Tips for Climbing Anti-Baper Mountains, Especially for Single Hikers!

 Tips mendaki gunung agar tidak baper khusus jomblo - foto instagram adellcinn_

Indeed, mountain climbing has become a trend and can be done by anyone. Starting from nature lovers to modern teenagers who like to dance and don't want to be separated from gadgets, from tough women to veiled Ukhty, from legal couples who become mixed doubles climbers to singles who are always chased by sacred questions " When are you getting married?" same "Where's the girlfriend/to-be?" which usually comes out a lot during Eid.

And he said and the facts on the ground, in the mountains, we're talking about climbing, if on the field it's thought to be playing soccer. That most of the mountain climbers are people who are struggling to escape from the sacred question "When do you get married?" or "Where's the girlfriend/to-be?" alias Singles (who wants to protest can write in the comments).

So starting from this fact, I try to share some tips that can be done for you singles who want to climb the mountain comfortably, safely, and peacefully, aka no baper-baper club.

1. Climb with fellow singles

This is very important, so this is the first tip that singles must carry out when climbing a mountain so that they don't get bored. Hiking with friends who are also single can reduce or even eliminate boredom.

Mendaki dengan sesama jomblo biar gak baper - foto instagram sakinatunnisak
Mendaki dengan sesama jomblo biar gak baper - foto instagram sakinatunnisak

Because all of them are the same and also usually have a strong korsa soul because they have something in common, namely they are both single, eh. But, because of the same fate and sharing, usually, the single group of climbers is all more compact. And they tend to have one definite goal, namely to go to the top of the mountain to forget all the feelings that were scattered, destroyed, broken, because they were abandoned or rejected by him, eh.

Then if all the friends in the group are single, the question "When are you getting married?" will not come out during the climb or during the tent chat before going to sleep. It's different if you are single, join a group with couples, especially those who are just dating or newlyweds.

Addresses along the hiking trail will find horror scenes that only single climbers can understand. Then when you cook or eat and get together and during a tent chat session, you will become a mosquito repellent for those who can increase their appetite. As a result, the title of your single will be shorter but there will be an extension to be Jones (single ngenes).

So when you want to climb, it's better to find friends who are also single to climb together so you don't get bored. Thankfully, during the climb, you even found a future partner in one group and could graduate from college and give up his singles title, eh.

It's not wrong if there are singles and singles in a group climbing the mountain and when they go down the mountain they suddenly rise to the rank of mixed doubles climber. Or the term From Gunung to KUA or descending the volcano and then climbing the aisle, co cuweettt.

2. When Climbing, Don't Remember Your Ex!

Wow, this is bad, I know I was hurt by him, but I still remember it's called baper. Usually, people like this have just been decided or at worst they are left behind when they get married, unfortunately. Then try to calm yourself and your mind and soul by climbing the mountain to forget him who has left a wound.

Jangan ingat mantan selama pendakian biar gak baper - foto instagram septiandw
Jangan ingat mantan selama pendakian biar gak baper - foto instagram septiandw

Do not even while on the climbing track you even mention the name of the former or even bring the goods the ex gave you. Plus, right at the top, write greetings on paper for your ex, whose writings are various or one of them. Thank you for accompanying me for so many years, eh, it just makes me baper and it's really jones.

It's better not to have to remember names, gifts, or make greetings on paper and take photos for your ex. Because it makes you even more hurt. Especially to the point of shouting the name of the ex and saying "Why did you leave me? What did I do wrong?" What is there will be laughed at and thought to be possessed by another climber.

Remember, you climb the mountain to forget him, not to remember him who has brought wounds to your heart. Your heart and mind are too precious if you only remember good memories with your ex.

So again don't remember your ex! when climbing, so that you don't feel bored when climbing a mountain and can enjoy the serenity, fun, and warm hugs of a mountain like a mother's hug. And enjoy the beautiful natural scenery during the climb so that your heart is calmer and doesn't remember your ex anymore.

3. Choose a Mountain With Crowded Climbers

Climbing a mountain can indeed calm one's mind, soul, and heart. So when you are heartbroken or left behind when you get married again, unfortunately, many friends suggest going on a hike to find peace and forget about him.

Pilih gunung yang ramai pendaki biar gak baper - foto instagram febriansyah.f04
Pilih gunung yang ramai pendaki biar gak baper - foto instagram febriansyah.f04

This method is indeed a lot done by some people who are just heartbroken or who just hold the title of Singles. Even though they didn't like nature. Eh, because it was decided and there was a friend who suddenly asked him to climb the mountain, then he just gasped to vent his hurt on the mountain and in the end he fell in love with the mountain.

Even one of the musicians and also mountaineer Fiersa Besari did the same thing. Because his girlfriend dumped him, he finally tried to find an outlet to get rid of his heartache, and finally he fell in love with mountain climbing. Then the ending also met his future wife also on the mountain, if I'm not mistaken at Mount Prau when they were an open trip group.

But remember, climbing the mountain has to go to a mountain that is crowded with climbers, not directly climbing to Mount Argopuro which has the longest climbing route on the island of Java. Later you don't even find many climbers and you might remember your ex, especially when you pass through Taman Hidup Lake, where the atmosphere is very calm and you shouldn't make a crowd.

So the recommendation is to try climbing it to Mount Prau first, who knows, Fiersa Besari will catch up with you there too. In addition, Mount Prau, which is famous for its Thousand Hills Peak, also has the best sunrise view. Even the scenery is the label of one of the mineral water drinks in Indonesia.

So it's really possible so that you don't get tired of climbing and you can forget your ex and maybe meet your soul mate during the climb to Mount Prau.

4. Just Focus On Your Goal Of Climbing The Mountain

So, so that you single climbers don't get bored while climbing the mountain, then you have to focus on your goal of climbing the mountain. So that the temptation during before the trip, trip, camp until you get off and go home you don't feel bad.

Fokus pada tujuan pendakianmu agar gak baper - foto instagram farisislakhi
Fokus pada tujuan pendakianmu agar gak baper - foto instagram farisislakhi

Why should you focus on your climbing goal? Because during the ascent starting from preparation, and the journey to the top there is always a temptation that can make you even baper if you are laden.

For example, when preparing for a hike, suddenly your ex Whatsapp because he knows you want to climb a mountain. Uh, he asked for a written greeting at the top for his new girlfriend. So, it's better if you skip it so you don't get bored and focus on your climb again.

Then when you start treading every inch of the climbing track, you have to be even more careful. Not because the track is slippery but is careful on mixed doubles climbers while on the track. If you can you better walk away or just overtake them then you have to see the character of mixed doubles climbers. You might even baper while treading every inch of the climbing track because of it.

Also, be careful if you pass a group of climbers who are resting. You have to stay focused, don't let you get bored when one of the beautiful or handsome climbers says "Cheer up sir/ma'am, the peak is in 5 minutes." You'd better increase your speed immediately or run so you don't get bored, eh.

5. Cultivate the "I'm Single Not Single" Mindset

Well, this mindset has proven to be effective for you to apply both when climbing mountains so that you don't get bored or in everyday life. Because if you continue to receive the stamp of being single, then you will often get bored. This is because singles are known for their 'sad' meaning, that's why there is the term jones or singles.

Tanamkan mindset Im Single not Jomblo biar mendaki gak baper - foto instagram ezza_photos_
Tanamkan mindset Im Single not Jomblo biar mendaki gak baper - foto instagram ezza_photos_

But if you choose to be single, then you can endure it because you believe that you are your own choice. Because being single is a choice, not fate. But if it's single, it's fate and it's very sad.

You could say that the singles are high-class singles and they are not because they don't sell well on their own but they choose for themselves even though they could be dating or in pairs. Well, if you're single, the impression is great. Because it's sad that if you live with your ex, the sky seems to collapse and the earth shakes and the spirit of life disappears, eh.

So remember that during the climb someone said that you were single, then just deny it and say, "I'm not single but single! Because being alone is my choice, not the viewer's choice." uh.

6. Don't Climb the Mountain! Better to sleep at home.

So if you can't apply the previous five tips, then it's better if you just sleep at home so you don't get bored while climbing the mountain. Because on the mountain it's tough, especially if you pass by mixed doubles climbers whose sometimes unruly behavior can make single climbers baper.

Gak usah mendaki guung mending tidur aja di rumah - foto instagram aimanraswid
Gak usah mendaki guung mending tidur aja di rumah - foto instagram aimanraswid

After all, you climb a mountain just to move where you sleep, eat, and pee. What used to be at home becomes in the wild or the mountains. So if you're afraid of getting bored when you climb the mountain, it's better if you singles just sleep at home. If you're at home, at least you're going to be hungry, don't use baper, eh. And if you're hungry, it's easy to just go to the kitchen and brush your mother's cooking without but without later

7. (Tips from you)

For number seven, the tips are only for you who know single climbers. Because I just don't know what point seven are the tips for. So if you know tip number 7, you can tell me in the comments so that I and those who read this article will know and not be tempeh, eh.

So, those are tips that can be applied to you single climbers so you don't get bored while climbing the mountain. Happy climbing, you single climbers, and be careful on the road, if there are speed bumps on the road, don't stop, keep trying to wake up tar people think people are stressed again because of their acute single status, eh.

Congratulations to the single climbers, you are amazing!

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