4 Most Instagramable Bridges in Jogja, Perfect for Making Your Photos Rich Celebrities

 Jembatan paling instagramable di Jogja biar foto kamu kaya selebgram - foto instagram quiverz

When we talk about hunting for destinations and culinary delights in Jogja, it will never end, especially about the atmosphere which is always warm and pleasant. Guaranteed to make you miss visiting Jogja again. And this time we will discuss the bridge in Yogyakarta which is very suitable for taking pictures while hanging out.

Before we get into the list of bridges that hits for photos in Jogja, we want to ask a question. Why does the bridge always connect two separated sides?

Maybe you will answer because the bridge is like that while continuing to read until this sentence. It's just our guess, but if our guess is wrong, you can protest in the comments column below, then our kind-hearted mimin will reply one by one, eh.

According to the KBBI, the meaning of the word bridge is a road stretched over a river or a large footbridge that functions as a liaison or intermediary. But it's not an intermediary between your love and her love, yes, if that's the name of the matchmaker for the female, the male's name is Pak Matchmaker and his son the matchmaker, eh.

Now, let's go straight to the list of 4 Instagramable bridges in Jogja that can connect your photos with their exotic beauty.

1. Timang Beach Suspension Bridge

Well, who doesn't know Timang beach in the Gunung Kidul area of Yogyakarta. Surely all who like vacations to the beach or beach kids already know this one beach. On this beach, it turns out that there is an Instagramable bridge and it is included in the list of 4 Instagramable bridges in Jogja.

Jembatan gantung Pantai Timang Jogja - foto instagram dienanshafyah
Jembatan gantung Pantai Timang Jogja - foto instagram dienanshafyah

Timang Beach Suspension Bridge is the name, where this bridge stretches as far as 120 meters which connect the mainland with a small coral island in the middle of the South Coast sea. Made with neatly arranged wooden planks and woven ropes and steel wires, this bridge is so adrenaline-pumping when you cross it.

This bridge is so adrenaline-pumping because underneath you can see the ferocious waves of the South Coast which will certainly be very scary if you fall off the bridge. Plus the sea breeze that blows hard will make your heart beat faster to pump up the adrenaline.

But you have to be able to fight that fear to cross this bridge so you can get cool photos on one of these Instagramable bridges in Jogja. What is certain is that your photo will be cool with the background of a small coral island and also the vast blue sea of ​​​​South Java.

Anyway, before the suspension bridge, to cross to the small coral island you have to use a gondola which is more extreme and very adrenaline pumping. The gondola was pulled manually by rope by the officers between the shores of Timang Beach and Coral Island to move it.

But if your mentality and courage are still not strong, it's better to just ride the suspension bridge because if you ride the gondola, you will be afraid of fainting in the middle of the road. Because you will be able to enjoy the sensation of floating at an altitude of 200 meters above the South Coast sea with its fierce waves.

Timang Beach itself is indeed a lobster fishing spot for the surrounding community and the gondola is indeed used by fishermen to cross to a small coral island to fish for lobster.

2. Sukorame Rice Fields Bridge

This bridge is not as extreme as the Timang Beach suspension bridge. Because this bridge is above the people's rice fields. The Sukorame Rice Field Bridge is located in the Sukorame Rice Field Tourism area which has another name as Jelajah Sawah Pertanian Bowongan (JSPB) Songgolangit.

Jembatan Sawah Sukorame Jogja - foto instagram akuruzdy.webp
Jembatan Sawah Sukorame Jogja - foto instagram akuruzdy.webp

Located in Sukorame Hamlet, Mangunan Village, Dlingo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. This bamboo bridge that stretches in the middle of the residents' rice fields does have a very beautiful charm so that it is included in the list of Instagramable bridges in Jogja.

Here you can explore the vast expanse of the residents' rice fields without having to be afraid of damaging the planted rice. Because you can get around by climbing a 360-meter long bamboo bridge that is made in a circle.

As far as the eye can see you will see a vast rice field area combined with trees and green hills that are so enchanting. And of course, it will make your photos more beautiful and beautiful. And to enjoy the peak of the beauty of the Sukorame Rice Field Bridge, you have to come about one month after planting until before harvest.

Especially if one or two weeks before harvest, the scenery will be amazing because the rice fields are starting to turn yellow but some are still green. That will make your photos even cooler.

Anyway, it turns out that the Sukorame Rice Field Bridge was originally an initiation from several KKN students in the Sukorame hamlet. They took the initiative to build a bamboo bridge which was then continued by residents independently. And it took 6 months to complete the construction of the bamboo bridge that became the icon of Sukorame Hamlet.

And now the tourist location of the Sukorame Rice Field Bridge is managed by the community of the Songgolangit Tourism Village group. This is just the name of the real student KKN and has succeeded in bringing out the potential of the village which is a place for KKN.

3. Mangrove Forest Fire Bridge

This Fire-Fire Bridge is located in the Mangrove Forest area, precisely in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. So why is it called the Fire-Fire Bridge? The name Api-Api itself is taken from the type of mangrove that grows in this area which has the type of mangrove "api-api" or its nickname is Avicennia. So it's not because the bridge is over a blazing fire.

Jembatan Api-Api Hutan Mangrove Jogja - foto instagram hanarizkas
Jembatan Api-Api Hutan Mangrove Jogja - foto instagram hanarizkas

This Api-Fire Bridge is in the form of a suspension bridge with neatly arranged planks and ropes tying each other to steel ropes. Anyway, it's very Instagramable if you take photos on this bridge where you can sit in the middle of the bridge while enjoying the beauty of the Api-Api Mangrove Forest area. That's why this bridge is included in the list of Instagramable bridges in Jogja.

In addition to the Api-Api Suspension Bridge, in the Api-Api Mangrove Forest area, there are also several other photo spots that are so unique and cool and very Instagramable. Because you can break through the thick mangrove forest by passing winding roads to form a mini maze.

In addition, there are 4 large bridges that you can cross to cross the river which has a width of about 800 meters in this area. Or you can also chill in the gazebos in this Mangrove Forest area. Or you can take a boat to enjoy the wide river flow at this Mangrove Forest Fire Bridge.

4. Kalikuning Plunyon Bridge

The next instagramable bridge in Jogja is in Umbulharjo Village, Cangkringan, Sleman, the name is Plunyon Kalikuning Bridge. This bridge does have a beautiful panorama that is charming because it is on the slopes of Mount Merapi.

Jembatan plunyon kalikuning Jogja - foto instagram udin_jeepmerapi
Jembatan plunyon kalikuning Jogja - foto instagram udin_jeepmerapi

The green hills around it make this bridge very Instagramable. You can even see the peak of Mount Merapi directly from this bridge, provided that the weather is clear, especially in the morning.

In fact, not infrequently this one bridge becomes a place for pre-wedding photo sessions for several bridal couples. Although some parts of the guardrail of this bridge look damaged, this does not discourage people from visiting this iconic bridge among the green hills on the slopes of Mount Merapi to take pictures.

So, those are 4 really Instagramable bridges in Yogyakarta that are not only able to connect two different banks. But it can also connect you with Instagramable photos for you to flaunt on your social media.

And it can also connect you with your soul mate, eh. Yes, maybe you and him meet when you visit one of the four bridges. Or because your photo is on the Instagramable bridge above and then he likes and DMs you which eventually leads to pre-wedding photos on the 4 most Instagramable bridges in Jogja, uhh so sweet.

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