9 Benefits of Climbing Mountains for Body and Mental, Number 8 Was Really Unexpected!

 9 manfaat medaki gunung untuk tubuh dan mental - foto instagram djputrii

Maybe some people think, why do you go up the mountain, you just get tired, the equipment is expensive, it's better to lie down at home while scrolling through Instagram and stalking him, eh.

So, for those of you who have never climbed a mountain, try reading this article to the end so you know what the benefits of climbing a mountain are. Indeed climbing the mountain will spend a lot of energy and also has a high level of risk. But there are also many benefits that you get when you climb a mountain.

But if you still don't want to do one of the activities along with the outdoors, go up the mountain which turns out to have a lot of benefits both for our bodies and for our souls. It's better to read this first until it's finished and so you can know what are the benefits of climbing a mountain which turns out to be not only tired and tired.

1. Mountain Climbing Can Increase Body Stamina

Of course, climbing the mountain you will feel a fitter body because this activity will force the body to keep moving. So that it makes the body's metabolism increase. And with an increase in the body's metabolism, excess fat deposits in the body can also be burned and make blood flow smoother.

Mendaki gunung bisa menignkatkan stamina tubuh - foto instagram assefioa
 Mendaki gunung bisa menignkatkan stamina tubuh - foto instagram assefioa

Therefore the body will become more fit coupled with increased stamina. This is because during the climb our bodies will be faced with several challenges ranging from rocky tracks to challenging chin-knee tracks. In addition, a long journey will make our stamina increase.

And with increasing stamina, it is clear that our immune system will also increase. Because while on the mountain we will be faced with weather that is always changing or you could say unstable. Even in just a matter of minutes, what was previously sunny, suddenly the fog came and covered the entire hiking trail.

With these conditions, our bodies will continue to be forced to adapt to the surrounding weather conditions. This makes the body's resistance increase as well.

2. Climbing Can Strengthen Your Heart and Lungs

Of course, climbing a mountain that requires a long journey, and also the oxygen that is getting up is getting thinner. Will make the performance of the heart and lungs heavier than usual.

Mendaki gunung bisa memperkuat jantung dan paru-paru - foto instagram ysuryanii
Mendaki gunung bisa memperkuat jantung dan paru-paru - foto instagram ysuryanii

Therefore, the heart and lungs will be healthier and stronger because of the journey taken during mountain climbing. In addition, it turns out that climbing mountains can also reduce a person's risk of heart disease and stroke. This is because the air in the mountains is of course very fresh and will increase the blood circulation in our body.

In addition, the fresh and healthy air in the mountains can also make the body fresher, especially the lungs. Plus the lungs will work harder than usual during the climb because the higher a place is, the thinner the oxygen available.

So it is highly recommended before climbing the mountain for physical exercise. This is done to get used to the heart and lungs to work harder than usual. So that when climbing our bodies will be more prepared and avoid injuries including Monday and Thursday breaths which are usually experienced by climbers who do not do physical exercise first.

3. Mountain is the best place to relieve stress and make you happier

Climbing mountains can indeed relieve stress and make us happier. How not beautiful scenery along the hiking trail and the sun shyly rising to the surface at the top of the mountain from the sea of clouds that stretches. It will certainly be able to relieve stress from work and personal problems.

Mendaki gunung bisa mengurangi stres dan buat lebih bahagia - foto instagram djputrii
Mendaki gunung bisa mengurangi stres dan buat lebih bahagia - foto instagram djputrii

Where the green color of the trees can make the mind calmer. Then the blue sky also makes us more comfortable coupled with the cool mountain air making us more comfortable.

Especially if you add a cup of coffee and white bread, chocolate milk, and laughs with friends in the morning. It will be the most effective stress medicine, anyway. Moreover, if there is him, the stress will disappear.

4. Mountain Climbing Strengthens Leg Muscles

Traveling up the mountain does force us to step foot more often than usual. In addition, the hiking trail from basecamp to the top of the mountain also consists of various kinds. Starting from rocky tracks, soil, tree roots, to sand and gravel.

Mendaki gunung bisa memperkuat otot kaki - foto instagram zimay_svn
Mendaki gunung bisa memperkuat otot kaki - foto instagram zimay_svn

Of course, the climbing track will make the feet have to adjust from the step to the footing. And it is undeniable that this will make the leg muscles stronger and more flexible and contain.

Plus climbing the mountain is a long journey and can be walked for hours while carrying a heavy pebble load on the back. So that the leg muscles will continue to be trained as the main focus. So you don't have to go to a gym where you have to pay a lot, it's better to go up the mountain if you want your legs to be full and strong, eh.

5. Climbing Can Make Memory Stronger and Sharper

Physical activity is not only good for the body but also has a positive impact on brain health. Where by climbing the mountain it will make the memory stronger and sharper.

Mendaki gunung meingkatkan daya ingat - foto instagram gubawangsa
Mendaki gunung meingkatkan daya ingat - foto instagram gubawangsa

This is because when doing physical activities such as climbing mountains, can increase the body's production of the hormone serotonin. This hormone itself has a function as a working modulator of the brain that is useful for stabilizing emotions while increasing understanding.

So that mountain climbing activities can improve memory and also relieve stress because the hormone serotonin can stabilize emotions. In addition, there are studies where if we often walk, our memory will increase. Of course, climbing a mountain where almost 90% of the activities are on foot, so obviously, can improve memory.

So sometimes even if you just meet on the track or at the campsite with other climbers. Sometimes we will recognize them when we are at base camp and become friends. Especially if it's a glowing climber that makes your heart feel dag dig dug ser, eh. It will be remembered and hunted for its IG account or WhatsApp number, eh.

6. Climbing Makes Bones Denser and Prevents Osteoporosis

In addition to making muscles stronger, it turns out that traveling during mountain climbing is also able to strengthen bones and make bones denser. And of course, because the bones become denser and stronger then we will avoid bone disease or osteoporosis.

Mendaki gunung membuat tulang padat dan cegah osteoporosis - foto instagram ecoari__
Mendaki gunung membuat tulang padat dan cegah osteoporosis - foto instagram ecoari__

This is because walking, climbing stairs or a steep uphill track, and basking in the morning sun can make our bones denser and healthier. And on the mountain, you will experience all three activities.

Walking from basecamp to the top of the mountain and down again to basecamp, passing through steep tracks that drain energy and thoughts about choosing the right footing, and being exposed to the morning sun when watching the beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain.

And of course, it makes our bones healthier, denser, and avoid osteoporosis in a fun way. Of course, this will be very useful when you are old. If you regularly climb mountains when you are young then it is not impossible that when you are old you will not need the help of a cane or walk hunched over because of osteoporosis.

7. Climbing a Mountain Can Be Mentally Ripened

Talking about this mentality is very influential in our lives, especially in dealing with the pressures of life. Now by climbing, our mentality will be forged by nature to make it more mature and strong as steel.

Mendaki gunung bisa mematangkan mental - foto instagram _nurdiansyah08
Mendaki gunung bisa mematangkan mental - foto instagram _nurdiansyah08

This is because when climbing the mountain we will be faced with several choices. Among them continue the road or stop and give up. And usually, this happens when the summit track is so torturous and extreme.

On the last track to the top of this mountain, most of the climbers will experience a strong mental attack. Good because of fatigue that made him no longer able to get to the top. Or is it because of other factors from the climbing environment, starting from hot or cold weather and also the sloped incline track that makes us spiderman and chin meets the knee.

But usually, there are always other climbers who encourage them to keep fighting to get to the top. And again strengthen your determination and mental strength as strong as steel and here your mentality will be tested and forged.

If you continue to get to the top, then that's where your mind is getting more mature and stronger because you don't want to lose to nature and your tempeh mentality.

This strong and tough mentality is very useful in everyday life, especially when facing complicated problems in life. For example, you are still unemployed, have no money, until you are stabbed repeatedly with the question when will you get married? Uh.

8. Mountain Climbing Can Help Breast Cancer Cure for Women

So what does it have to do with curing breast cancer with mountain climbing? It turns out that climbing mountains can restore and treat breast cancer. Research on this has also been published by International Journal of Sport and Medicine.

Mendaki gunung mampu membantu penyembuhan kangker payudara - foto instagram sucigayatrir
Mendaki gunung mampu membantu penyembuhan kangker payudara - foto instagram sucigayatrir

In the study, the researchers measured oxidative stress, which is one of the triggers for the development of cancer cells. The researchers also researched women with breast cancer and men with prostate cancer to do hiking or mountain climbing.

Of course, the researchers measured oxidative stress before and after hiking. And the results were very surprising. Where the physical activity of climbing mountains or hiking was able to restore and inhibit the growth of breast cancer. Because the measurement of oxidative stress decreases after hiking or climbing mountains. Cool!

So it can be an alternative to chemotherapy, it's better to just go up the mountain for breast cancer sufferers. Of course, you have to climb it regularly, because it's impossible to recover completely just once up the mountain. Do you think it's magic, sim salabim, so what prok prok prok, eh.

9. Climbing a mountain can find a soul mate, eh

Well, in addition to the 8 benefits of climbing the mountain above, it turns out that even mountains can be matched. Especially for those of you single-layer climbers who are still single and are often the target of the question when are you getting married?

Mendaki gunung bisa ketemu jodoh - foto instagram diniindahguwanti
Mendaki gunung bisa ketemu jodoh - foto instagram diniindahguwanti

This is because the mountain always provides an abundant stock of singles and singles. Even the mountains become a favorite place for them to escape from the question of when to get married and the pressures of life about life partner problems.

And this is where the mountain can be a matchmaker for you and him. First of all, we met while climbing together on an open trip, then after going down, we asked for an Instagram account and exchanged our Whatsapp no.

Then he continued to invite him to climb together to another mountain with his friends. Continue along the track as a backup for him and encourage him to get to the top of the mountain together. And it's not impossible that after reaching several mountain peaks together, you and he can peak together at the top of the aisle, so sweet.

And the two of you will release your status from single-layer climbers to mixed doubles climbers, that's sweet. Moreover, if you already have children, you will also bring your little sister to climb, it will make single-layer climbers want to be like you.

It turns out that many people are like that. The story begins with climbing the mountain together, then climbing the aisle together and climbing the beautiful, so sweet wedding ark. So don't forget for single wan and single wait to go up the mountain, who knows, you may meet your soul mate on the mountain. Calm down, the mountain child is tough and the most suitable as a partner. If you don't believe me, just read this article here. Still, have doubts about having a partner as a mountain climber? You have to read this first.

So, those are some of your benefits when climbing mountains, they're cool, right. Besides that, you can also get photos or videos that you can show off to your followers on your social media. It's guaranteed that if you take a photo on the mountain using a normal cellphone, the results will be good because the scenery is amazingly beautiful.

Moreover, if the sunrise and the sea of ​​​​clouds stretch widely, the photo becomes even more epic. So, how is it? Sure you don't want to go up the mountain and enjoy the many benefits, plus you can enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia, dubbed the emerald of the equator and pieces of heaven.

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