4 Suitable Places to Calm Yourself in Jogja Indonesia So You Don't Get Confused

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Sometimes in this life, we ​​will feel moments of being down, heartbroken, until we are asked the horror question "When are you getting married?" which usually appears during Eid and family gatherings. What is certain is that all of the above will make the mind uneasy and confused for a long time.

This should not continue to happen and prolonged yes. Because some extreme cases happened, such as in the news there was a young man who had the heart to kill his neighbor because he was annoyed when he was asked when to get married.

Instead of going crazy like that, it's better to just go straight away, but don't go and suddenly disappear like him, eh, eh. But you can go to these 4 places in Jogja which are suitable for calming yourself so that the confusion doesn't continue.

Who knows, after getting there, a broken heart can move on, those who are asked when to get married can continue to kill their anger and answer slowly. What is certain is that it can calm you down and add to your enthusiasm and mood booster. And immediately, here are 4 places that are suitable for calming yourself down in Jogja so that the confusion doesn't continue.

1. Ngetun Beach

Well, if you are feeling down and need to calm down, then Ngetun Beach can be an option. The beach in Purwodadi Village, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Jogja is indeed very suitable for seeking tranquility. The name of this beach itself turns out to have the meaning of peeking, and residents pronounce it as Ngetun and finally, it is used as a name for this beach.

Pantai Ngetun Jogja - foto instagram nugcahyo_
Pantai Ngetun Jogja - foto instagram nugcahyo_

Like the origin and meaning of the name, Ngetun Beach has a small area and looks like peeking at the sea between the green hills around it. And because the beach is relatively small, this beach is not well known to people and is still inferior to the large beaches that are already crowded around it.

But even though this beach is small, the scenery and atmosphere are so calming and beautiful. The surrounding conditions are still very natural and still empty of visitors, so it can be a suitable place to calm down from life's problems that pierce repeatedly or just avoid the question of when to get married during Eid.

Plus, Ngetun Beach is open 24 hours, so you can bring a tent and camp on the beach while calming yourself down. It's nice for a moment to leave the hustle and bustle of the city with all its problems. In addition, the cost to visit Ngetun Beach is relatively cheap, so it won't make you dizzy because your wallet is also drained.

Even though Ngetun beach is small, it turns out that the charm is so beautiful. Because besides being able to calm down here, you can also enjoy the blue natural seawater and also the white sand that is clean and free of garbage. Then you will enjoy the view of two hills next to Ngetun Beach which is usually a lobster fishing spot for residents.

You are also lucky if you can meet turtles laying eggs or turtle chicks who are struggling to reach the sea to survive. Because the condition of Ngetun Beach, which is still beautiful and natural, and clean, is a favorite place for turtles to stop and lay eggs. Of course, this is the main attraction compared to other beaches.

Here you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset, which will certainly make you feel at home. Or if you have free time, you can climb the two hills next to the Ngetun beach to be able to stand on the peak called Watu Bench Peak and Watu Gentong. So you can forget about problems for a moment to calm down.

2. Kesirat Beach

If Ngetun Beach has beautiful white sand, it is different from Kesirat Beach. Because on this beach you will not find white sand or play with the waves on the beach. You will find sturdy cliffs standing with beautiful structures here.

Pantai Kesirat Jogja - foto instagram veraningsih
Pantai Kesirat Jogja - foto instagram veraningsih

The beach, which is located in Karang Hamlet, Girikarto Village, Panggang, Gunung Kidul, Jogja does have the charm of a row of beautiful cliffs and is perfect for being a place to calm yourself down when you are frustrated or down and confused.

Although this beach has no white sand and you can't play with the waves, the natural panorama here is very beautiful and unique. The combination of the blue of the sea and the green of the grass separated by the brown color of the lined cliffs becomes a beautiful and interesting sight.

It's not even surprising that some people who visit this beach say that Kesirat Beach is a "Hidden Heaven" because it is indeed a hidden place. The charm of the sunset at Kesirat Beach is also very exotic and can bewitch you to calm down. and let go of all the troubles of life for a moment.

For those who like fishing, this is suitable for calming down on this one beach. Because there is "Rock Fishing" which is a cliff as high as 15 to 30 meters which is a favorite place for fishing. In fact, not only do residents make the cliffs for fishing, but even visitors from outside the area also often fish in this place.

And of course, you can also join the lottery by fishing in Rock Fishing. It's pretty good to be able to make fires for dinner on this beach which also allows for camping or camping.

What is certain is that Kesirat Beach is very suitable for calming yourself down for a moment from life's problems and adversity that makes you confused. Plus, for photo spots, almost every corner of this beach is very beautiful to capture and become the background for your photos.

3. Siung Beach

Unlike the two parlors above, Siung Beach has been visited by many beach lovers for holidays and other activities. Even the beach, which is located in the village of Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Jogja, has also hosted an international rock climbing event. Even so, Siung Beach is still clean and the sea is maintained and still beautiful.

Pantai Siung Jogja - Foto instagram sssuuunnnyyy21
Pantai Siung Jogja - Foto instagram sssuuunnnyyy21

So it's suitable to be a place to calm yourself from life's problems that are being faced. The panorama on this beach is also very beautiful, where the white sand beach combines with the high cliffs that surround it.

And what is certain is that on this beach you can go camping, so you can relax for a moment and calm yourself from the problems that come repeatedly. Besides camping or camping, if you like rock climbing, Siung Beach is perfect for you. Because here there are about 250 rock climbing paths that you can try.

Even the ASEAN Climbing Gathering was held at Siung Beach where the participants reached 250 climbers from various countries in Asia and even Europe. After the event, this beach was nicknamed Siung Beach, The Best Rock Climbing Site in Yogyakarta.

In addition, you can also play with clean white sand or catch fish trapped on the reef at low tide to see wild monkeys hanging from trees around the beach. You can also climb the hill on the east side of the beach to enjoy the sunset from this beach.

Oh, I almost forgot, the name Siung beach itself comes from a cliff that rises from east to west. The cliff has a shape similar to the teeth of a monkey or in Javanese, it is known as Siung Wanara.

Finally, this beach was named Siung Beach by residents. Moreover, on this beach, there are hordes of wild monkeys who will usually come down from the tree when the beach is quiet. And what is certain is that Siung Beach with all the beauty of white sand and cliffs will be the right place for you to calm down.

4. Mangunan Pine Forest

If the three places above that are suitable for calming down are a beach, then on this list number 4 for a suitable place to calm down in Jogja is a forest. To be precise, the Mangunan Pine Forest is located in Sukorame, Mangunan, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta.

Hutan Pinus Mangunan Jogja - Foto instagram khairulzaky
Hutan Pinus Mangunan Jogja - Foto instagram khairulzaky

Why is this Mangunan Pine Forest included in the list of suitable places to calm down in Jogja? Of course, because the atmosphere created in this pine forest can make visitors feel peaceful because the atmosphere is still very beautiful and natural and able to calm themselves when they are upset or down.

As the name suggests, you will find a row of towering pine trees and lots of them. Coupled with the presence of a stage complete with wooden chairs that blend with towering pine trees, making this Mangunan Pine Forest is even more beautiful. Even the stage and wooden chairs became separate icons for the Mangunan Pine Forest.

You can also win yourself while riding a hammock or swing typical of nature lovers provided by the manager. Or you can hike through the outbound route to Watu Abang which according to local people used to be the hermitage of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, the ruler of the Mataram Kingdom.

This 500-hectare pine forest has many tall trees and not only pine trees. And what is certain is that it will make the atmosphere cool and calm and suitable for winning yourself when there is a problem.

Whereas before it became the Mangunan Pine Forest, this area had very barren land. Then the manager of this area also carried out planting and reforestation or reforestation efforts. Pine trees, acacia trees, and mahogany as well as several other trees were also planted on the ground to re-green this area.

Until finally it became a tapping pine forest area carried out by the surrounding community and managers. However, over time, the tapped pine forest finally turned into a tourist area, namely the Mangunan Pine Forest which is so peaceful, beautiful, and suitable for calming down.

So, those are 4 places in Jogja that are perfect for you to visit when you want to calm yourself from the problems and trials of life that come and go. So if you are heartbroken, down, have not been able to work, until you are falling without love. Just visit the four places above to calm yourself down so you don't get stressed which will end up going crazy, eh.

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