Hi Twilight Lovers, These 7 Heavens in Indonesia You Must Visit

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For twilight children, enjoying the sunset is something that must be done and not to be missed. Because it's like a vitamin and the best medicine for the twilight child. The golden light of the sun that is shyly devoured by the horizon line can make all the life problems of the twilight connoisseurs disappear and are replaced with a spirit and the words that come out of the mouth, "Wooowww!"

Especially if the twilight or sunset that is seen is combined with the natural beauty around it which is so stunning. Going to make its beauty doubled. And it turns out that there are the 7 best places to enjoy the sunset in Indonesia. You could say these 7 places are heaven for twilight children or twilight connoisseurs.

Want to enjoy the charm of the best golden sunset in Indonesia? So it's mandatory to visit these 7 beaches and islands in Indonesia. Beach kids, Indie kids, and Twilight Lovers, you have to come here so that your photos are even more epic and you can shoot or propose to him, oops.

1. Labuan Bajo, Flores

Who does not know about Labuan Bajo with its millions of charms of beauty. In addition to the beautiful natural scenery that stretches, it turns out that the sunset in Labuan Bajo is also very charming and is one of the best golden sunsets in Indonesia.

Sunset Labuan Bajo - foto flendyarie
Sunset Labuan Bajo - foto flendyarie

And unmitigated there are 2 sunset spots at once that can amaze you with the beauty and charm of the golden sunset in Labuan Bajo. The two sunset spots are Waringin Peak and Sylvia Hill or Love Hill.

From the Puncak Waringin sunset spot, you can see the entire city center of West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo which is so busy with the bustle of ships that are so beautiful to look at. Moreover, combined with a sunset that is so beautiful and enchanting. Puncak Waringin is located on the edge of Jalan Soekarno Hatta and only 10 minutes from Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo.

While Sylvia Hill or Bukit Cinta is indeed very popular and is the main destination, especially foreign tourists to enjoy the sunset in Labuan Bajo. Because the scenery here is very beautiful, especially when the orange light begins to appear when the sun begins to return to its peak. It's romantic and that's why Sylvia Hill is also called Love Hill.

2. Gili Trawangan, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Gili Trawangan is indeed one of the islands that have a very complete landscape view. Starting from the land landscape that is so enchanting to the underwater world that is no less beautiful. Gili Trawangan has also become one of the destinations for twilight connoisseurs to enjoy the sunset and is the best place to enjoy the golden sunset in Lombok.

Sunset Gili Trawangan - foto jordhammond
Sunset Gili Trawangan - foto jordhammond

Several spots can be a place to enjoy the orange glow at the end of the day on Gili Trawangan. Starting from the Pier, Sunset Point Beach Club to a romantic spot, the Sunset Bar.

Because at this sunset bar there is a swing board on the shoreline that protrudes slightly into the sea. This swing can be climbed by two people and this swing will be a bone of contention for tourists to take pictures with the golden sunset on Gili Trawangan.

Moreover, you take a photo on the swing with him, so it's very romantic with a fantastic golden sunset background. Even this swing is very popular and is often a pre-wedding photo spot.

3. Uluwatu Temple, Bali

The Uluwatu Temple area is very famous to foreign countries because it has beautiful views. The temple, which has the status as the Sad Kahyangan Jagat Temple or the temple that supports the cardinal axis of the island of Bali, is located on a rock cliff. And the name Uluwatu itself comes from Sanskrit which means rock.

Sunset Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Bali - foto andreknot
Sunset Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Bali - foto andreknot

The Uluwatu Temple area is also the best place to enjoy the golden sunset in Bali. Because here you can enjoy the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and the coral cliffs at the end of which there is a very beautiful Uluwatu Temple.

Especially when the golden sunset begins, the view of the silhouette of Uluwatu Temple and the coral cliffs that become a very beautiful silhouette combined with the golden orange light and the stretching Indian Ocean.

4. Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

Derawan Island does have a very beautiful and enchanting underwater natural charm. And it is indeed one of the best spots for snorkeling in Indonesia because of the many coral reefs and ornamental fish that inhabit this area. And non-toxic jellyfish are in the Derawan Island area.

Sunset Pulau Derawan Kalimantan Timur - foto wireloca
Sunset Pulau Derawan Kalimantan Timur - foto wireloca

But it's not only the underwater beauty that attracts this Derawan Island. The charm of the golden sunset is also very beautiful and enchanting. To enjoy the golden sunset on Derawan Island, you can visit the pier and you can also enjoy it by riding a speedboat.

5. Gili Lawa Island, Flores

Gili Lawa Island is indeed the most beautiful island in the Komodo Islands area on Flores. In addition to having a beautiful sea landscape, it turns out that here you can also enjoy the golden sunset which is so eye-catching.

Sunset Gili Lawa - foto golden_heart
Sunset Gili Lawa - foto golden_heart

By climbing Gili Lawa Hill, here you will be presented with a beautiful landscape view of the ocean and a group of islands in the Komodo Island area. And of course, from the top of this hill, you can also enjoy the stunning golden sunset combined beautifully with the beautiful sea landscape.

6. Kanawa Island, Flores

Kanawa Island in Flores is indeed very beautiful and people even call it a little paradise on Flores. Because indeed the beauty of the stunning sea landscape will make us amazed.

Sunset Pulau Kanawa - foto shecantcycle
Sunset Pulau Kanawa - foto shecantcycle

It only takes less than an hour to cross to Kanawa Island from Labuan Bajo. And to enjoy the golden sunset here you have to climb the Kenawa hill which is the highest place on the island.

The charm of the sunset from the top of the Kanawa Island hill is very stunning where the expanse of seawater reflects a golden orange light. And the reflection of the sunset light is an effective stress reliever and will make you stunned to see it.

7. Pok Tunggal Beach, Yogyakarta

This beach, located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, is indeed one of the most famous beaches to enjoy the golden sunset. In addition, on the Pok Tunggal beach, there is also a Duras tree which is the icon of this beach.

Sunset Pantai Pok Tunggal - foto veronika.febri_1302
Sunset Pantai Pok Tunggal - foto veronika.febri_1302

The charm of the golden sunset at Pok Tunggal Beach has indeed become very beautiful and different from the others. Because here you can enjoy the perfect sunset, where the sun will begin to disappear on the horizon line over the Indian Ocean.

Especially if you manage to marry the icon of Pok Tunggal Beach, namely the Duras Tree with a dazzling golden sunset. It's going to be a very beautiful and aesthetic silhouette photo, dare to try it?

So, those are 7 places that will become a heaven for you, twilight connoisseurs. Because the beauty of the twilight and sunset in these 7 places is very exotic and can make you more stunned and romantic. Especially if you use one of them as a place for you to propose to him, the romantic damage is guaranteed not to work, eh.

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