, Mount Lumut, Mount Selasih, and Mount Tujuh.

Danau Gunung Tujuh Gunung Kerinci - Foto Instagram panoramakerinci
Danau Gunung Tujuh Gunung Kerinci - Foto Instagram panoramakerinci

Lake Gunung Tujuh is included in the area of ​​the Kerinci Seblat National Park which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Just like Ranu Kumbolo, Gunung Tujuh Lake is also one of the favorite campsites for mountain climbers in Kerinci. Apart from being a place to refill water, this Gunung Tujuh lake also has a photo spot that is no less beautiful, plus the water in this lake is always clean and clear.

In addition to the climbers, the surrounding community also uses this Gunung Tujuh Lake as a livelihood to find fish. So when on this lake we can also rent a canoe if you want to feel the sensation of wading through the vastness of this Seven Mountain Lake.

The lake on Mount Kerinci turns out to have another name, namely the Lake of the Gods. According to the local community, the nickname was given because they believe that in this Gunung Tujuh Lake resides a pair of dragons and tigers it. So that the lake water remains in a clean and clear condition.

4. Taman Hidup Lake -  Argopuro Mountain

Mountain climbers are no stranger to Mount Argopuro which is the mountain with the longest track on the island of Java. However, on this long journey, we will meet a lake that is so beautiful, beautiful, and special and has clear water and a very pleasant and calm atmosphere. What is certain is that Taman Hidup Lake is very special because the true tranquility that mountain children are looking for is there.

Danau Taman Hidup Gunung Argopuro - Foto Instagram rindandine
Danau Taman Hidup Gunung Argopuro - Foto Instagram rindandine

This lake is also a place for climbers to stop to rest for a while to unwind or refill water supplies. However, there is a prohibition to camp around this Taman Hidup Lake. This is because this lake has a mystical side and is sacred to residents.

The lake with an area of ​​11 hectares with 4 hectares of swamps that surround it does indeed keep a thick mystery and mystique. The local community believes that the Taman Hidup Lake is the bathing place for Dewi Rengganis, the guardian of Mount Argopuro and his ladies-in-waiting.

So that climber is advised not to camp in this area and make noise or negative actions. Because it can make Dewi Rengganis angry. If the taboo is prohibited, then around the Taman Hidup Lake, it will rain and rain suddenly and a thick white fog will cover the small pier in this Taman Hidup Lake. This is believed to be because Dewi Rengganis was angry because of the noise or negative things done by visitors to the Taman Hidup Lake.

So because of this taboo, the area around Lake Taman Hidup is famous for being very quiet and so calm. If not, be prepared for the beauty of this lake to be covered in a fog because of the anger of Dewi Rengganis, the ruler of Mount Argopuro.

Although the mystical impression is very thick, the calm and quiet atmosphere can indeed make the mind and soul calm. Plus the beauty of the lake and the ecosystem in this area which is still beautiful and natural becomes even more special. Sometimes even passing some deer, deer, and wild boars.

So, those are the 4 beautiful and beautiful lakes located on these four mountains in Indonesia. Which of the four beautiful lakes above are you interested in visiting?

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